Wednesday, 14 November 2012

delayed ..... just a little

Hello my lovelies

This tiny post is actually an apology
it was supposed to be my celebration giveaway post
it's not
I'm sorry

My order book is bursting at the seems
my shop has gone crazy
my life at the moment is
SEW eat SEW sleep SEW
not bad when you think about it
I feel very lucky

I promise to be back with my giveaway post
by the end of next week

See you then

and thank you for your lovely comments on my Liberty hankie post
you're the best

BIG love
j x

 I REALLY  need a new camera
does anyone have the Nikon 1 J1?
I just want a compact digital one 
not a big complicated one
any advice would be wonderful
thank you


  1. Hi Jooles, Ooh love those pretty Liberty hankies on your earlier post!
    Glad you are busy as your work is beautiful...
    Sending kind thoughts.
    love Maria x

  2. Don't worry Jooles, it's great that your little shop is so busy! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. You are totally forgiven! Delighted for you that your shop is so busy :)
    Caroline xxx

  4. Don't worry Jooles! I'm not surprised your shop is so busy, you make such gorgeous things! Loved the roses photo today.
    Take care.
    Helen x

  5. How exciting that your shop is so busy, don't forget to take a me time rest between all the sewing :) xx

  6. Keep busy and enjoy all your sewing ... Bee xx

  7. I'm so glad your little shop is busy, you deserve it lovely lady :0) Beautiful roses too, do they smell as good as they look?! xx

  8. Glad you're so busy Jooles, it'll be quiet after Christmas! Love the roses, what a beautiful colour xxx

  9. busy and happy I suppose!!! good things!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  10. I'm glad you've had lots of orders! :-)
    But don't work too hard.

  11. Fantastic news that the shop is busy
    I hope that you manage to get some 'me' time too though

  12. We can wait, you attend to all those orders, and don't forget to take time out to look after you!

  13. It's fabulous that your keeping "sew" busy, never apologise for that! Lots of love xxx

  14. So glad to hear your shop is so busy busy busy! Don't forget 'breathe' in between the sewing as well! ;)

  15. Very happy to hear that your shops is busy - all good! It will settle down soon I am sure. x

  16. You captured the sunlight perfectly pretty dear Jooles!
    Have a sweet Sunday x


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