Thursday, 31 January 2013

pear, ginger & chocolate cobbler .....

 A bake a month ♥ 
number one


This is a cracker of a recipe
I made it last weekend when Sweet B came home
it's both, fairly quick and delicious
(if you like pears, ginger and chocolate that is ;o)
we all LOVED it

 Serves four

5-6 pears (about 1kg in total)
a generous pinch of ground ginger
1 tbsp light soft brown sugar

for the topping .....
50g plain flour
25g ground almonds
3 tbsp demerara sugar, plus extra for sprinkling
2 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp natural yogurt
50g melted butter
2 tbsp flaked almonds, for sprinkling
100g dark chocolate, roughly chopped
( I leave my chocolate in the packet and whack it hard on the worktop
 instead of chopping, it's great if you've had a stressful day)

 Note : The recipe actually calls for dark ginger chocolate
 sadly I couldn't get any at my local supermarket

Preheat the oven to 180C, fan 160C, gas 4

For the cobbler topping, mix together the flour,
ground almonds, demerara sugar, baking powder
and a pinch of salt. Whisk in the yogurt and melted butter

 Peel and core the pears, then slice thickly lengthways
arrange slices in a 20-24cm round or square ovenproof dish, 
toss with the ground ginger, brown sugar and 2tbsp of water 

 Stir the chopped chocolate into the cobbler mixture, 
then dollop evenly over the pears

 Sprinkle with the flaked almonds and extra demerara sugar

 Bake for 30-35 minutes or until lightly golden

 Serve with chilled double cream or ice cream

enjoy ♥ 

If you give this a go, I would LOVE to know what you think
Mr Sweet scored it 99.9/100
high praise indeed ~ I hear you say
but he is a piggy and eats almost anything!

I have a huge ring binder bursting with recipes
 that I have squirreled away from magazines & newspapers over the years
to be honest ..... it's a mess, pages falling out everywhere
I should deal with that really
shouldn't I?
maybe one day .....
 This particular recipe was pulled out from a Sainsbury's magazine

I hope you are having a gorgeous week
we had a bit more sunshine today
Ooooooh I can feel spring coming .....

Thank you so much for all the hexi cushion love

Back soon
BIG love
x jooles x


  1. It sounds divine & I have all the ingredients. One to try on Sunday I think.

  2. Oh that does sound good Jooles. I love pears, ginger and chocolate. :)
    My recipe book is the same, it's all held together with a band elastic band!

  3. This bake looks and sounds soooo delicious, Jooles! I love all the ingredients so will give it a try....must put some pears on my shopping list!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  4. Hello Jooles
    It looks to try
    Thank you for sharing
    Thea x

  5. Oh crikey, another one to try! This looks delicious. I'm a big fan of ginger.
    Also just seen yor raspberry and marzipan muffins on the sidebar. They were delicious. I shall have to make them again soon. I hope you realise I shall blame you for any weight gain!

  6. Mmmmmm it looks properly delicious ... will have to try this one out ... Bee xx

  7. It does sound nice and looks very yummy, just what you need to keep you warm while we wait for Spring :) xx

  8. Sounds yum jooles, thanks for sharing. This reminds me ... last week I made the raspberry and marzipan muffins (which I found the recipe for on your side bar when browsing one day!) they where delicious!!!! Thanks for sharing that too :-) xxx Lots of love xxx

  9. Hi Jooles! This sounds so yummy! Thanks for sharing!! Have a sweet day! xo Heather

  10. Oh yum. I am trying to lose weight and my tummy is rumbling just looking at that photo. I always think of cobble as a savoury meal but of course you can have a sweet one. Pears and ginger are a great combination. Thanks for sharing Jooles. Have a great weekend.

    Gillian x

  11. That sounds delicious. I have copied it and will make it one of these days. Thank you for sharing.

  12. That looks delicious! So does the dish it's in- and the creamer! So cute!

    I've never heard of demerara sugar- do you know if it has a different name here in the States?

  13. Thanks ladies :o)

    Hello Jenniffer, thank you x
    I'm sorry I don't, demerara sugar is a brown sugar that has a large grain, you could just use regular brown sugar or even white sugar come to that, I don't think it would make too much difference.
    I hope that helps
    loce jooles xxx

  14. Oh yum! (she calls over her shoulder as she heads off to add pears and the right kind of chocolate to her shopping list!)

  15. Hi sweet Jooles, Your bake a month looks so yummy! Love your pretty dishes too! You are off to a good start sweetie! I am glad you and your dear ones enjoyed it! I hope you have a happy weekend! Love, Paula xo

  16. Wow Jooles, that looks absolutely delicious!! Hope you are having a lovely sunny weekend :)
    Love Caroline x x x

  17. Happy Sunday Morning Jooles...Ooh, this looks delicious and 99.9% from your Mr.Sweet means it just has to be very good indeed! I'm going to show my baking daughter later...Just had a peek at your hexi cushion too in the last's beautiful!
    Hope you have a great new week,
    Susan x


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