Tuesday, 18 September 2012


HELLO .... I'm back

How are you?
It's seems ages since we've had a natter
What have you been up to?

I am loving the start to Autumn ..... it makes my heart sing
I feel SO much more energetic in the cooler seasons
the light is so pretty at the moment
I am feeling inspired by all the hedgerow colours
Sweet B and I went blackberrying this morning
ahhh loved it.

 Since we last chatted
I have been 'house keeping'

On my computer -
Deleting a bazillion photos and organising the rest
Deleting a bazilion bookmarks ..... time consuming
and generally having a good old sort out ..... feels good

In my shop -
Checking links and titles on ALL on all of my listings .... this took an age
Adding an 'about me' page ..... this felt painful
Got up to date with my accounts ready for the tax man
Listed some more of Sweet B's gorgeous Liberty scrappy tags
you can find them here and here
they are so pretty

At home -
Cleaning ..... A LOT
Sorting ..... a bit
Making ..... photos to come
Ironing ..... I have FINALLY found the very bottom of my ironing basket!

In my sewing room -
Finishing custom orders
Sent my hard working sewing machine to the spa
(you and I know this as a service, but let's not spoil her fun) 

In the garden -
Cut down old raspberry canes and tied up new ..... just as Monty told me
Propagated new little strawberry runners ..... just as Monty told me
Tidied and weeded a bed for a dahlia garden ..... excited!
Picking from my cutting patch ALOT ..... nice
Ordered lots of pretty spring bulbs form my favourite place

I have also been on holiday ..... whooop whooop.
(more on that next time)

Now the ironing basket is FULL again!

Sweet B just LOVED all of your comments on her rainbow string art
It is AMAZING isn't it?

Only one more week until she has to return to uni ..... booo.
I shall miss her SO much
I am trying not to think about it
I'm just not ready.

Well here's wishing you a lovely Autumny week
Big love
j x

P.S Oh no! just had a phone call from the sewing machine spa
I was expecting the lady to say
"all ready to be collected"
but no
"the engineer has put his back out"
is what I heard
poor guy, I do feel for him
I know what it is like
but what shall I do???
I have orders and plans .....
I do have a spare but my singer and I know each other so well
we are a team, we work as one
Oh well I guess I shall have to make friends with the cranky one
in the cupboard
wish me luck



  1. Lovely to see you back again today, Jooles! You have been very busy!! Sweet B's Liberty tags are so pretty and I love the autumn berries picture, and the sunny holiday one as well. I loved hearing about your garden plans....have been making some too :)
    Have a happy week!
    Helen x

  2. Busy bee you are!
    Sounds good though, full of plans and ideas and energy.
    Good luck with your not-so-ideal-sewing machine!
    Love, Mirjam.

  3. Welcome back Jooles, lovely to 'see' you! :)
    Hope you and your sewing machine aren't apart too long (just an excuse really, she loved that spa and wanted to stay for a bit longer) ;)!!
    You seem to have had a busy summer. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Wow, am impressed ... no surprise you haven't had time to blog, but welcome back! Hope your sewing machine get sorted out soon xxx

  5. Welcome back Jooles - sounds like you have been very busy!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Gosh you've been busy, I imagine it feels wonderful to have ticked so many things off your to-do list :D (Mine just keeps getting longer!)

    Finger's crossed the 'spa' returns Miss Singer to you soon :D

  7. Oh, wow! I'm exhausted just reading all you've done - and horribly jealous to think of a tidied up, organised computer. I sense that with all those ticked off your list, and a holiday to boot, you will be full of creative inspiration, so we'll all be enjoying some lovely posts over the coming weeks! Hope the sewing machine engineer is soon better!

  8. Welcome back Jooles!

    A huge well-done for all your sorting and clearing. I bet you feel good now. I also understand about feeling a trifle lost without your sewing machine but you are sure to get her back soon enough.

    Enjoy your last few days with your sweet daughter and then you can look forward to the next holidays together!


  9. nice to have you back Jooles!!!!
    Hope you can sew even with the old sewing machine : good good LUCK!!!!
    I'm waiting for your holiday's pics!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  10. Hey Jooles, I'm sure you could sweet talk that cranky old machine, into doing anything you need.....
    You have been busy, well done. I'm sure it feels great to have done so much sorting, tidying, deleting and ironing........
    Love the Autumn berry pic, so very Brambly Hedge.....
    Lovely to see you back in Blogland...

    CLaire x

  11. well what a good round up! (quite the opposite of mine - maybe I should have listed what I DID do!). I wish I liked Autumn more than I do - I'm not a fan of winter and always feel Autumn is a bit foreboding. I fight it though....love to Sweet B - hope she has a wonderful term.
    fee x

  12. Yay you're back Jooles!! My, you have been a busy bee, I bet it feels great to have done so much. Hope you had a super holiday too, will look forward to that post. Good luck with your old sewing machine, I'm sure you can work wonders with it :0) xx

  13. monty is amazing isn't he and sooooooooooo are you xxx so glad your back !!

  14. Hi Jooles!
    Welcome back, we have missed you!
    Glad to hear you are spending some lovely time with Sweet B before she goes back to Uni, I hope she enjoys next term.
    I too love Autumn....I much prefer warmer clothes and snuggling down in the evening under a blanket.
    Take care,
    Caroline xx

  15. LOVELY to see you back here Jooles, I've missed your posts! It sounds like you've had a brilliant month of sorting and clearing and relaxing, all very therapeutic. I look forward to seeing your makes. Boo to the sewing machine trauma - at least you have a back up machine, phew! xx


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