Monday, 19 November 2012

giveaway ..... better late than never

Hello there
I hope you had a wonderful weekend

Well, I have ever-so-nearly caught up with all of my shop orders
just one last advent which I am making today
ahhhhh ....... I feel much less frantic now
It really took me by surprise
a nice surprise

WELCOME ..... to my celebration giveaway post

Waaaay back in the summer (at least I think it was summer)
the lovely Mollie makes peeps
 asked me if they could feature a couple of my makings 
in a Christmas publication

these ones in fact

Well .... to say I was excited was an understatement
yes yes yes yes yes
I thought they were destined to be in their fabulous magazine
but it turned out that they would be in their
and VERY exciting indeed

I went to Kew gardens last weekend

and there, in the shop, was guess which book?
I showed my sister-in-law
she was impressed
and I felt just a teeny bit famous!

I was very kindly sent a copy of the book by the publisher
 (there are so many beautiful Christmas projects in there)
but, because I am an impatient girl, I had already bought one
so, I happen to have a spare
which is what I am offering in my giveaway
along with my very last Christmas birdie of 2012
Master Wally Winterbird

So if you would like to win both the book and Master Winterbird
here's what you need to do .....

  For one entry   

It would be wonderful if you could become a follower
 of my blog, unless of course, you are already
 (you can do this by clicking on the 'join this site' button on my sidebar)
 then just leave me a comment on this post

  For a second entry

kindly mention this giveaway on your blog or facebook page with a link 
and then just leave me a separate comment on this post 
telling me you have done so

The giveaway will be open for one week
until the evening of the 26th November to be precise
I will post anywhere in the whole wide world
 so don't be shy


I shall be coming to visit later this week
I have missed you all
I am keen to know what's been happening in blogland
I feel somewhat disconnected

have a great week
BIG love 
j x

I have been lucky enough to have been featured in a few publications now
so I have decided to make a new tab (along the top bar ↑)
I'm not good at talking about such things
 they make me blush and go all silly
 so all the info will just appear one day soon

Thank you to everyone who entered
the giveaway is now closed


  1. How exciting for you, well done, although not surprising that people would want to publish your creations.
    I'm a follower, thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Hello Jooles,'re famous now!!! :-)
    I would love to participate in your giveaway and if I win look forward to seeing you in print. I would also very much like to have a Wally Winterbird.
    What a gorgeous giveaway!!
    I off now to post a button and link to your give away on my blog.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Congratulations on being in the lovely Mollie Makes Christmas book - I've had it on my wishlist since finding out about it and can't wait to get a peek at a copy.

    Really would love to win - I'm already a follower of your beautiful blog so that should mean this comment counts as my first entry right?

  4. Congratulations Jooles! How does it feel to be famous? I would love to be in with a chance of winning the lovely book and also Master Wally Winterbird....he could keep Miss Ponsettia company on my Christmas tree :o)

    Love Caroline xx

    PS. I am off to put a link to your giveaway on my blog now x

  5. Well done you!
    I really should get my bum in gear now and admit Christmas is just round the corner.
    I'm a follower with my fingers crossed and it's making it very hard to type!

  6. Wow Jooles, you'll be famous and a star and everything!
    Oh no, you already are, sorry.. ;-)
    I had already spotted this book, but now I get the chance of winning one you can count me in please!
    Good luck with everything, love from Mirjam.
    ( i will put a link on my blog, i'll let you know...)

  7. That's brilliant. I'm a follower and would love to give Master Wally Winterbird a home whilst looking at your creations in the book. Sam x

  8. Congrats and well deserved. Your little birdies are so sweet and absolutely deserve to be in the Mollie Makes book. Count me in for the giveaway please! xxx

  9. I've posted about your giveaway and left a link (which was really, really hard as I really, really want to WIN! Fingers crossed. Sam x

  10. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep let me enter pllllllease! Yey! I love your little birdie's-I've already got one of your royal wedding ones!

  11. Congratulations Jooles, how exciting and well-deserved to be included in the Mollie Makes book!!!
    What a lovely giveaway. :)
    Vivienne x

  12. I have put a link on my blog to your giveaway! :)
    V xxx

  13. Oh my goodness!!! I just did a little squeal out loud when I read your fantastic news! Congratulations to you!!! :-)
    I'd love to be entered in to your giveaway draw, please. Fingers crossed.....
    Hugs (and more congrats),

  14. Just shared on my blog too hun........

  15. I would love to win this! I adore Mollie Makes and your work! Off to share the link of my Facebook page now too.. :)

  16. Have now shared the link on my facebook page too Congratulations on getting in to such a fantastic book!

  17. Congratulations!
    I'm a happy follower!

  18. Yay, I did it! I managed to put a link on my blog!
    Love, Mirjam.

  19. Well done you - how very exciting. Please may I enter too (was already a follower)? x

  20. Hello Jooles! I am so very, very excited for you. Fabulous and well-deserved fame.

    I would dearly love to partipate in this wonderful giveaway. I am already a follower.

    As it happens I'm having a giveaway too... Maybe you would like to pop over and take a look.

    Beautiful week to you.


  21. Gorgeous xmas makes and a gorgeous giveaway too. Well done on being featured in lots of publications, are very talented and I am not surprised! I would love to enter the giveaway please....I am already a follower, and will put a link on my blog.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Helen x

  22. Congratulations, wow you have been busy!!! can't wait to see inside the book, looks fantastic.
    Count me in on the giveaway....and I am about to pop a link in a post for you too.
    Keeping my fingers double crossed ouch until the 26th!!!
    Nattie x

  23. Dear Jooles
    Please enter me into your fabulous giveaway. Congratulations on all your successes and here's to many more!
    Best wishes

  24. Hi Jooles
    No need to be bashful, you are very talented and clever - your beautiful makes are unique and you deserve the acclaim.
    OOh please enter me in you giveaway -I'm already a follower...

  25. You make the cutest things. Every time I see one of your birdies I think I need to own one. I love them. Oh I'd love that book.
    I am a follower of your sweet blog.
    Happy Holidays.

  26. ...and I've done a bloggy linky on my blog.
    I'm frantically sewing and making chutney for the school fair this week!
    Take care lovely
    Sally @Lavender Attic

  27. Hi, What a lovely giveaway :o) And how fab that one of your projects is published in such a gorgeous-looking book - congratulations! I would love a chance to win please... your blog is one of around a dozen crafty blogs that I follow on my 'feeds' - is that the right term? - and I love seeing all the lovely things that you sew :o) I will try and pop a link on my Facebook too as I have several crafty friends who I know would also be inspired by your pretty work, Karen x

  28. Dear Jooles, thank you for your lovely blog, I found out about it through The Quince Tree and have really enjoyed reading through the posts, so inspiring! Please count me in on your giveaway,
    Best Wishes
    Sian xx

  29. just been in Singapore and looking for this fabulous book, but they didn't have it yet....2/3 weeks to wait before having in the, at least, in your giveaway I have to wait only one week to know if I'll be the lucky one!!!
    Thank you, xxx Ale

  30. Congratulations Jooles! You are famous and deserve some extra special attention :) I am so happy that you will be giving away a copy of this wonderful book, it is on my christmas wish list.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Laurie Anne xx

  31. Many congratulations Jooles! The book looks great, how fabulous that you are featured.
    Please enter me into your draw, I'd love the book and Master Winterbird would be made VERY welcome. I am already a follower.
    I bet you're smiling from ear to ear :o))
    Very best wishes
    Rose H

  32. First congratulations on a book,it must be amazing felling.Ans so lovely and sweet of you to share one with one lucky reader,hope to be that one =o).

  33. Well done exciting to be in print!

    I would love to be entered into your lovely giveaway thank you! If by some chance I manage to post this week I'll pop back and tell you.x

  34. Congratulations. What a thrill to have your 'makes' featured in the book. How exciting for you.

  35. Yay for such an incredible opportunity for you!! How fantastic to have your sweet crafts IN A BOOK! I am so happy for you! -and of course I would LOVE to have the book AND Wally come to my house. Stuffed birds are the best kind because they don't become a meal for one of my naughty kitties!

  36. oohhh please do pop me in your hopefully lucky hat! Well done for getting published by the way, I bet you were so excited!

  37. Hello Jooles
    Well what an honor congratulations..yes please I would love to join in
    Thea x

  38. Congrats Jooles!! It must be fantastic to be published! I'm a follower, thanks for the chance to win such a lovely giveaway!! Best wishes, Pati x

  39. Hi Jooles
    I have just linked your giveaway to my sidebar
    Thea x

  40. Oh i would love to win your give away. Just love looking at your blog......xx

  41. How exciting for you & what a wonderful giveaway please enter me into the draw...thank you.
    (I'm a follower)

  42. I would love to go to Kew Gardens :)

    Please can I enter the giveaway, I follow with GFC as karen scammell
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  43. What a fabulous giveaway!! Congratulations on appearing in the book, how exciting!
    I'd love a chance to win, and I've been a follower for a while. Thanks! Fingers crossed!!
    Maria x

  44. Congratulations! So nice that you've been featured :-)

  45. Way to go Jooles!! I almost bought that book but didn't know your delights were gracing the pages, I shall definitely buy it if I am not the lucky one :0) Thanks for the chance of winning xx

  46. How lovely that you were featured...must be every crafters dream?
    have just joined you and very glad i found you (through Thea)
    will add a link to you asap....
    bestest wishes
    Daisy j x

  47. Ok Jooles all linked to my side bar, just clic the pic.....
    Bestest wishes and as i said so glad to have found you as i love your makes too....
    Daisy j x

  48. Me too Jooles all linked up on my blog now

    A xx

  49. How cool that your projects made it into the, what a thrill! Congrats :) I just became a follower, even though I've had your blog in my Google Reader forever :) Please enter me for a chance to win the lovely book - it's already on my wishlist. Thanks so much.
    Smiles, DianeM

  50. Oh how fantastic! You know these little fellas are going to be flying off your shelves now - pardon the pun ;-)

    Please enter me into your competition :D I'm already a follower & I'll link to your blog when I next post in my own (I'll let you know where it is!) Thanks :) Nicole x

  51. What a lovely giveaway, please do pop my name in the hat! I'm already a follower Jooles :)

  52. I've posted a link on Facebook and will pop you a link on the blog when I get five minutes :)

  53. How exciting to be in such a prestigious book!! Well done you. I would love to win a copy but more especially would love to own a sweet owl as I have a thing for them. I am a follower, of course.

  54. Love it, love it! Am a new follower and would love to win. Have also posted about your blog on my blog!

  55. congratulations Jooles... How nice that you have the very lovely works( that I really admire ^^ ) published

    as like a lady above if i'm not a lucky one ,I shall buy it definitely :)

  56. Hello, how lovely for you being in the Mollie Makes Christmas book, congratulations & your sweet little bird would look great on my Christmas tree.

  57. Hi Jooles, I'd love to be entered into your giveaway please. I've been checking in on your blog for years and can't believe I wasn't a proper follower!! Well done on your section in the book too - that's amazing!! J9 x

  58. Hi again, thanks for popping over to my bit of blogland! You reminded me to add a link in to my most recent post (which I have now done). Thanks!! J9 x

  59. toowitttooowooooo!!!!! what a lovely posting and giveaway! ;0)xx

  60. Im a follower now too :0) thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  61. Hi, I'm already a follower and would love to be entered for the giveaway. I only recently discovered the Mollie Makes Magazine and was thrilled to learn that they did a book too so even if I don't win I might put it on my Christmas Wish list :-) I have also added a link to your blog on my blog.
    Kindest Regards

  62. Ooh count me in, I don't know how i missed it :)
    Victoria xx

  63. Hi Jooles
    What a star
    I have been so impressed with all your work and you certainly deserve the recognition in the Mollie Makes book
    The little would be less lonely here with me
    Thank you

  64. I d love to win. Already a follower

  65. Hello from a new follower!

    I've been eyeing up the Mollie Makes Christmas book since it came out! I'd love to win the giveaway! Your contributions to the book are fantastic! I hope you're very proud of yourself!!

    Ali x

  66. Michele24 November 2012 20:18

    So glad I'm to too late for the giveaway, so have just started to follow you!
    Good luck with the sewing machine hunt :-)

  67. Michele24 November 2012 20:32

    I've also put a mention on my FB page, as I don't have a blog, for a second chance! Please don't let those stupid people upset you too much, people like that really are in the minority x

  68. Maria25 November 2012 15:14

    Aww sending kind thoughts over the person who felt so strong in their point of view, they had to leave a comment anonymously!!I would simply ignore them too!! hehe..As my young daughter always says to me " Mum it is your blog and you can say and write what you like and peeps simply don't have to read it, if they don,t care too"! Could you enter me please and thank you Jooles, Of course I have been a follower for a wee while now!!
    LoVe all your work and most especially the beautiful Advent count down! What a lovely gift for your nieces!!
    Sending 'Twinkles' Love Maria x

  69. Oh my this is amazing...I am the biggest fan of Mollie Makes..and to have a BOOK! Happy dance. Your Advent bunting is just adorable! Happy new week...we really are on the road to Christmas now!

  70. This is fantastic news, well done you :) (sorry I'm way behnd on all my blog reading at the moment, I'm attempting to catch up, wish me luck ;p) x x x x


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