Friday, 29 June 2012

A make a month ♥ June 2012

Gosh nearly the end of June!

To be honest I feel I have failed a bit this month
June is a busy birthday month here...excuses excuses

 I had planned to have my 'flower patch' quilt finished
ready to be relaxing out in the garden
in all the glorious sunshine we have been having lately
HA...I wish!
that could be why I still haven't finished I guess
here is where I am up to with it...

I am a third of the way through hand trying the centre of each square

(I have a home made gadget for this very job to share with you...
straight from the brain of my lovely girl..
..I think it's genius time)

I did a little machine stitching at the join of every four squares
which is probably cheating in the quilting world
then I will be on to the binding
to me this is VERY scary.
I have bought a little binding making gadget
it is still in its packet though...
I need lots of courage!

I am very pleased so far, I could look at it for hours
Tilda fabrics have to be my all time favourite
and I love seeing how they all go together
It makes me want to wrap myself up like a sausage roll
and sing songs
(but I shall have to wait until I have removed all the pins...ouch)

Thank you so much for visiting me and all the sweet comments you leave
they really do make my day

I have so many things and heaps of photos to share with you
but where does the time go?
too much gallivanting I think!

How does everyone else manage their 'blog life’?
 just lately I have been struggling to fit everything in
If somebody is kind enough to visit and leave me a comment
I like to return the favour
to pop over to their blog
read all the lovely things that they have been up to
and then leave a comment for them
I don’t generally like to write a new post until I have done this
lately though, I have been visiting but mostly not commenting
I'm sorry
I just keep running out of time
 this has meant that I have loads of things to share
and have not been posting them
so I have decided to post away for a while
I hope you don't mind
I am sorry if I’ve been a bad blogger
please forgive me

Bye bye for now ...

hope you have a super duper weekend
 I will be back very soon

Do you that I have explained myself 
I feel really excited about posting again
I was feeling very lack lustre before
maybe that was my cure

BIG love 
j x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

fairytales & happy dancing

Hello my lovelies
I hope you had a lovely weekend

On Sunday my two kiddos and I went to the cinema to see
lovely G needed heavy persuasion 
but the promise of a large bucket of popcorn easily did the trick!
he couldn't believe his luck
(we are normally very stingy and sneak in our own snacks and drinks)

The film was FaBuLoUs
I have decided that I will one day have in a little cottage in
'The Sanctury'
and live happily ever after

I really seem to have the 'fairy tale' bug at the moment
just can't get enough
Have you been watching 'Once upon a time'?
I LOVE it....just brilliant
I long for Sunday evenings

I am also reading the
The snow child by Eowyn Ivey
It has completely captured my imagination

See what I mean?

I have some exciting news to share...
I have been published
* happy dance *
 My Sweet Pea bunting was featured in 

I am so excited about it and a little proud too
I think it may only be available to buy in the States though

(sorry my picture quality is not very good)

here it is in 'real life'

We actually had a sunshine day yesterday!
not looking so promising for today though

Happy Tuesday
more soon
BIG love
j x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

sweet pickings

from the garden

some pretty flowers to brighten up a rainy day
they smell incredible too

One of the roses in the jug is this
 it's called 'William Lobb' 
and is a moss rose
I absolutely adore it
there is something enchanting about it

it's like a 'fairy-tale' rose
and has to be my favourite

Before I go I must say a BIG thank you to Fleur
for awarding my the 'Sunshine' award
I am very flattered and touched
so thank you lovely lady
you made my day
If you have a moment please pop over and say 'Hi'
 Fleur has a fabulous blog

more soon
BIG love 
j x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

hello again.....I'm back

Hello hello hello
It's so nice to be back
how are you doing?
I hope you've been keeping well

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind

since last time...

Sweet B came home from university for the summer
YiPiDy DoO dAh
she then went on holiday
 and comes back home tomorrow

I have had a birthday

I won a surprise giveaway
How lucky am I?

from the lovely and very kind Vivienne
the lavender smells absolutely beautiful 
and look at this gorgeous little flower brooch
thank you so very much Vivienne
I adore my goodies
and I am very touched by your kindness

I have seen the Queen!!!
Oh yes indeedy
We went up to London on the last day of her golden jubilee celebrations
(BTW...wasn't it a magical long weekend?)
we stood in ginormous crowds
when the procession went by 
it was so exciting
but to be honest it was just her hat that I could see
bobbing along in a beautiful gold carriage
 although I am quite sure that her whole body was there too

Mr Sweet had a birthday

My mum had a birthday

Our lovely boy passed his driving test
first time as well!
All I can hear myself saying to him now is 
'PLEASE text me when you get there'
'remember to text me when you are leaving'

Mr Sweet and I had a breath-taking visit here
but more on that another time


My little niece had a birthday
well actually it is today
l am pleased to report that she loved her new rainbow pencil roll

I have added a listing to my shop
with an option of 'pencils' or 'rainbow'
I still can't decide
thank you for your help on the matter
it was a very split vote!

Wishing you a super duper week
and hopefully lots of sunshine

lots of love
j x