Thursday, 18 October 2012

Christmas advents ..... sorry .....

I have been in my sewing room a LOT lately
and here's what I've been up to .....

Do you remember a while back
when I showed a sneaky peek of a commission I had been asked to make?
It was for a lovely lady
 who wanted two advent calendars for two different families
each family have four children
so the pockets had to be big enough to fit four little treats in
..... now that's a lot of treats!


I liked it so much that I decided to make some smaller ones for my shop

I used my favourite Tilda fabrics
this one is in the 'Winter house' collection

 and this pretty teal one is in the 'Winterbird' collection
You may recognise that name from my last post
my little Winterbirds, friends of Percy Pecker no less
they can be found here

 We have had some cute visitors in the garden
they are helping us with the pruning
in fact they have managed to 'prune' every single leaf 
off of every single rose plant
clever huh?

 The photo is not brilliant as I took it through a window
I tapped on the glass and they looked up as if to say
"yeah ..... what?"
look at their little powder puff tails ..... sweet

 Today I have been to my pilates class
and got through my list of housework chores
I plan to get all of my jobs done before tomorrow afternoon
because ..... guess what?
Sweet B is coming home for the weekend
I am SO over-excited
I have missed her so much
She has chosen her tea for tomorrow
Eastern spiced chicken
for pud I am making sticky pineapple pudding with coconut custard
and for the weekend munchies ~ Millionaires's shortbread
It's a jolly good job I've burnt lots of calories today!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend
back soon

BIG love
j x

P.S All bulbs have now been planted ..... YAY .... and no blisters this time


  1. You are so clever. Those advent calendars are gorgeous! X

  2. Gorgeous advents Jooles! The teal fabrics are beautiful. Have a sper lovely weekend with sweet B.
    Victoria xx

  3. Wow, the most wonderful advent calenders; with those beautiful details!
    Clever lady you are! (haha, sound a bit like Yoda from Star Wars...:0) )
    Love from Mirjam.

  4. Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Hazel x

  5. Wow the calenders are so pretty! well done you, you are so talented :) love your visitors.

    Bee happy x

  6. the advent calendars are stunning!!!
    xxxx to you and sweet bee

  7. Gorgeous advent calenders Jooles!

    Have a wonderful time with Sweet B :)

    Caroline xxx

  8. Beautiful advent calenders ... so pretty ... and what cute garden visitors ... wishing you a lovely weekend with Sweet B ... Bee xx

  9. Beautiful advent calenders, I especially love the blue one. :)
    How lovely to have little deer visitors in your garden, I would be so thrilled if it were my garden, even if they did nibble a bit too much!
    Have a great weekend with your lovely girl. :)
    Vivienne x

  10. These are beautiful, I like the blue/green one best, have a really lovely weekend! Enjoy your family being close to you! Ada :)

  11. Dear Jooles
    Your calendars and birds are lovely. I am sure there will be lots of orders and commissions coming your way. Well done on the massive bulb plant too - it will look lovely next Spring.
    Best wishes

  12. Hello Jooles
    Your Advent calenders are stunning ,beautifully worked,some lucky little people are going to be very pleased,
    The cheeky deer are very sweet I thought they were meant to be shy animals but obviously not so ....So glad you found the magazine
    Have a special weekend with your loved ones
    Thea x

  13. Don't apologise for saying 'Christmas' Jooles, I too love the build up! Your advent calendars are just gorgeous, you super talented lady :0) Hope you have a fantabulous time with Sweet B and enjoy all the lovely treats you are making. As much as I love eating it, I've never tried to make millionaire shortbread - is it easy? xx

    1. ahhh thank you Julia x
      It is my first time making it so i'll let you know!
      love jooles x

  14. Beautiful Advent calendars - the writing is delightful and the fabric combos fab! Your 'deer' little visitor definitely has an air of 'What you looking at?' about him! Cute! Have a lovely weekend with your sweet girl...

  15. Just love those Advent calendars and the Winter birds.......xx

  16. Oooh and aaah, Jooles! Your Advent calendars are GoRgEoUs!!! Well done to you, clever lady :o) You always inspire me. I definitely want a sewing machine :o)

  17. Hi Jooles!
    You have been busy.....You have your very own Santas workshop. The advent calendars are simply wonderful. And to add to that sweetness.....two precious deer!
    Life is good!
    Blessings always,
    Carolynn. xoxo

  18. Oh Jooles, I do love your blog.

    The advent calendars are so fabulous, I am so glad people are getting their Christmas hats on as I LOVE this season and am already planning and sewing. Have a wonderful weekend with Sweet B. xx

  19. The advent calendars are lovely, you're so clever! I made one about five or so years ago, it is a nativity scene one where you take one thing out to set the scene each is very squonky and badly sewn, but I love it and so do the boys, who like to rearrange the scene when I'm not looking!

    Wow, fancy having deer in your garden, amazing....our dog Chester has done a superb job of eating anything that has fallen off our fruit trees, can't decide if him eating that many apples and plums is a good idea! Probably not!

    Have a lovely weekend, sounds like you are cooking up a storm....enjoy!

  20. The advent calendars are beyond beautiful! I wish i had thought of making one of these when my children were younger, we always used the cheap chocolate version, this is SO much better! and think of all the different goodies that you can put inside it :)
    Oh and I have to say that i first read "pirates" class--hee, hee...

    I imagine how lovely it must be to look at your window and see such natural beauty, those deer are so sweet.

    Laurie Anne xx

  21. Wow, your garden wildlife is bigger than mine! :) We get deer in our village too, but luckily the back fence stops them from munching their way through my garden! Lovely advent calendars! Best wishes, Pj x

  22. Those advent calendars are GORGEOUS! You are so clever. I love the fabrics and the little holly leaf details.
    I can't believe your garden visitors! AMAZING!!!

  23. The advent calendars are just gorgeous, Jooles! Everything you make is so stylish, with beautiful fabrics and neat finishes....I love the effects you create. How surprising to see those two sweet (but naughty) little deer munching up the rose leaves in your garden!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x
    PS No need to apologise for saying 'Christmas' ......I love seeing festive designs any time :) x

  24. You did a lot of sewing but the reward is beautiful advent calendars! And your garden visitors.......I should like to see them in my garden, despite of eating all my roses.
    Have a lovely weekend with Sweet B!

  25. These advents are just gorgeous, shame I just bought one to personalise myself in fact as I might have been tempted along with your fab birdies. Hope you have a fantastic weekend with your yummy treats.

  26. I meant to comment here yesterday but I wandered off to look at the birdies in your shop and forgot to come back ... oops!

    Gorgeous advent projects Jooles, if my young 'uns were still in fact young I'd have snaffled one in a moment, but these days their countdown to Christmas is all about the parties!

  27. Gorgeous advent calendars Jooles...I do love both colourways too...What wonderful visitors you had in your garden..they are just beautiful!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend with your Sweet B,
    Susan x

  28. They are both so beautiful Jooles, I am sure they will become family treasures. As for the deer they are so sweet...even if they did eat your roses!

  29. beautiful work your so amazing .the attention to detail is stunning .I am way too clumsy to do that.WOW what brave deer to come so close to your house.those rose leaves must be super yummy.are they all damaged now ??? will they grow back ?? Hope you had a fab time with B ! my k has been in contact alot lately now she is soon to come home again xxxx

  30. I just love your creativity...what a fun way to countdown Christmas..and it is coming! Your little birds are always the sweetest! xoxo

  31. So beautiful and sweet! I just adore your Christmas birdies, too!! xo Heather

  32. Love the advent calandars they ar beuatiful and those deer in the garden, wow x x x


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