Wednesday, 27 February 2013

a little trip and a winner

Well ..... hello there lovelies
I hope you're all ok and not frozen stiff
and mostly VERY grey around these parts
 I have had enough now
Really. Enough.
I feel like going on strike until spring arrives

These happy little crocuses give me hope

Mr Sweet and I braved the cold and went away last weekend
(on our own)
to Cornwall
we had a really lovely time
such a beautiful area with lots of childhood memories
It was JOLLY cold
but I guess it is still February after all

Gyllyngvase beach at Falmouth

(Sorry about the misty effect on this photo
I realised after I took it, that the lens was smeared with hand cream! 
I rather like the effect if I'm honest)

 Just after I took this photo we found the most amazing cafe on the beach
I had a stack of 3 BIG pancakes smothered with maple syrup
 and topped with crispy bacon
and very warming

Land's end

We made a trip to Land's end which was very exciting
but, I have to say, I was a little disappointed by all the tacky touristy stuff
all I wanted to see was the end of the land

Ooooohhh so nice

 We stayed in a lodge
 within the grounds of Clowance estate and
this lovely old house

 There were fields and fields of daffodils all around
waiting to be picked
although these look in full bloom so I'm not sure what was going on there
they look such a happy sight though

The main reason for this post is to reveal the winner of my
'Carry it forward' giveaway
Gosh I was blown away by all of your entries
Thank you

My lovely G picked the winning number at random
and the winner is ..... Paula from the very pretty
Sugar sweet & pink blog

Congratulations lovely Paula!
I will be in-touch shortly
and then this bunting & a little extra something will be on its way to you

If you are heartbroken because you didn't win  ;o)
I'm sorry
 but guess what?
you can find my 'Sew Sweet' buntings
here in my shop

(If you don't want to trawl through all of my listings
look in the 'bunting galore' section
type 'sew sweet' into the shop search bar and they should pop up)

I will be back tomorrow with my 'Bake a month' for February
and a little news

Thanks for popping by
I love it that you do

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. What a lovely pictures! I really like the misty effect...;-)

  2. Hello sweet Jooles! What a gorgeous post! I do hope spring arrives there soon! The crocuses are lovely and would give me hope too! Hang on sweetie, it will be spring before you know it! I am so glad you and Mr. Sweet enjoyed a lovely trip to Cornwall. The beach is lovely and I like the hand cream effect too! Oh, the food sounds yummy and what a view! Land's End is a lovely place. So sorry it is a bit touristy though! The lodge and grounds are stunning. Wow! I don't think I have ever seen so many daffodils! I especially love the last photo of the river and trees! Gorgeous and serene!

    Speaking of gorgeous! I am over the moon happy I won your giveaway!!! Yay!!!! The bunting is so beautiful and I will enjoy it very much! It will brighten up my home! Thank you and lovely Miss G too! I am so blessed to have won one of your gorgeous buntings! Thank you sweetie!!!! I replied to your lovely email! Also, thank you so much for your loving and sweet comment! Your kind words and winning this bunting made my day so blessed and happy! I look forward to seeing your "bake a month." Much love and a big hug! Paula xo

  3. Lucky Paula! What gorgeous bunting. It looks like you had a lovely time in Cornwall. My mum lives there now so we plan to take the kids down and visit her at some point. I agree about the cold weather though... I'd like some sunshine now pleassee!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Congratulations to Paula.
    Glad you had a lovely time in Cornwall, it looked as if you had nice weather and sounds as if a good time was had. Its nice to get away for winter breaks, I think it perks you up!

  5. Congratulations to lovely Paula on winning that gorgeous bunting! Your trip sounds so lovely, despite the chilly temps. Such lovely photos, I do love Cornwall and always love to re visit favourite places there. We are all longing for some warmth now aren't we?? Looking forward to your next bake :)
    Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  6. What a fantastic trip to Cornwall, it looks stunning. Well done to Paula! :) x

  7. Congrats o the winner! :) lucky girl!
    Love your photos (I think the hand cream one is brilliant) and the daffodils are amazing.
    V x

  8. Oh Jooles I'm completely with you on the cold, my hands just won't crochet in this, it's horrid! None of my bulbs have flowered yet but I'm hoping it's just a matter of time :)

    I quite like your misty effect, it's slightly dreamy! I used to go on holiday to Devon/Cornwall but I've not been in years now I live up Norf, I'd love to go back soon. Maybe this Summer?

    Congrats to Paula on winning, lucky lucky lady! x

  9. congratulations to the winner!!!
    I'm with you : strike till Spring arrives!!!! ;oD
    xxx Ale

  10. Cornwall looks wonderful- despite the cold. How amazing to see so many daffodils in bloom all at once! I'm very ready for the grey to be gone myself.
    Congrats to Paula!
    Hope your very well, Jooles. All the best to you!

  11. Sounds wonderful! I actually quite like the effect on the photo too! Have a great weekend.

  12. Congratulations Paula- I bet the beautiful bunting will bring lots of smiles.

    Oo Jooles- chips by the sea- lovely! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Roll on Spring:)

  13. Lovely Cornish photos! The misty effect works well - some professional photographers used to use Vaseline on lenses to create the smae effect or wrap the lenses in cellotape (I am going back some years there!). Best wishes, Pj x

  14. Your break in Cornwall looks and sounds wonderful. Pancakes, chips, the seaside...all lovely things, even in the freezing cold.

    Gillian x


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