Tuesday, 18 December 2012

elves and jingle bells

how are you doing?
Isn’t time flying?

I just wanted to pop in quickly to show you something wonderful

I entered a giveaway over at Chippernelly
 home of the fabulous Fee
and guess what?
I was one of the VERY lucky winners! 

 and just look what she made for me


 Ahhhhhhhhh .....
So beautiful
they even came wrapped with gingham ribbon and jingle bells!

 Fee ….. you are amazing and so so so kind
I will treasure them always

It was a 'carry it forward' giveaway
so I will be having a big think 
about what my giveaway will be in the new year

 We now have our Christmas decorations up
it was so nice to unwrap these little guys
Sweet B and I made them last year
BTW ..... she is home ..... it's so wonderful
while I am sitting here typing she is sitting on the floor
cutting out snowflakes for a special decoration
(they may even feature in a guest post ;o)
we have 'Elf' on TV
and all feels good with the world

 I have finished my last Christmas gift

a personalised bunting for my great niece
(sorry the photos are a bit rubbish)
It's a really nice feeling to be getting that long list ticked off
I have some foodie gifts still to make
which I am really excited about
in my pantry there is a mountain of chocolate ready and waiting

Thank you so much for popping by
It’s so lovely to see you
 and thank you for your kind comments on my last post
sending lots of love and Christmas cheer your way
Back soon
 BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Lovely blocks Jooles, lucky you!

    Claire xx

  2. Your bunting is just gorgeous! Lovely win, the blocks are so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. What a lot of sweetness in this post, really hartwarming...
    I love those little persons you made, they are so funny!
    Have a good time with Bee, lots of love from Mirjam.

  4. Love your blocks!!! Envy you (just a little bit!)!!!
    xxxx Ale

  5. Congrats, the blocks look beautiful.

  6. Those blocks are so lovely. It never stops to amaze me just how clever all you bloggers are. I have learn't a lot from you and maybe one day my blog will be up to your standards and more people will follow me.
    Thank you for your kind words on my last post they really touched my heart.
    God Bless you..... I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a good New Year.....xx

  7. Gorgeous blocks Jooles, congratulations on winning Fee's giveaway :)

    So lovely to hear that you and Sweet B are crafting together, very special times x

    Love Caroline x x x

  8. You were indeed a very lucky lady winning Fee's gorgeous giveaway, they are so lovely!
    Enjoy your mother/daughter time. :)
    Isn't Elf just one of the funniest films ever!!
    vivienne x

  9. You are a lucky girl and those elves are adorable...
    happy christmas
    Daisy x

  10. Sounds like you are being very productive and taking joy in making all those lovely gifts-they have goodwill and love woven into their fabric! Glad you have your lovely daughter home. Best wishes x

  11. Your giveaway prize was lovely! Well done. I am in love with the pinecone elves how cute are they?!

  12. Beautiful bunting Jooles and you Elves are so cute.

  13. Lucky you and the little elves are too cute ... just working on a bunting for my niece ... hope you have a lovely festive week ... Bee xx

  14. Ooooh I do love those sweet blocks you won in Fee's giveaway...she is so talented and so generous too :) Your little pinecone elves are adorable, Jooles, and I love the gorgeous bunting.
    Enjoy your happy crafty times with sweet B.
    Helen x

  15. Wonderful prize, they are very special..I love your sweet little cone elves..I have spent the day with my girlies today..beign together is even more special this time of year
    Have a jolly week
    Thea x

  16. What a fab prize, the blocks are fab! I love your elves, they are very cute :0) xx

  17. Hello sweet Jooles! I am so happy for you! Fee's blocks are always so sweet! These are darling and so festive! I love your sweet angel and the little guys you and sweet B made! I am so happy she is home and you are happy and having fun! The bunting is adorable and beautifully made! Merry Christmas sweet friend! Love, Paula xoxo

  18. Oh my, I love your little pine cone elfs, they are adorable x x x

  19. Your Chipper Nelly blocks are gorgeous - Fee is so talented and I love your little pinecone people, they're so cute!

  20. Oh you lucky, lucky thing, those blocks are adorable.

    Have a lovely time with Sweet B at home for Christmas x


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