Friday, 23 November 2012

a bit of good ..... a bit of bad

If you have come in search of my giveaway
you can find it here
it's not too late to enter!
A BIG thank you to everyone who has already entered
and to all the lovely peeps who have added links to their sites


 It has been a mixed week here
mostly really nice
 with a couple of 'not-so-nice' moments

Let's chat about the good bits first .....

 I am off to a Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow
at my lovely friend's house
I'm excited, it's a new thing for me

While I'm on the subject I'd like to wish
 a happy (belated ~ sorry about that) Thanksgiving to all my American friends

I made my Christmas cake this week
it has been 'fed' with brandy and wrapped up all cosy
ready for its next 'feed' in a couple of weeks
what a life hey?

This morning I have finally finished stitching the binding 
to my very last advent calendar of 2012
(I will start taking orders again in January)

just an excuse to show off my new ironing board cover


This advent is a Christmas gift for my cute little nieces

I have collected lots of little treats to fill the pockets
stickers, chocolates, hair clips, bracelets .....
I hope they like it

The first 'not-so-nice' moment was this comment I received
on my giveaway post .....

"How mercenary! Readers don't have to be followers but if you don't welcome readers and only care about your stats then maybe readers are not important? Two many 'geveaways' are not that giving really, more I'll pat your back if you pat mine" 

It was Anonymous.

How can I reply if you leave no contact details?

I really don't consider that asking you to be a follower of my blog
in return for entering my giveaway is "mercenary"

I just want to assure you that my readers ~ YOU
mean the world to me
I hope you feel that I give a little in return

The other 'not-so-nice' moment was when I was browsing on Esty
only to find that my advent bunting design had been copied

 well, almost copied
and not just once
I'm cross.
It takes a lot of time, brain power and practice runs to come up with 
a product that I am happy and excited to sell
and I know that we ALL get inspired
there is constant inspiration around us all the time, everyday
 but to copy and sell
that is just plain old wrong in my book

 By the way
I am very happy for people to make something similar for their children
I think that is lovely
I have had some sweet messages from people
doing just that 

I've been debating whether to mention either of these issues
maybe I'm being over-sensitive
I just needed to get them off my chest
they have been niggling away at me

Here is my last grumble ..... if you are still with me ... it's nearly over!

Miss Singer has broken
I was sad and a little VERY cross
I have a spare, but we really don't see eye to eye
we have been grumbling away at each other
So tomorrow Mr Sweet is taking me out
to buy a new one!
I think I am going for a Bernina 330
anyone have one?
I've been researching for days now
feeling so confused

 So as they say
"Every cloud has a silver lining"

Wishing you a fabulous weekend
and I will be back on Monday to announce the winner
see you then!

BIG love 
j x


  1. Dear Jooles,

    It looks like mean anonymous message leavers are spreading ill feeling right, left and centre these days. Quite a few lovely bloggers such as yourself have been attacked and I can imagine how horrid it must feel. It is worthy of mention that they seem to be targeting the really special blogs... :-)

    I feel your pain concerning your Singer. Mine has recently been serviced but is being pretty moody these days. The chap at the sewing machines shop recommended a Bernina 330 to me! Enjoy your shopping expedition and enjoy your new machine. How exciting!


  2. Grumpy old people, ignore them. You have a very nice blog & an equally nice give away. Sorry to hear of your sewing machine & I hope you enjoy buying a new one. I know I have a Singer wrapped up for Christmas. I hope to reach the lofty heights of sewing my own clothes next year.

  3. Oh, Jooles, I love that advent calendar! So gorgeous. You are so clever.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had nasty anonymous comments. Try not to let them get to you. Easier said than done, I know. I've had them too and it's not nice. We think of blogland as being this lovely, friendly inspirational bubble, then someone comes along and bursts it. Don't rise to it, lovely. Everyone who reads your blog knows that you're not mercenary and, at the end of the day, you're giving stuff away out of the goodness of your heart so it's up to you to decide on the rules, not 'Anonymous'!

    Re. the Etsy thing, I think I would contact the seller. That is just naughty. Oh, and put a copyright notice across all of your pictures. Again, this has happened to me recently. I came up with an idea and offered one up as part of a giveaway with a view to trying to sell some later on. Then I noticed that another blogger has stolen the idea and is now selling them. So my plans are scuppered! I think that some people think that if it's on a blog, it's free for all. It makes you not want to blog to be honest. So I've been having a break recently.

    Can't wait to see the Bernina!

    Keep smiling!

    Lynda xx

  4. I have just discovered your blog and how happy I am have found it...I love your stitcheries......look forward to catching up with you, please come over and visit me! xx

  5. Internet trolls hun, we've all suffered from them. If the person wants to win the giveaway, why does she have such a problem with becoming a follower anyway?

    And the person on Etsy that's stolen your idea? I would send a message asking why they felt it was right to steal your idea, and also I'd put something in your listing about being the "original" person to do this design etc..... Unfortunately I don't think there is anything that Etsy can do is there?

    Keep your chin up love, your work is beautiful and your customers will keep coming back for the quality of your work.

  6. Hi Jooles, sorry to hear about the horrid comment. I think asking people to follow your blog in a giveaway is pretty standard practice and not in the least mercenary !!
    I'm also sad to hear about the steeling of your designs. I think you got some good advice from Dawn .
    Enjoy the sewing machine shopping .
    Love your work and your blog.
    Jacquie x

  7. Chin up ... ignore the silly comments and the fraudsters ... your blog, work and you are lovely and that's all that matters ... have a lovely weekend machine shopping ... Bee xx

  8. Why do people feel the need to leave such awful comments but are unwilling to say who they are? Ignore them, they aren't worth the thought! Hope you manage to have a lovely weekend and find the perfect sewing machine :)
    Victoria xx

  9. Now you got that of your chest, maybe you can enjoy your blog again!
    Just ignore those envious sounding comments, those people have nothing better to do with their time I guess...
    And those fraudsters don't have a clear concience and probably don't sleep well at night ( I secretly hope... ;-) )
    The rest of us are inspired by your beautiful makings and dito character!
    Have great weekend, love from Mirjam.

  10. Oh goodness - how sad on both bad moments. I'm new to blogging but during following other blogs who have discussed these unnecessary comments it's always shocked me. I guess I'm a little naive although they are usually anonymous so that just goes to show. Your blog is beautiful and please don't change what you do. And yes, I don't think it's right that people outright copy designs to sell. Sadly, with all the good that we realise through it, the internet and pininterest has made copying all the more prevalent. Well done for handling these things with such grace, happy weekend J9 x

  11. Dear Jooles,
    Just delete the comment (and the other annonymous comment I see you've got in the comments above). Indulging them is akin to not hanging up on a dirty phone call. xx

  12. Oh my goodness Jooles, I wish I could come and give you a hug, so here's a virtual one instead (((x))). I've seen lots of anonymous comments which aren't very nice they are obviously anonymous for a reason!! I have to say there are some nice ones about too. Please ignore them Jooles, how dare they come on your blog and say nasty things, if it's not nice then don't say it at all. So sad to hear your your designs have been copied, they say that it is flattery, but I'm not so sure...I hope now that you have it off your chest you can get back to your normal self :0) Have fun choosing your new machine and have fab time at your party xx

  13. Lovely nice bits! But SHOCKING not-so-nice bits! I can't believe that comment on your giveaway! And to do it anonymously too!!! I know that most of your readers think it's wonderful and VERY generous of you to be holding a giveaway with such amazing prizes up for grabs! Ignore the nastiness and focus on all the niceness!!!

  14. We all love your blog - you should be so proud of the beautiful things you make and yes if someone copies your designs and tries to sell them then it is breaching copyright and not nice at all.

    Thanks for keeping me inspired and sharing all your lovely images of the beautiful things you make - thanks also for your lovely giveaways and your lovely blog posts :-)

  15. Hello lovely Jooles
    I cannot believe what I have just read..I am fairly new to this blogging lark so before putting on my 1st ever giveaway I read up on it.. and as far as I can see you ask people to follow so we can all enjoy each others posts....So my friend I should forget the comment and enjoy your weekend..sounds perfect..going out to celebrate and then a new Sewing machine
    Thea x

  16. Just ignore the horrible (gutless actually not leaving their name) commenter, so sad that they have nothing better to do with their time! As for the copycat I would contact them and Etsy, they really shouldn't be able to do that!
    On the plus side, a brand new sewing machine ~ how exciting! :)
    Happy weekend Jooles,
    Vivienne x

  17. I seem to hear more and more about nasty comments on people's blogs - I don't know why people feel the need. I've rarely seen a giveaway that doesn't ask that people are followers - it's more a way of making sure that it's the people who you know read and enjoy your blog that you are saying a little 'thank you' to, in the form of a giveaway.

    Very sorry about the copycat too - not nice.

    On the plus side, your latest advent calendar is gorgeous!

    Maria x

  18. I don't know why the anoymous ones leave those kind of comments. If you can't sign it then it doesn't count, in my book. There are some people that just enter every giveaway just to win. I think it is only fair to have them for followers.
    Good news on the sewing machine.
    You have a sweet blog.

  19. Oh I am so with you on this one! I really really detest 'copiers' and 'mrs anonymous'
    If you have to state it put your name on it or is MRS ANONYMOUS just another name for coward?
    I love your Blog and your post....stand up for what you believe in I say....
    Daisy J xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Ps I do love my new 'Janome' its a dream machine, I have old singers and my oldest 'new' one was a brother but it faded away, big decision is it not?

  20. Ignore the comment is my reply! I think its nice to give and why shouldnt you do giveaways for followers. Its a way of saying thank you too and I always try to make sure I follow them back anyway, I love reading the variety of blogs out there. The comment being anonymous says it all really, why do people get kicks out of things like that?

  21. How sad that person must be to say such a negative thing. I think we must feel sorry for people like that who obviously are very very unhappy and be grateful that we are well adjusted adults who go out to make others happy.
    I love your blog and get a lot of enjoyment following it. Have a good weekend........xx

  22. Oh Jooles, I am so cross on your behalf. That comment sucks - and how cowardly to hide behind "anonymous". Asking people interested in your giveaway to become followers is not mercenary AT ALL. Copying your designs...I don't like that one bit. They are obviously lazy and totally lacking any imagination.

    Your blog is lovely and you come across as a warm, generous and lovely person and you deserve every follower, and every sale, you get. xx

  23. Jooles, just look at all the lovely friendly bloggers above that are fighting your corner..........we love your blog, and would never ever think your reasons for doing a giveaway would be anything but positive. Sometimes, there are just horrid people.
    I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel when people copy something you have worked so hard to perfect. You are the original, don't forget!
    Nattie x

  24. rich post!!! I think you did the right thing about the anonymous comment : delete and ignore!! There is nothing more to be done ! About the Etsy seller : bad thing, I know. Honestly you could "knock" at her door and say something like : bad, bad girl......even in a kind way, but you have the right to do it!
    Enjoy the sewing machine shopping day!!!
    xxx Ale

  25. What a post! Such a shame about the anonymous comment, but really their problem not yours. I suppose it's inevitable that some folks will copy an idea they see as being popular, but as others have said, yours are the original and if people want it done properly they will come to you.

    I was just doing some shopping on ETSY and saw your gorgeous calendars on the front page under the Christmas tab, well done!

  26. How frustrating Jooles! Hope you get a new machine sooon! I love popping in here to your blog and it is lovely that you have giveaways. Leave them to their opinion and don't let it get you down. As for the "copying" issue- really bad form :( Have a good weekend, lovely x

  27. So glad I'm to too late for the giveaway, so have just started to follow you!
    Good luck with the sewing machine hunt :-)

  28. I've also put a mention on my FB page, as I don't have a blog, for a second chance! Please don't let those stupid people upset you too much, people like that really are in the minority x

    1. Hi Michelle
      your comments ended up on the wrong post, but don't worry i have entered you for the giveaway
      love jooles x

  29. So sorry to hear that you've had a few hiccups this week. I'd ignore the anonymous comment; it is your blog so you can say what you will on it and if someone doesn't like it then they shouldn't read your blog. How terrible that someone is selling copies of your work. I agree with you that we are all inspired by others and it is okay to make similar items for personal use, but to sell copies is simply wrong. Hopefully you can put it all behind you this week and enjoy your new sewing machine - a lovely gift from your husband - lucky you! Best wishes, Pj x

  30. Aww sending kind thoughts over the person who felt so strong in their point of view, they had to leave a comment anonymously!!I would simply ignore them too!! hehe..As my young daughter always says to me " Mum it is your blog and you can say and write what you like and peeps simply don't have to read it, if they don,t care too"! Could you enter me please and thank you Jooles, Of course I have been a follower for a wee while now!!
    LoVe all your work and most especially the beautiful Advent count down! What a lovely gift for your nieces!!
    Sending 'Twinkles' Love Maria x

  31. cheer up Jooles ^ __ ^"

    from real Fanclub ^__^

    I love your works!!!

  32. Sending you a huge hug for a great has to get better...xoxoxo

  33. How exciting to have a new smashing sewing machine may you both enjoy creative pursuits for many decades to come. If you aren't already aware Jooles it is possible to stop anonymous comments from being left on your lovely Blog through posts and comments in settings... smiles Cass

  34. Know what I reckon Jooles...I reckon getting a bitchy anonymous comment means you've made it in are officially worthy of envy so YAY for you and bring it on anonymous bitches...we can handle you, the lot of you :o) xxxx

  35. Hi Jooles- Just catching up with my blogs and wanted to chime in that I love your blog, your work and your sweet online presence, and I consider you one of MY blogs- as in reading a post from you is a regular part of my day/week and certainly a part that makes it better. :)
    ps- you have two very lucky nieces- that advent calendar is simply beautiful!

  36. I missed this Jooles, sorry. Some of these anonymous comments are designed to hurt, sounds like you got one of those. And the whole copying thing, it's a minefield! I do hope the new sewing machine meant you quickly forgot your woes :D


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