Thursday, 28 February 2013


 A bake a month ♥ 
number two

Hello again!

This is an old recipe passed down to my mum
it's good and reliable 
and has never (yet!) let me down
I also love it, as I generally have all the ingredients in the panrty


(one whole cake is just enough to feed one very hungry teenage boy
 when left to fend for himself whilst his parents go away for the weekend)

50g black treacle
50g golden syrup
125g butter or margarine
125g soft brown sugar
175g plain flour
pinch of salt
1tbsp ground ginger
2 level tsps cinnamon
1 egg
150ml milk
1 level tsp bicarbonate of soda

I bake this in a 2lb loaf tin but the recipe states a 18cm (7") square tin

♥  Pre-heat the oven to 150C  gas 2
(If you are using a fan oven, I would turn it on to 140C)

♥  Grease and line the base of the tin with greaseproof paper

♥  Into a pan weigh the treacle, syrup, butter & brown sugar
 melt over a gentle heat, cool slightly.

♥  Sift the flour, salt, ginger & cinnamon into the melted mixture

 ♥  Beat the egg and add this too, stir into the mixture

 ♥  Warm the milk slightly and pour over the bicarbonate soda
add this to the mixture and stir to combine
(this makes quite a runny mixture, so don't panic)

 ♥  Bake for around 50 minutes

This gingerbread keeps well 
(if hidden from teenage boys)
and is even better if you can manage to keep it a few days before eating
that doesn't happen in my house

On a completely different note
and a bit of a sad one
I have decided to have a little break from my blog
just for a while.
My voice is still missing somewhere
I am feeling rather lacklustre 
I'm hoping that this break will allow my mojo to return
and that when it does I will have a happy little spring in my step
once again

It seems that spending too much time on-line
 is not good for my creativity and it is Oh SO Tempting .....

 My shop will stay open
so please don't hesitate to contact me
if you would like to inquire about a custom order
or just to say "Hi" 

 I have added a linky-thing-a-me-jig to my sidebar 
so that you can see my Instagram photos 
whilst I am away, if you'd like

Thank you, as always, for popping by 
and for your sweet comments 
I shall miss you all

Wishing you a very happy, sunny and creative few weeks ahead

Until next time
lots of love 
x Jooles x


  1. Yummy cake - gingerbread is a favourite of my husbands, so I may try your recipe.
    I hope you enjoy your break and find it reinvigorating. I find too much internet time isn't good either - I think it is a question of balance. Best wishes, Pj x

  2. Fabulous recipe Jooles 💕 old recipes are always the best. Look forward to keeping in touch through IG 😘
    Victoria xx

  3. Hi Jooles - I am also taking a break as I was pressurising myself to post and feeling guilty when I didn't etc etc. Hope to see you back soon. Take care. Lily. xxx

  4. Lovely recipe Jooles, thanks for sharing!
    You'll be missed but I understand completely, it's all too easy to spend too much time online.
    See you when you return. :)
    V x

  5. thank you for the sweet recipe Jooles!!!
    i'll miss you a lot, but I think we'll "see" each other on Pinterest....maybe....
    take care, xxxx Ale

  6. hi jooles, sorry you wont be about for a while, hopefully it wont be too long until you come back

  7. Sorry to hear you are taking a break, Jooles. Hope your mojo returns very soon. Might give that gingerbread a go - think I have all the ingredients in my cupboard right now!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Will miss your posts, don't forget to come back to us :) xx

  9. Don't stay away for too long, my dear! I'll miss your beautiful posts!!!

  10. What lovely cake, and sorry to hear you're having a break - hope you're back soon :)

  11. Your cake looks yummy Jooles,
    I hope to see you again soon,
    have a good rest,
    It is so hard fitting everything in sometimes
    Spring wishes
    Thea x

  12. Dear Sweet Jooles, Your gingerbread looks and sounds yummy! Thank you for sharing the recipe! I laughed when I read, "this gingerbread keeps well, if hidden from teenage boys!" My son is 17, so I know just what you mean! :)
    Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear you are taking a break, but I completely understand! I need to lessen my online time too, as I agree, it does seem to take away creativity and time goes by so quickly too! I will miss you and your inspiring and beautiful posts so much!!!! I pray it will be a good time off and you will return refreshed! Sending you a big hug and lost of love dear friend! I will email you when my gorgeous bunting arrives! Than you!!! Love to you! Paula xoxo

  13. Your gingerbread is lovely- and so are you. You will be very much missed in your time away . . . but I hope it proves a good investment in yourself and JOY! Hopefully you won't stop blogging altogether. I really like seeing your photos and hearing about what you're up to. :)

  14. Your cake looks yummy and it's funny that any cake doesn't last long here either! You will very much missed on your time away, but I hope you come back feeling refreshed and all the better for it :0) Much love and hugs xx

  15. Thank you for the gingerbread recipe, it sounds and looks delicious. I also hope you don't stop blogging at all but I can understand your brake very well, I spend too much time on the internet too and I don't want to let real life and work suffer by living too much in a virtual life. Hope to hear from you again and wish you a very happy spring.

  16. The recipe sounds fab and your cake looks so good. I have written it down and am intending to make it soon.
    I will miss your posts Jooles but hopefully you will be back soon refreshed and revitalised.X

  17. Promise you'll come back, Jooles! We all need a break now and then. The recipe sounds delicious, thanks for sharing it.

    Enjoy your break. Gillian xx

  18. I love gingerbread and this recipe sounds yummy! Will miss your lovely posts, but I hope you have a good break, Jooles and come back feeling refreshed.
    Wishing you lots of happy sunny days.
    Helen x

  19. Your gingerbread looks delicious Jooles...It would be perfect this Sunday afternoon with my cup of tea! Enjoy your break...I've just taken a little blogging break too...(in fact, I think it's about time I returned now!)
    Hope you have a lovely week with lots of sunshine,
    Susan x

  20. Do you know, I swear that's the gingerbread recipe my Mum handed down to me! I was smiling about that, and then I read that you'll be taking a break. You'll be missed Jooles, I hope you won't stay away too long, but do take the time you need to get your bounce back x

  21. You are quite right about spending too much time online stifling the creative juices - I got an ipad for Christmas and its so easy to just pick it up and spend ages online. We will miss you - take care! XX

  22. All i can say to the gingerbread is nom nom nom!
    Im sorry you are stepping away just as i am finding a little bit of time to look at peoples blogs. I will look forward to your return!

  23. Oooh that gingerbread looks good. I had planned to bake more this year but already that has gone to pot. Often I think that we set ourselves unrealistic goals and this can take the pleasure out of doing things. I hope that you have a restful break full of happy making xxx

  24. Thats Truly Scrumptious ! thanks for the share ❤ ♡ ❤

  25. I have never made gingerbread loaf before...MUST give it a try. xoxo

  26. Hi Jooles,
    I couldn't find a 'comment' button on your latest post, so I'm commenting here instead. Happy Easter to you too! I hope the Easter bunny finds you on Sunday! :-)


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