Sunday, 6 January 2013

2012 ~ 'make a month' round up

Hello lovely ladies
I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend

Ours has been a little bitter-sweet
and to be honest, I am feeling sad this evening
we dropped Sweet B back to uni earlier
we all had such a lovely time together over the Christmas holidays
that it is hard to say "goodbye" again
when she is not here I have a little aching hole in my heart

I remembered that I never finished my
'make a month' post for December
I did actually show you
it wasn't my official 'make a month' post
so here it is
(well I need to finish the set!)


cushions for my big brothers

bunting for our great niece

 I am happy to report that their recipients were happy with them

Here is a mosaic of all my 'make a months' for 2012

(This seems like a tradition in blogland
and I didn't want to be left out :o)

It has been great fun .....
I have loved sharing them with you
sometimes they have been tricky to fit in
and I often only made it by the skin of my teeth 
but it has been lovely to give 'hand-made'
and save a little money too
so win -win, I'd say

This year I am planning to change from
'make a month' to 'bake a month'

watch out my poor wobbly waistline
(I must say ..... I can't wait)

Sweet B asked me to say 'thank you' to you for all of your
sweet comments on her guest post
you really are wonderful 

Wishing you a beautiful week

Back soon
BIG love
x jooles x


  1. I love those cushions - you're so clever! :)

  2. The cushions are fantastic, really unusual!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Well done lots of gorgeous makes in 2012! I love those cushions. :)
    Don't worry she'll soon be back, Easter is quite early this year.
    Vivienne x

  4. What fantastic makes for December! I lover those cushions - and I can't believe those embroidered letters!!! How DID you make the writing so perfectly neat?!?
    I've really enjoyed looking at your 'make a month' posts, and am looking forward to this year's project. I KNOW my mouth's going to be watering! Your bakes always look so yummy!!!
    I have a question..... How do you make those photo-mosaics with lots of pics?

    1. Hello lovely :o)
      Thank you x
      I use a website called ipiccy and it's FREE!
      love jooles x

  5. Really love the cushions Jooles and a great gift for hard to make for men :) ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  6. Great cushions Jooles! What lucky brothers. I was a bit hit and miss with MM I made but kept forgetting to blog officially or add to flickr group.
    Happy new year to you and your peckers!
    Ellie x

  7. Jooles- Your 'Holy Mackerel' pillows are brilliant! They just tickled my funny bone. :)
    So great that you and Sweet Bee have such a close relationship- what a gift for you both. Hopefully lots of sewing inspiration will help keep your mind off of her absence!

  8. What fab cushions Jooles, you are clever :0) My boy has gone back to school today, I know it's so not the same as uni, but will miss him all the same. Sweet B will be back before you know it and you'll have a super time with her again. Will look forward to your bakes. I got the Mary Berry ultimate cake book for Christmas and we made muffins last night - yummy! xx

  9. You've made some brilliant things there! You have also created a wonderful daughter who is confident to make her own way in the world! :) x

  10. just found your lovely blog to follow via Riddler's Cottage and so glad I did, love the fishy cushions and so many more delicious textiley sweeties! Emmax

  11. Wow- you have made so many beautiful things! Hope Sweet B has got settled back in ok. Hugs to you- I can understand you missing her- I had a pang just waving my youngest off to school today!

  12. the bunting is so pretty, lucky amy

  13. Oooh your post is a "box of delights" all those lovely makes..such a talented lady
    Happy 2013
    Thea x

  14. Your 2012 makes are beautiful! Looking forward to 2013!

  15. I really, really like your holy mackerel cushions, Jooles, they are just brilliant! Your stitching on the words is so perfect. I am inspired to do some more hand sewing, I haven't done any for a while.

    Sorry you are feeling blue - I miss my girl when she's at school after the hols, the house feels so quiet, so I can only imagine how you must feel. Take care lovely lady.

    Gillian x

    ps, love the mosaic! Aren't they fun? And it's so satisfying to see how much you've achieved over a year.

  16. I've just had a catch-up of your blog. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. I like your Christmas cake decorations - very inspiring. Missing my daughter here too; it seemed very quite here once she and my parents had left. wishing you and your family A Very Happy New Year, Pj x

  17. Hi , Jooles, such pretty makes!
    I remember the Uni (ache) days of return....( It's a Mum thing)
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2013.
    Lets hope it is a kind year for us all!
    ~ with kind thoughts, Maria x

  18. Hi Jooles, such beautiful makes as usual! Hope you have a lovely 2013 X

  19. Hello sweet Jooles! I am so sorry Sweet B is gone back to the university again. I know you miss her so much! I hope she will be back to visit soon! Your makes and photos are beautiful! You are so creative and talented my friend! I look forward to seeing your bakes for this year. Have a beautiful week sweetie! Lots of love, Paula xo

  20. Your pictures and your makes are all gorgeous, Jooles! I look forward to seeing your bakes this year too ....they are always just as pretty and inspiring! I hope Sweet B will be back to visit you soon. Take care and have some happy crafty times.
    Helen x

  21. Seeing all your projects together like that puts my meagre 2012 efforts to shame! And of course there is all the stuff you make to sell as well. So many beautiful things.

    Sweet B will be home again soon I'm sure, and meanwhile please wish her good luck in her exams from me.

    Take care sweet Jooles x

  22. Well.... I just found your blog and I'm in heart with it!!
    I know what you mean about Uni... I have 2 kids that have left home and it breaks my heart... but I'm excited for them at the same time! Your sewing is gorgeous! I love your fish pillow!

  23. Apparetly I've been here before but you aren't showing up on my blog... :(


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