Monday, 30 April 2012

after the rain

My Oh My
it has done nothing but rain here
don't get me wrong
I LOVE rain
I really really LOVE rain
I LOVE the way everything is clean and fresh after a downpour
and I LOVE that post rain smell
but when it has rained every day for weeks
even I pray for it to stop

Anyway, today is the first dry and sunny(ish) day we've had for .....
.....well I can't even remember
so I was up spritely this morning
 (well, sort of stiff spritely I s'pose)
with one thing on my mind
loading the washing machine
the fourth load is nearly finished
and my washing line is groaning!
but how lovely it is the see clean laundry 
billowing in the breeze

I feel very behind on just about EVERYTHING at the moment
having a bad back has really put me off track
but I do feel lucky that it is healing much quicker than it used to
so maybe all my efforts are actually paying off

Thank you to each and every one of you lovely ladies
who left me sweet messages on my last post
wishing me and my back well
 I was very touched
It obviously worked

It seems that lots of you also have problematic
backs, shoulders, hips and necks too
 I would like to wish you all strong and pain free too
Give those naughty body parts a good, stern talking to.

Well I've lots to be catching up on
and an 18th birthday to plan
for my lovely boy
where did all those years go???

I hope to be back in the next day or two with my monthly makes for April
but I will leave you with some photos of my garden between...
...rain storms

Back soon
lots of love
j x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dear back.....

.....why are you misbehaving so?
I may have neglected you in the past, it's true
but you get lots of attention these days
Pilates, swimming, daily stretches
 I thought we had a deal?

Was it too much to ask that I sowed some carrot seeds?
Ok, so I may have got a little chilly outside in the garden
but there really was no need to get all angry and aggressive
was there?

I do love and appreciate you back
but our relationship would be far more harmonious
if you were less inclined to throw tantrums
and now your bad behaviour is rubbing off on hip
what do you say to that?
hip kept me awake all night and found me like a mad woman
 searching for pain killers at 2.30 am 
when I should have been in a blissful land of dreams

Did you even consider that I may of had an extensive 'to do' list
and plans ??

~A day out with my mum
~crafting with the craft guild ladies
~a visit to my favourite garden
~lots and lots of sewing
All the things I love

I am cross with you
for demanding all of my attention
 you may have a dodgy disc and a jangling nerve
but there is only so much lying down with you I can do before I go stir crazy
I will treat you to a physio treatment today
and then you are to chill out and relax your spasming muscles
and while you're at it, have a word to hip please
thank you.
The only thing to have cheered me this past few days
is ordering this wall canvas

it is me and sweet B
so for that I thank you
 making me so bored for endless hours
at least got me to sort my photos.

I can feel your tension slowly ebbing away
that's it .....R...e...l...a...x...
...let's be friends again

Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday flowers

Happy Weekend

back soon
j x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

a busy birthday for a sweet bee


Well...I kid you not, it has been busy round these parts
Last weekend my lovely daughter
Sweet B
turned 20...20! I really can NOT get my head around that!
neither can Mr Sweet
We had a wonderful weekend with meals out and a fabulous trip to London
we visited Covent garden first
had a lovely look around
some of the shops are so gorgeous

Paella for lunch

I gave up on my 'healthy eating plan'
in fact, I followed the 'unhealthy eating plan' for the WHOLE weekend
love it.
We also had the best ice-cream that we have ever tasted
from the icecreamists
(unfortunately I am now back on the was good while it lasted)

Then we headed off to the Garrick theatre in Charing cross
to watch Chicago
all I can say is WOW!

We had such a great day

Sunday was another busy one
we even managed to have a little tea party
before taking Sweet B back to uni

These little bees are so CUTE, aren't they?
I didn't make them
but Oh, I wish I could
I bought them from a wonderful shop on Esty
and turned them into a little birthday banner

 Sweet B's birthday cake of choice ~
Passion fruit meringue cupcakes
from this book
Now I like baking, but these tested my patience to the max.
First I had to make passion fruit curd
then the cupcakes
and then the meringue
I got my lovely G to blow torch the meringue
I was not in control of my actions by this stage!
they did taste divine though
but I will NOT be making them EVER again!

Some more bumble bee love now

sorry this photo is not my best!

if she would be able to whip up some buzzy blocks for me
and look what she made
that lady is a genius
I know my photo is pants but Fee took some amazing ones

(If you are reading this Fee....many many super apologies for the
rubbish photo, when Sweet B brings them back home from uni
 I will do them justice)

And Do you remember this post
where I showed you this sneaky peek?

Well here it is.....

 The pink "I love you" flower at the side was lovely G's idea

You can now see why I had to keep it "top secret"
Sweet B LOVES it.....thank goodness.

Blogger has not played nice today and this post has taken me FOREVER
It is a relief to actually get to the end

Before I go though, I just wanted to thank you all
for your kind birthday wishes
for Sweet B
she read them all and loved them
you really are the best

I have had a sad heart the last few days
I miss her when she is away
that lovely girl of mine
Love you Sweet B

I hope you are all having a good week
lots of lovely rain here

more soon
j x

Friday, 13 April 2012

bluebell woods

Hello hello hello
I am just popping by quickly today
We have a wonderful whirlwind weekend ahead of us
It is Sweet B's birthday weekend
and we are out for dinner this evening
a trip to London on Saturday 
and a tea party on Sunday and then back to uni Sunday evening
Monday is her actual birthday 
so we are making the most of her!

Anyway I wanted to share our walk in the bluebell woods with you

Hope you enjoyed it

Have a super lovely weekend
j x