Monday, 14 January 2013

a little trip out

Hello lovelies
How are you?
I hope you had a gorgeous weekend
we spent most of yesterday sorting out our loft
Why Oh Why did we keep EVERYTHING from EVER???
the less said the better I think .....

Anyway, onto an altogether calmer topic .....
I found this post and realised that it was still in 'draft'
 and that I'd never posted it
silly me
so here is a little step back to last December
we had a lovely trip to Mottisfont abbey
It’s a National trust property
near Romsey in Hampshire
such a stunning place to visit

We took Sweet B there
she needed to escape the stresses of uni life
we are ALWAYS so happy to see her
and never need asking twice!

How I'd LOVE this 'Twinkle' sign

It was a wonderful afternoon out.

We had a little sprinkling of snow when I looked out this morning
SO pretty

they say we may get some more this afternoon .....
I have been to the supermarket this morning
so we won't starve if it does

How about you ..... did you get any?

I'm still missing my girly
I'm always missing her!
she has the first of four big exams this afternoon
I am expecting the obligatory 'lucky' phone call anytime soon
I shall have EVERYTHING crossed for her

I have listed some beautiful Tilda fabrics in my Etsy shop
they are just £3.25 per large fat quarter
(that's 50cm x 70cm)
 I am also having a JANUARY SPECIAL OFFER .....
 Buy ANY 4 fat quarters from my shop and receive a surprise one for FREE!
As you know I adore the stuff
I keep gazing at it and dreaming .....

I don't know about you, but I am finding January a bit of a struggle
the January 'blues' I guess
where is the sunshine? I haven't seen it for weeks
I shall be trying my very upmost to enjoy the little things this week
Purdey and I will be spending some quality time together

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my 'happiness is .....' post
those little bulbs bring such joy, and you're right .....
the smell ..... ahhhhhhhhh
I am planning to do a happy post every Friday
Bring on the joy

Wishing you a very happy week my friends

BIG  love
x jooles x


  1. really a beautiful place, indeed!!!
    happy week Jooles, xxxx Ale

  2. Have you been when the roses are out? It's stunning.

    1. No, I haven't Kat, it was my first visit, but now you have said I certainly will be going!
      love jooles x

  3. I went food shopping this morning and when I came out, it was snowing huge fluffy snowflakes. Just sat with a cup of tea, cat on lap, watching the snow continue to fall. Looks like you went on a lovely day trip out, we must look forward to more when the weather gets warmer. xx

  4. I think NT properties are always so well cared for and loved! We usually have a family ticket and love our visits! Fabric is wonderful! :) x

  5. No snow by me, just rain. It looked like you had a great day out. I share your worry over exams, my eldest had his first one this morning. We both feel calmer now.

  6. Great photos Jooles - what a wonderful place! Enjoy the snow, we have a little here and more is coming down as I type - let's hope it sticks around long enough to be pretty but not so long that it makes everything a chore! Popping over to your shop now - those fabrics look tempting!

  7. Isn't that horse amazing!! :)
    No snow here thankfully, I'm not fond of it, we have lovely sunshine but it is chilly!!!
    I'm sure that clever girl of yours will be fine. :)
    Vivienne x

  8. Beautiful photos Jooles....I hope Sweet B got on well in her exam :)
    Love that gorgeous fabric - I bet you will sell loads!!
    Caroline x x x

  9. I love that twinkle art as well! And Tilda fabric is indeed very pretty...
    They predicted snow for this's freezing over here and tomorrow there will be the first ice skating marathon on real ice.
    That's always a big "thing" here in the Netherlands...;)
    Love, Mirjam.

  10. Great photos in this post. Best wishes for your Sweet B too. Yummy fabric too xx

  11. Tell me about it - I've been clearing out my attic too and I feel the same!!!! Some of the rubbish I've stored up there - why did I think I'd ever need it?!

    My boyfriend works for the National Trust. He has quite a lot of involvement with Mottisfont, and was recently based there for a while. I've shown him this and he's very pleased you had such a nice time!

  12. What an amazing looking place Jooles.

    It would take us weeks to sort out our loft - well done for tackling yours.

    Nina x

  13. Hello sweet Jooles! What beautiful photos and what a beautiful place to visit! I am so happy Sweet B could come along and you all had a good time! The twinkle sign is so cute and I love that horse! I wish Sweet B all the best on her exams. I know she will do very well! The Tilda fabrics are so pretty! I love Tilda! Enjoy your time with purdey. I look forward to seeing what you make and to your Happiness Friday posts! Lovely idea sweet friend! Love to you, Paula xoxo.... love the swans too!

  14. Wow that horse's head made me look twice :) Lovely photos, looks a beautiful place. Yummy fabric :) xx

  15. Beautiful photos of Mottisfont Abbey, I was there very long ago when I was as "au pair" in Southampton. The horse is very pretty.

  16. Love that horse ... amazing ... no snow here ... just horrible sleet ... maybe we might get some proper snow ... my little ones would love it ... wishing you a lovely week ... Bee xx

  17. Love that Twinkle Twinkle sign, it's amazing. We've had a little snow but a lot of it has gone now. We REALLY need to clear out our loft but are in denial and will probably never do it until we eventually move...

    Gillian x

  18. What a wonderful outing! Love the horse, and the twinkle twinkle sign! Clearing out the loft is such hard work!! Keep cosy Jooles.
    Helen x

  19. Gorgeous spot there, Jooles. Makes me want to visit your lovely country all the more. Those trees in little skirts dancing waltzes are magical!

    Wishing so much for snow here- white would be so welcome next to all the grey!


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