Friday, 30 March 2012

A make a month ♥ March 2012 again
two posts in as many days.....get me!

I'm here to show you my makes for March
You can read more about my monthly makes here if you like
about a week ago I thought that I might not have managed it
but somehow I pulled my finger out and got organised
and here is what I have made this month

First up, a patchwork cushion

As you can tell, patchwork is my new 'addiction' 
oh well...there are worse hey?!

 lovely G ~  'It's VERY pink mum'
Me ~ 'Hmmmm YES'

never mind
It is for my 'stolen' sewing room

This was my first attempt at piping
It was one of those 'scary' things in my mind
but it really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be
there are a couple of dodgy bits but hopefully
I will get better with practice

 I have another one the same size ready to make
and I think I may also make a smaller one for my favourite pink chair

The back
(stating the obvious)

I also have another top secret  make
here's a sneaky peek 

I'll show your more just as soon as I can
I am VERY excited

So thats two this month
{pats self on back}

I have the crafty girls (Craft Guild!) coming over this evening
we haven't managed a get-together for quite a while
I am so excited at the prospect
I've baked a little something too
(I'll show you next time)
there will be lots of chatter, crafting and cake eating...
...what more could a girl want?!
we have so much to catch up on

Sweet B will be home on Monday evening....HOORAY!!!
We have LOTS of lovely plans

Happy weekend
lots of love 
j x

P.S  A few of you have asked for my muffin recipe
I'll happily do a post next week x

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Happy things

Hello sweet peeps

Well today is my giveaway winner day
and all I can say is 
WOW !!!
I was so excited to read all of your entries and gorgeous comments
YOU have made my week my friends
I am truly a lucky girl to have so many lovely readers
to you all

...are you ready???
ok ok ok
I'll get on with it then shall I?
(dddrrrruuummmm rrrolll please)


whose blog ChipperNelly is fantabulous
and so is she

Fee said...'That bird bunting maketh my heart sing......count me in!'

So I shall be making a pocket birdie bunting in the next few days for you Fee
I am glad to be able to maketh your heart sing :o)

This is what else is making me happy this week

 Breakfast in the sunshine

Bursting camillia buds

 their beauty takes my breath away

 Raspberry and marzipan muffins
(especially good for breakfast :o)

If you'd like the recipe just 'shout'

 A flowering currant against the blue blue sky

 My very first tulips of the year

A flowering cherry tree just waiting for the perfect momment to unfurl
(ooooh the excitement!)

hyacinth 'purple sensation'

I just LOVE this time of the year
seeing all of the beautiful flowers 'showing off'
and the weather here in south east England
 has just been wall to wall sunshine
we have been so spoilt this week

I hope you have sunshine where ever you are

I will be back tomorrow with my monthly makes
so see you then

lots of love 
j x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

a 'thank you' giveaway

Hello my lovelies
I hope you are having a nice week

Today my blog is one year old!
I really can't believe that
I have been blogging for one whole year
It took a lot of courage for me to take the plunge
(I'm a bit of a scaredy cat)
I ummed and ahhed for months
trying to pluck up the courage
I am very shy in 'real' life
but I can honestly say that I am so happy that I did
that I was brave
It has enriched my life
YOU have enriched my life


 I LOVE reading all of your comments
 I still get excited when I see that I have a comment or two
waiting for me
It's just so lovely
It has been heart warming to share happy times
and all of your support and kind words
have helped me through some tough times
and even if you don't's lovely to have you here
thank you for visiting x

I have made some wonderful, like-minded 'bloggy' friends too
So to celebrate I thought I would have a little giveaway

Anyway....enough of my ramblings
Would you like to know what you could win???

 There is a choice

A bird pocket bunting
which has five linen pockets each one decorated with little birdie images
(I guess, by now, you all know how I love the birdies)
If you would like to see more photos and info you can here



A sweet patchwork needle case
in pretty pinks and greens
(my favourite colour combination of the moment)
you can see and read more here if you'd like

The choice is yours
There will be one winner who will receive their choice
of either the bird pocket bunting or the patchwork needle case

To enter my giveaway
please follow my blog

 ♥ For one entry 
Just leave me a comment on this post telling me which you would like to win
either..... the bird pocket bunting or the needle case

  For a second entry
 Mention my giveaway on your blog 
and leave a separate comment letting me know

My giveaway will be open until the 29th of March
and I am happy to post anywhere in the world

So all that is left to say is ....
'thank you' (again)

Lots of love
j x


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

happiness is.....

.....being loved

My lovelies spoilt me on Sunday
(it was mother's day here in the UK)

 The prettiest hairclips and
Cookie dough cupcakes made by sweet B
Chocolates from lovely G
It's a good job I went swimming today
hopefully I may have burned off a few of the calories
consumed over the weekend!

My blog is one year old on Thursday
so I will be having a little giveaway
hope to see you then

more soon
j x

Friday, 16 March 2012

This week I have mostly been....

......pottering in the garden

Lots of zinnias have been planted

Oh how I love them

 I grew them for the first time last year

My first little seedling of 2012....a zinnia!!

Does my bum look big in this?....YES IT DOES LADY, too many of the next thing


Stem ginger shortbread from here
highly recommended


 I made these two fabulous commissions
for new baby gifts

A whole stack of needle cases for my shop

All in all a nice week


I have been ‘tagged’ by the lovely Gillian of tales from a happy house
To be honest 
I am a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to things like this
blog awards and tagging
 I never forward emails to 500 of my closest friends
(not even one)
or  forward a text to all of my contacts to receive riches…
sorry, but I don’t
Having said that though, I am very touched 
that Gillian thought me worthy, thank you Gillian x 
Her blog is gorgeous by the way.....go have a peek if you have a moment

Anyway here are my answers to Gillian's fab questions 
just to prove that I am not a complete grump

Gillian’s questions

1. Tea or Coffee?  
Coffee…definitely coffee, normal tea is yuk although I do like some herbal teas

2. What book are you reading at the moment?    
Tess of the D’Urbervilles, although I am finding it very heavy going, I actually only really got into reading a two or three years ago, I love pioneer stories so if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear 

3. Who inspires you?  
Hmmmmm…I have several friends who are a great inspiration to me, the Queen. OBVIOULSY.  Oh and Miranda…love that lady.

4. Do you have a favourite craft?   
That would be like choosing between my children
sorry just can’t answer :o)

5. What is your guiltiest pleasure?    
Sneaking into my pantry, shutting the doors, and eating a chocolate bar in secret…it feels so naughty. That’s not very shocking is it? Hmmmm I think I need to invent a new one!

6. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  
A wife and a mum…simple as that

7. What is your favourite song?   
This is a tricky one as it changes regularly but I always LOVE this by Eva cassidy

and this one is my current fancy

8. What is your earliest memory?   
Sitting in my pram with my toy penguin dangling from the hood, it rattled when I hit it. Sweet.

9. Do you have a favourite soap opera?   
No…..i really don’t like any soap operas

10. What is your most treasured possession?  
I have a few… My dad’s driving licence, he died when I was only 11, I miss him everyday.  My children's first socks and baby books and family photos.

11. What would you last meal be?   
Three courses?.... that would be CAKE CAKE CAKE

Wishing all you lovely mums out there a very special
Mother's day on Sunday
Hope you get spoilt 

Next time I will have news of a little giveaway 
to celebrate my one year blog anniversary
I really can't beleive its been a whole year!

happy weekending
j x

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hello (cheep cheep)


Hello my name is Miss Tulip
 I am a Spring Chick
(I'm a little nervous...this is my first blog appearance)
 I've just popped by to say that I am sitting in jooles's shop
along with lots of my friends
we would love new homes in time for Easter the way we all LOVE hanging about on Easter trees
and in case you were wondering, we're all VERY well behaved
(most of the time ;o) 

We've been asked by Jooles to keep the cheeping down to a minimum
as not to wake the sleeping bunnies

Message form jooles ~

Hello lovelies
Thank you so much to all of you who have been asking after my back
x you are sweet x
It is getting a lot better thank you, I just have to be careful
I think I will always have to be
but that's ok, there are worse things

Happy Sunday
lots of love
j x

Friday, 9 March 2012

It's that time again.....

.....Percy Pecker is having a well earned rest
but there has been lots of sewing hatching going on in these parts
I will be introducing the Spring Chicks very soon

They have shed their little wooly scarves in favor of a pretty spring blossom

They should be fluttering into my shop sometime over the weekend

Thanks for stopping by
I LOVE it that you do
these are for you

Have a wonderful weekend
j x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

happiness is.....

.....homemade cookies

Melting moments.....the recipe is from Fast cakes by the queen of baking
Mary Berry
These were a payment to my lovely G
who saved my computer (and me) from a meltdown
(very appropriate don't you think?!)
he's a clever boy

P.S  I removed the pink ribbon before he came home!

more soon
j x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A make a month ♥ Febrary 2012

Yes, I is the 3rd of March
I'm only three little days late though

Here is my make for February
Only one this month...but thats OK I'm happy with that

It is a needle case for my beautiful niece
her birthday is in April, so I am pretty well organised
she is my grown up niece, such a sweetheart too
she loves sewing
her dad, is my big brother, who was in hospital recently
(he is doing improving great now)
I don't think she reads my blog, so I am pretty sure it will remain a secret
I hope so anyway.

A suprise message in the back

Now my plan was that my 'monthly makes' would be
 gifts and things that I make for myself and our home
and NOT for my shop
I was so happy and excited at how this little project turned out
 that I thought I would make a some for my shop
(obviously without the suprise message! ...unless, of course,
 somebody wanted their own special message)
but it didn't stop there
 naughty naughty naughty

I have also made a matching pin cushion
both perfect for mother's day gifts
you can find them here and here

I just could'nt help myself!
I have a few more in different colourways cut out and ready to sew
I really need to focus
I have a noodle~head full of ideas at the moment
and have so may things that need making and finishing
If my sweet B were here she'd have a fit
she is the one that keeps me organised
sorry lovely, I am trying

there we are...
...February's make
hope you like it

Thank you for stopping by to visit me...I love it that you do x

Happy weekending
j x