Monday, 21 January 2013

white weekend

Brrrrrrrr .....
It's CHILLY round these parts
but Oh So Pretty
like wonderland
 I think most of the UK has snow, doesn't it?
I hope you've managed to stay warm and cosy and safe

we have been VERY lazy here
it has been good though

Mr Sweet & I ventured out for a couple of snowy walks this weekend
I was glad of my new PINK coat
Yes PINK! 
Oh the joy
We left our lovely boy snug in bed and off we went

Snowy garden .....

There has been a little crochet too
remember the ‘rhubarb crumble’ blanket?
It has been very neglected till recently.
In my mind I had almost finished the squares
felt like I had hooked up around 200
but in reality I hadn't.
Out of the 180 squares that I decided I needed, only 54 had been made
Rubbish. I know.
I was shocked
I'm going to try a complete a granny a day …..

There has been a little owl~ing going on too

My lovely G has been requesting that I make some owls for ages
but somehow I never got around to them
every now and then .....

lovely G ~ "Mum, are you going to make an owl?"
Me ~ "Yes, lovely ..... soon"
lovely G ~ "Mum, you said you were going to make an owl"
Me ~ "I will .....soon"

That went on for a year or so
anyway they are nearly here
it took a few goes to get the shape right
the ears?
the eyes?
the beak?
No. 6 got the thumbs up from my panel of expert voters
(thanks guys)

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on 
Professor Twinkle & Mr Starry Sky
my lovely boy helped out with the names too
credit where credit is due
they are good names, don't you think?
I am hoping to have some hooting off to my shop by the end of this week

 There has also been lots of TV watching
whilst eating chocolates left over from Christmas
I LOVED this film
I'd read the book a while ago and the film didn't disappoint
and my perfect TV line-up last night .....
Call the midwife and then Mr Selfridge

Sweet B is in the middle of her exams
she has one this morning
right now as it happens
my stomach is doing loop the loops for her
she has one tomorrow morning and then one Wednesday morning
poor thing she is very stressed and run down
she's a dedicated little thing
I just don't know how she does it
she has been revising from 9am till 8 pm
almost everyday since just after Christmas

She has used:
2 1/2 A4 note pads (200 pages per pad)
I think around 300 record cards
and run down 2 1/2 biro pens
she is concerned that she has a dent in her writing finger
I am surprised she has a writing finger left!

I can't wait to have her home to take care of her as only a mum can

A BIG "Hello" to my new followers
It's so lovely to welcome you here

Wishing you a happy and cosy new week
and what ever you do ~ stay safe

BIG love
x jooles x


  1. What lovely pictures - can't wait to see the owls! I hope her exam goes well - sounds like she's done lots of revision :)

  2. No snow here, although they are still threatening us with some. We had some on Friday night but it didn't last long!
    I love the owls and your crochet is yummy. :)
    I'm sure your lovely girl will be fine, it sounds as if she is well prepared.
    V xxx

  3. What lovely snowy photos!!! I love the pink coat - it looks so bright and pretty against the white of the snow! :-)
    Good luck to Sweet B!

  4. Woke up to a white world here today- thought it was melting yesterday evening! Doggy had a fun walk and came back with snowball feet :) I so love the colours of your rhubarb crumble blanket (and typing that has made me hungry!!!)x

  5. hi, lovely snowy photos.........its more slushy here in Belfast.....the colours on the crochet blanket are beautiful, bye, ali

  6. Well done on completing that many squares - I only have to do 16 for my cushion cover and I'm bored after 5! I look forward to seeing the finished object x

  7. Your granny squares are lovely Jooles, the colours you've chosen are going to be lovely when it all comes together. One a day is definitely achievable. Good luck to Sweet B for her exams, I'm sure all her hard work will pay off.

    Gillian x

  8. Hello Jooles...Beautiful photographs of your walk in Winter Wonderland and I love the colour of your new coat..It looks so pretty against the snow!. Gorgeous colours too in your granny squares. Your blanket is going to be a treasure! Sometimes I find it's good to have a little break and go back to a project when it needs quite a bit of time...I often return with a completely fresh outlook and enjoy the whole project far more these days!
    Good luck to your Sweet B in her exams...they do seem to be endless these days from the moment they start school!
    Keep warm and happy crafting,
    Susan x
    P.S Love your little owls in the last post!

  9. First I wish Sweet B a lot of success with her exams, it's such an exciting time for the whole family I think. Your snowy photographs are lovely especially with the ponies. That blanket is a huge project, wish you happy crocheting. I like your pink coat, one of my favourite colours for dresses.

  10. Wow, what a lot of reading and beautiful pictures, I dont' know where to start with my compliments!
    ( and where to end...; ) Here it goes: love your coat! Stunning photo's! Beautiful colours in your blanket to be!
    Sweet owls! Good luck for sweet B! from Mirjam.

  11. A lovely post with lots of lovely things!! Your photos of the snowy countryside are gorgeous, and I love your pretty new crochet and pink coat...and adorable owls! I like how you make them so neatly and perfectly and the designs are so sweet. Good luck to Sweet B with her exams.
    Have a happy cosy week, Jooles.
    Helen x

  12. Hope everything goes well in her the crochet! :) x

  13. Lots of ovely things here Jooles ... love your crochet and the little owls ... amazing snow ... and lots of good luck and calming thoughts to Sweet B ... Bee xx

  14. A beautiful walk and pink coat!! Your grannies are so pretty and sweet! Best wishes for your Sweet B and her exams! Have a lovely and crafty week! xo Heather

  15. I love this post!
    I'm so envious of your snow AND your coat! Wish I could pull off pink, but it is just not in my coloring! Oh what beautiful countryside you have for walking! Ponies! Oh, they are so adorable! and so are your owls. What a great son you have- so invested in his mother's doings! Good luck to your sweet B and also on that granny square blanket. Those colors are scrumptious!

  16. soft, fresh white much I miss it....sometimes!!! ;oD
    You have been really busy Jooles!!!! Crochet and owls : think you are having a nice time in making them all!!!
    Good luck for your girl!!!
    xxxx Ale

  17. ~ It is a stress full time for our young folk at the moment.....Mine is very much the same!! Fingers crossed for them both...hehe!
    Beautiful coat in my most favourite colour and a little envious of those beautiful granny squares...I have only managed ten!! ~ Along way to go. I know.
    Keep cosy our snow is melting today!
    Love Maria x

  18. Hi sweet Jooles! I love your pink coat and all of the gorgeous photos! What a beautiful winter wonderland! Your granny squares are beautiful! You will have them all completed before you know it! The owls are coming along nicely! We love Call the Midwife! I hope that Sweet B did well on her exams. I am sure she did! Bless her heart... that is a lot of hard work and studying! Her dedication will get her through. It will be lovely for her to come home when she is done, so you can take good care of her! Have a beautiful week sweetie! Love, Paula xo

  19. What a perfect coat colour Jooles! Best wishes to Sweet B for her exams, it sounds like she is well prepared so I'm sure she'll do well but it is such a stressful time, I wouldn't repeat those years for anything! Thanks for sharing your wonderful snowy pictures and those of the beautiful and aptly named rhubarb crumble blanket, it is suprising how quickly the squares build up when you do one a day, best of luck with it x

  20. Lovely photos! It's very cold where I live but there's only a trace of snow. It seems like if it's going to be so cold, there should be snow to make it pretty!


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