Monday, 1 October 2012

Two makes ..... Two months

I hope you had a lovely weekend

Before I show you my makes, I just had to say
"Thank you" so very very much for all of your kind words on my last post
they really helped me get through a tricky few days
you're the best
Sweet B seems a little more settled now
and that makes me feel a little happier
I have started my Christmas holiday countdown!
..... and while I am on the subject
I'd like to send BIG hugs to all mums and dads out there
who are missing their teens too

I missed my August "make a month" deadline due to my little holiday break
 and now it is the turn of September
(and this morning I turned my calendar over to October ..... Crikey)
anyway, here is .....

A make a month ♥ August & September 2012

I may be being a little sneaky here
but I know you will forgive me
I am calling the pew cushion my August make
and my shelf, Septembers make
although they were kind of made at the same time
sneaky huh?

This is all thanks to my crafty friends who, for my birthday last year
gave me vouchers for here
I was spoilt for choice
it's a fabulous shop
more gorgeous fabric and trims than you can shake a stick at
in the end I decided upon this gorgeous jelly roll
plus some extras for good measure

It has taken me ages to decide what to do with it
  (sorry ladies for being so s.l.o.w)
mostly because it was just too pretty to use
I did lots of giddy gazing and laying them out in pretty combinations

My hallway needed some LOVE, it is skinny and dark and (was) very dull
so I made a cushion cover for my pew

I grew up with this pew, it used to be in my parent’s bedroom
my mum used to hide the alcohol for her Christmas cooking
in the little cupboards
the smell takes me straight back

I had some strips leftover
so decided to give the little shelf a pretty make-over too
I wasn’t sure it was going to work ….. but I think it looks cute

well I have plans to make one for the wall on the right
(the very plain one opposite the pew and shelf)
I seem to have way too MANY things on the go at the moment
 so it may take a while, but that is my plan.

I had a fabulous Friday night
it was craft club night
so lovely to get together with crafty friends
lots to chat about and stacks of inspiration
it was just what I needed
thank you ladies
can't wait till next time

P.S  Miss Singer is back from her spa trip
we are having a ball catching up
the cranky one is back in the cupboard

Have a  great week
BIG love
j x


  1. Oh Jooles, what lovely makes ... you are clever!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. It great, love how you've done the shelf too, inspiring! Glad you are feeling a little better, you've done your job well, all us Mums really want is independent, happy kids who will have the confidence to explore the world, well that's what has happened for you! Well done on rearing a confident, independent and happy person! Ada :)

  3. Love your makes and your hallway is just gorgeous! have a happy week sweetie

    Bee happy x

  4. Oh my this is did such an amazing job. Happy Oct. to you.

  5. Your pew cushion looks fabulous... what a great way to remember your crafty friends too... I love that shop too but have to take a cash budget with me, it is so easy to get carried away the Japanese fabric is my downfall... Hmmm not been for a while...

  6. Gorgeous! Love the colours, so pretty and cheery :o)

  7. Miss Singer's back? Hip, hip hurrah!

    Honestly Jooles, you have such an eye for colour. Your August and September makes are absolutely stunning. How lovely to see that each and every day in your home.

    I'm jolly glad Sweet B is settling in.


    ps I must take a leaf out of your book and think about Christmas now!

  8. I love them! They are so pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. The pew looks amazing!!! What a great thing to make with the birthday gift. And I LOVE the shelf, unique and cheerful, well done creative you! Cx

  10. Beautiful makes Jooles, the fabrics are gorgeous! Glad Sweet B is settling back in at uni.
    Victoria xx

  11. Your makes are so colourful and pretty, Jooles.....they look perfect in the hall! So glad Sweet B is settling down and that you feel better too.
    Happy October!
    Helen x

  12. Fabulous colours, so very clever
    Thea x

  13. You have done a fantastic job with the pew cushion - I love it. And the little shelf sets it off perfectly. Well done :0) xx

  14. well, this comment comes with a massive bosomed hug from me! (big hug and big bosom) and I wish you could see me peering at your pictures to see how you'd made that shelf soooo pretty!! Man, that's nice. Do you mind if I pin it?
    Nearly time for little bird hope you're making more this year?!
    love fee x

    1. Hello Fee :o)
      I will remember to give Sweet B your "massive bosomed hug" when i next see her .... that will make her smile!
      I am honoured that you think it worthy of pinning
      love jooles x

  15. Yours makes are beautiful, such a clever idea with the shelf!
    So glad your daughter is a bit more settled, goodness it's October it'll be December in no time at all!!!!
    Vivienne x

  16. I am imagining the cranky one fuming away (with folded arms and a crunched up face) in the dark of the cupboard! Nothing like a trip to The Eternal Maker - I've only ever been online, but want to go to the shop sometime. Your pew and the shelf look fab!

  17. Your cushion and shelf look absolutely beautiful - such clever ideas!

    Pomona x

  18. That's a very beautiful cushion and shelf Jooles. The fabrics are gorgeous and they really lift the hallway. I especially love the three little green vases, they are so cute. x

  19. so nice you are in a better (good) mood!!! Your cushion is stripy so it's lovely for sure!!!
    Happy week, my dear! xxx Ale

  20. You made your hallway gorgeous. The shelf is so beautiful I never saw such an idea before and the pew cushions in the same way really nice. I like your story about the pew.

  21. Your cushion and shelf are very pretty ... so bright and cheery ... have a lovely week ... Bee x

  22. Your hallway looks anything but dark, but now you've made two gorgeous makes it looks even more brighter! You are a clever little thing and love your story about the pew xx

  23. Your hallway looks stunning, so bright and colourful, I love it!

    Glad you are feeling a little better now sweetie xx

  24. Your hallway looks bright and cheerful, i should imagine just like you.....xx

  25. Jooles, that is the prettiest hallway I think I've seen! You've worked wonders with that beautiful fabric.

    I'm off to gaze at it some more.

    Heather x

  26. really, really really stunning- love the fabrics and the way you've used them- fabulous first entrance xx

  27. Hello Jooles,
    I love what you have created with the bright cheery cushions and shelf in your hall way...
    I am sure yon will feel bright and light when entering your home, through the wonderful colours!
    Have a Friday full of creativeness...
    Love Maria x


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