Monday, 27 August 2012

Sweet Bee's summer makes

At the beginning of summer 
I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with myself
so I created a board on pinterest of things that I would like to make

One of the things I pinned was a beautiful string picture
 which I found on this blog
I decided that I wanted to make one for my new uni room 
and used Dina's great instructions

It has taken me a VERY long time! 
I’m pretty slow at making and finishing anything
and instead of using cork as Dina suggested, I decided to use MDF
 which made banging in the nails hard work and noisy!


I nailed one letter a day which was quite tedious 
but I kept at it, as I was desperate to start my rainbow threading!

 I have finished it now and I’m so pleased!
I can’t stop looking at it! 

Mum also loved it and has decided to copy me he he
 she is making one for our hall
it will say 'Sweet home' once it's done!

After I finished my string picture I suddenly had lots of free time again
so I made some jamaica flower iced tea, I found the recipe here

It was delicious!!!

and to go with it, some yummy chocolate and almond fudge
I found the recipe in mum's huge pile of recipes pages

Dad was pleased and said it was the best fudge he had ever tasted! 
it isn't hard to please him with food though, he likes just about everything
and lots of it.

I hope you've enjoyed my posts
I have had fun hijacking mum's blog
I think this will be my last one
 I'm back off to uni at the end of September
thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous posts

Sweet bee 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

better late than never .....

Hello my lovelies

Do you remember a while ago 
when I talked about my cutting patch?
(you can read about it here and here)
well ..... at last I have something to show you

It has taken a while to get going
due to the very strange weather we have had this summer, I am guessing
not my lack of green fingers, you understand  ;o)

but I am so happy ..... the flowers are gorgeously pretty
there are stunning red poppies, white ‘purity’ cosmos, cornflowers
 and Ammi Majus or Bishop's flower, that’s the white lacy one

I ordered them for here
(big surprise!)
Mr Sweet and I are hoping to visit Sarah’s beautiful garden this weekend
I am so happy

It has been lovely to bring them to bring inside
they brighten things up no end
and what a great year for red, white and blue flowers
 I picked a gorgeous posy of them to take
to our lovely friends last weekend

I am waiting for this to burst into colour too
So excited
I sowed a packet of mixed poppy seeds into a new bed a few weeks ago
I can see the buds getting taller and taller and fatter and fatter
so it won’t be long now
Oh ….. the excitement is excruciating
 (they are also from here, I think it was these)
I do hope so!

 I stupidly threw the packet away
so it will be a bit of a suprise!

I am taking a little end of summer holiday
I feel the need to dedicate my love to
my family, home and myself for a little while
I feel tired
I just can't seem to get enough sleep at the moment
so I am also hoping, after I have 'loved' my home
(aka ..... a jolly good clean and sort out)
to slow down the pace of my life
just for a little while
My etsy shop will close this Friday 
until sometime in the second half of Sepetember

So ..... here's wishing you a lovely few weeks
see you soon

 I am off to finish a few custom orders
toodle pip

back soon
Big love
j x

P.S  Sweet B has a fabulous post lined up for you soon!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

happiness is .....

..... hanging out with friends

Please let me introduce ~ Miss Violet Skylet
she is my little mascot
I adore her ..... she makes my heart sing
she is a shy little bird with a love for violets
(it seems she is much like her creator!)
you can find her sitting pretty on my shop shelves

I have been working on some new Christmas birdies
but couldn't resist making these sweeties
I just couldn't get her out of my head

Happy Wednesday

BIG love 
j x

Friday, 10 August 2012

I've been meaning to show you .....

..... some things that I've been up to lately
I have had some lovely custom orders

A personalised bunting for a newly qualified teacher

A pink and green ladybird for Hayden

My first advent bunting order for 2012

A rainbow of pencils for Chloe

These pocket buntings and the Easter one below
have flown all the way to Vancouver to a pre-school
for counting practice ..... how sweet

I have added some pretties to my shop too

Three Liberty of London buntings
Oh how I love Liberty fabric

 I have also added to my advent bunting collection

Fairy Houses

Tilda Winter Bird

I hope you have had a lovely week with lots of sunshine
I have been partaking in a little garden lounging today
on my 'flower patch' quilt
I am finding 'lounging' rather hard work to do
I don't think it is in my genes
note to self: must try harder

Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Enjoy the last few days of the Olympics
hasn't it been incredible?
I have been blown away by team GB!

Back soon
BIG love 
j x

Saturday, 4 August 2012



Before I reveal my Ta Da
I just wanted to show you the gorgeous flowers
that Mr Sweet, my lovely hubby
gave me for our 21st wedding anniversary

Aren't they beautiful?
neither of us can believe we have been married for that long
flipping heck.
Happy anniversary my lovely man
thank you for putting up with me

Well are you ready for it?
I am so excited...
my first EVER quilt Ta Da!
my 'flower patch' quilt
for chilling in the garden

I have to say that I absolutely adore it, every single pretty square of it

The evening that I actually finished it I was super over-excited
I could tell that my guys had had enough of me
I laid it out on the carpet, the bed, the sofa
I laid it out in Sweet B’s room, lovely G’s room
Me .....
”isn’t it beautiful? 
“isn’t it the prettiest quilt you ever did see?”
“which patch do you like best?”
“I like this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and…”
“did you realise that I even made the binding?”

yes I can clearly see now that I was mighty annoying
but I really do ADORE it

I had breakfast in the garden on it the very next morning
it made me so happy
it isn’t perfect, there are lots of mistakes
and lots of corners that don’t meet
but I am proud to have made my very first quilt
would you like to know some stats?

It has 154 squares
for which I used pre-cut Tilda fabric patches
 I LOVE mix and match so I got one of each of their sets
sewing bird
garden party
and the gorgeous backing fabric is also Tilda from the garden party range
and is called flower patch in blue

It measures 165 cm x 210 cm

Before I started I read lots on the internet
but mostly I followed instructions in Alicia Paulson's book
Stitched in time
there is a baby clothes quilt project in there
her instructions are so clear
which made it simples.

Oh my I LOVE that lady for so many reasons
and her blog is inspirational and Oh so beautiful

When it came to tying the squares
I couldn't figure out how to find the centre of each square
without having to measure and make marks
and then Sweet B came up with this genius idea
(it could be that everyone else does this 
or that there is some other way of doing it)
she made me a paper square the same size as my patches
with a little hole in the centre
all I did was lay it over each patch and stitch through the hole
in, out and tie
 easy peasy lemon squeezy

you can read more about my first quilt adventure here, here & here
that's if I haven't already bored you to death!

Just a quick little thing before I go
the lovely Nina left me a very kind comment on my last post
suggesting that I enter one of my photos into the
Sarah Raven photo competition
thank you Nina…I plucked up the courage and did it!
I don’t think I stand a chance to be honest
the standard of the photos is immense 
 here is my entry photo

A BIG "Hello" to all of my new followers
It is lovely to welcome you here
and as always ..... thank YOU for visiting
and for all your sweet comments on my last jammy post
you are the best

Wishing you a super dooper weekend

BIG love 
j x