Thursday, 8 November 2012

A make a month ♥ October 2012

 Here I am ..... back again
just like I promised
aren’t I a good girl??
It's a very quick visit though I’m afraid
I just wanted to show you my monthly make for October

It's a very small make
I have struggled to fit it in this month

A set of three liberty hankies ..... a Christmas gift for my auntie
and a bookmark ..... probably for me :o)

I pinched the idea from here
such a fab site for ideas and tutorials
The hankies have a hand rolled hem
which I have never attempted before
it was fiddly at first but it got easier
 it was a nice thing to do in the evenings
when I wasn’t stitching advent calendar binding
I have stitched a LOT of binding.

Righty Ho ..... I must be getting back to my sewing room now
it's not terribly calm in there
in fact, it looks as if a giant has come along, picked my room up
given it a jolly good shake and then put it back down again
M.E.S.S.Y does not cover it

This is the tidy corner!

I will be back next week sometime with a little celebration giveaway
See you then

BIG love
J x

P.S  There seems to be some gremlins around .....
my camera has gone weired
so has blogger
and I seem to have got out of bed on the wrong side


  1. Love those hankies. The advent you are making is so beautiful. I went to your etsy and you have so many things I love. I love banners.

  2. That is the perfect fabric for such beautiful hankies!! Love them!! And your stitching is sweet!!

  3. Beautiful fabrics! I have those gremlins too, pesky little things, they always turn up when I'm in a rush! :)

  4. Lovely little makes Jooles!. Love the liberty print hankies!
    Victoria xx

  5. How lovely to receive Liberty hankies as a pressie, your auntie is a very lucky lady! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Ooooh gorgeous liberty prints Jooles, I totally love Liberty fabrics!! Sorry I missed your giveaway last week, I kept meaning to pop over and then time just ran away, you know how it is! Will look out for your next one though ;) Have a lovely weekend, good luck with all those orders :) xxx

  7. Love the sweet hankies! The liberty fabric is gorgeous. Lots of Love xx

  8. Next time I would like to see the rest of your sewing room please :-)
    So that I can see I'm not the only one with an exploded room....
    Good luck with all your orders, love from Mirjam.

  9. Lovely fabrics, your Aunt is very lucky to have such a clever Niece
    Happy Sewing
    Thea x

  10. Oh those fabrics are beautiful ... love the little bookmark too ... hopr the gremlins buzz off soon ... Bee xx

  11. Bad gremlins, please go away and leave Jooles alone!
    Love your beautiful hankies and bookmark :o)
    Caroline xxx

  12. Beautiful, I would use one to gently dab my face so everyone could see how pretty it is, lovely present. x

  13. Handmade Liberty hankies, what a luxurious and beautiful pressie!

  14. You used the lovely Liberty fabrics for hankies and made them with a hand rolled hem. These must be really gorgeous presents. You know, I imagine myself making hand rolled hems with my rough gardening hands. I'm shaking already when I think of it.

  15. Gorgeous hankies - lucky auntie! Best wishes, Pj x

  16. They're beautiful hankies Jooles, what a lovely gift to give. I actually love hand rolling hems! I could really enjoy making these. Thank you for the idea :D

  17. The Liberty hankies are so pretty. I have never come across a hand rolled hem, I need to look into that, but what a sweet and thoughtful present. I really love the bookmark too. x

  18. The liberty fabrics are so pretty, what a lovely idea.

    Really like the look of what's on your machine at the moment, I do love the red and White against those linen-y colours, very Scandinavian...perfect for Christmas!

  19. I love the pretty liberty hankies and the sweet bookmark, Jooles! I hope all the gremlins leave you in peace now and you have a nice calm weekend!
    Helen x


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