Friday, 14 December 2012

happiness is.....

..... sweet B home for the holidays
my heart feels content and Oh so happy

..... a cute little sewing companion, snuffling up my pins
 from a beautiful and very kind lady

..... the tapestries that took me years to make
f.i.n.a.l.l.y made into the most beautiful of stockings for my lovelies
the kits were from here

..... the anticipation of putting the decorations up tomorrow

..... pretty lights outside
I'm in love with our new toadstool

..... the present list being ticked off
pattern from this lovely book

..... my indoor bulbs doing their exciting thing

..... pretty Christmas cards being made

..... lots of baking and making ahead

Not everything has been running smoothly round these parts
lots of lemons have been thrown our way of late
that's for sure
but I am choosing to accentuate the positive .....

Wishing you all lots of happiness
and positive moments
thanks for stopping by
BIG love
x Jooles x

P.S Percy Pecker was thrilled with all of your kind comments
and has asked me to thank you most kindly
he's a cheeky chappy


  1. Wow,stocking are amazing!!!!Never seen anything like this.Did you have a pattern or you did yourself?Also love that snowflake light,where did you get it?

  2. Hi Principeta, thank you!
    The stockings are from a company called 'jolly red' the canvas comes printed with the design and you just stitch over it.
    The snowflake light was from John Lewis in last years January sales
    love jooles x

  3. Those stockings are beautiful!
    What a sweet hedgehock to keep you company...:D
    Hope you have a happy weekend, Mirjam xxx

  4. Lots and lots of lovely things! :)
    Always good to accentuate the positive!!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  5. Many delightful things Jooles, but I particularly L O V E your Holy Mackeral cushions!!
    Big hugs,
    Caroline x x x

  6. I just thought I would pop by to say hello! i'm off to have a good old catch up. xxx

    PS. I love the stockings!

  7. You are a very talented person Jooles! All your makes are amazing!

  8. So many lovely christmasy things......xx

  9. Love the mackerel cushions and stockings
    Victoria xx

  10. Dear Jooles,
    you are so right to " think pink"!!! Even when you are not expecting all these lemons, they come anyway!!!
    Be happy with the people you love, happy weekend,
    love, xxxx Ale

  11. Gosh, it's a hive of industry in your house, so many lovely things!

  12. Such beautiful and special stockings!!! Love your cute sewing companion!! Love the pillows!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  13. Lots of great things here to be positive about Jooles.....sweet little hedgie and I love your cushions.
    Well done on finally finishing your stockings they look fab.
    Have a great weekend,

    CLaire x

  14. Stockings are beautiful & I adore your mushroom light. Glad you daughter is home safe for the holidays, my son is travelling home from uni today so I share your excitement.

  15. So many lovely things in this post Jooles... I've just bought a copy of that sweet little hog pattern.... thanks for sharing.Cx

  16. So many beautiful things and lovely to be gathering your family around for the festive season. And you know, pour yopurself a G&T to go with those lemons!!! Wishing you lots more happy moments x

  17. He's sooo cute, and those stockings well worth all that stitching! :)

  18. So many good things here! Will B do another guest post for us? I did e njoy her posts over the summer. Those stockings and cards are delightful but that mackerel cushion!! Oh, I love it so much. Thanks for sharing the link. x

  19. WOW! love LOVE all the things...the stockings are a work of art, just stunning! The cushion covers are fab too..and the little hedgehof is super cute. Glad to "meet" you..I'm a newby follower and just found ou via a comment you left on another greenorchids blog. I love finding new crafty bloggers! :)

  20. So many extraordinary beautiful things! Love them all....the tapestry of your stockings, the toadstools and the mackerels. Happy Sunday and a good start of the new week!

  21. Hello sweet Jooles, I am so happy your sweet B is home for the holidays! That will make Christmas even merrier! The hedgehog pin cushion is so sweet! How lovely of your dear friend! The stockings you made are gorgeous! I can imagine all the work they took. They will be treasured for years to come! I love the toadstool lights! Your pillow, bulbs and cards are all so lovely too! Enjoy your baking! I hope things get better sweetie. It is good you try to focus on the positive! When I struggle I think of all I am blessed with and start to feel chipper before too long! :D Christmas blessings and joy to you and your dear ones. Love, Paula xoxo... Percy Pecker is too cute!

  22. Such a cheery festive post! So glad sweet B is home! I love your needlepoint stockings, you have finished them so beautifully. The toadstool lights are wonderful ...I would love some too! Hope all goes well for you and life stops throwing lemons.
    Take care, and have a happy week dear Jooles!
    Helen x

  23. Wow, those needlepoint stockings are fabulous - so much work but definitely worth it because they'll be gracing Christmas and making those you love smile for a long, long time. I love your mackrel cushions too and I'm so glad that you like the little hedgie, Miss Ivy Pecker is now perched on our Christmas tree (it went up yesterday) and she looks right at home. I love her very much and when the decorations go away after christmas she will be taking up residence dangling from my knitting needle jug xxx


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