Friday, 28 September 2012

Heavy heart

Cake pop?
go on .... after all its Friday and you deserve one

It has been a tough week .....
we took Sweet B back to uni on Tuesday evening
the day that I had been dreading
I miss her SO much, we all do
where did that four months go?
my heart is too heavy
I cried on the way home, not the whole journey like last year though
so it is getting easier …. A bit.
She was not keen on going back and is homesick
She WILL be fine, she has lots of lovely friends there
and she NEEDS to fill that HUGE brain of hers
for a beautiful little thing she has a brain the size of a planet

I will be fine too ..... in a while .....

Before she left she made these gorgeous cake pops

These ones were wrapped up for her friend's birthday

They were delish and almost too pretty to eat
the recipe was from here

To soothe my soul I have been baking
Blackberry and marzipan muffins

I used my usual recipe ..... you can find it on the sidebar
I just switched the raspberries for blackberries

Sewing also soothes my soul
I have a commission from a very lovely lady to make two HUGE advent calendars
and another order for LOTS of pretty Christmas bunting
in these pretty Tilda fabrics

Oh I do love her “Christmas house” collection
It is my all-time favourite for Christmas time, in fact anytime.

  In fact that is what I should be doing right now
 so I had better say "cheerio"
and get sewing
I need to keep myself busy

It is craft club guild tomorrow evening
I can't wait to see my crafty friends
I know that will cheer me up
see you tomorrow ladies

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post
and "hello" fellow pinterest-ers
it is so lovely to meet you
it's exciting to share so much inspiration

Happy friday!
back soon
BIG love
j x


  1. Oh poor you, I hope you are feeling better soon, she will be home before you know it!

    But oh my goodness, I don't know what looks cutest, the cake pops, the buttons or that Tilda fabric!

  2. Keep your hands busy!! So it will be your mind and your aching heart!!!
    big hugs Jooles, see you pinning around, love, xxx Ale

  3. As you say you'll feel better soon and you know what it'll be 'C' in NO time at all and she'll be back with you again!!!
    Enjoy your sewing and have a lovely weekend,
    Vivienne x

  4. My daughter has just gone to uni for the first time, but it has been made easier by the fact that she already has friends there and she is really enjoying herself. I'm sure that weeks will fly by and they will both be back for Christmas before we know it. Best wishes, Pj x

  5. Happy Friday to you too Jooles!

    Sorry to hear you're a little sad, yes get crafting it's a great way of escaping from any little stresses and ups & downs.

    Hope you enjoy your sewing ... those little cake pops look divine!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Fleur xx

  6. I hope it soon gets easier for you Jooles, keep your self busy with that gorgeous fabric - hope you take lots of pics of your Christmas orders :0) The cake pops look yummy too, I think I'll have a go if they're not too tricky!

  7. Oh poor you Jooles, sending lots of hugs your way xoxoxoxoxo

    Keep those little sewing fingers busy and she will be back before you know the cake pops!

    Love Caroline xx

  8. Your daughter's cake pops look gorgeous, so pretty. She's always with you in your heart and you can enjoy looking forward to being together again soon. In the meantime make lots of lovely things :) xx

  9. I used to cry when my sons went back to uni too, but it sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. Good luck with all the makes!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. I'm gulping just thinking of when this time comes for me...Thinking of you and hoping you're having lots of fun stitching away the heartache.

  11. All looks yummy! Have a great time with your crafty friends! Ada :)

  12. Keeping busy is the beast thing and she'll be back before you know it! I love those Tilda fabric's. Can't wait to see the finished items. Never thought of adding marzipan to muffins!!! Yum!!!! xxxx

  13. My daughter goes tomorrow, for the first time. There is no one to drive her and I can't afford to get the train there and back - it's up north and I'm in London. I hate the thought of her struggling with her luggage all by herself in a strange place. I'm very sad and will miss her terribly. As a single parent with no other children or partner, it is going to be difficult. I only hope she will be happy.

    1. I hope tomorrow goes well for your both, it is tricky for a while but they soon settle and want to make friends as they are all in the same position. look after yourself too. The countdown to mine coming home again has already started! good luck to your daughter for her new adventure
      love jooles x

  14. Ahh, bless you! It must be a wrench to let go of Sweet Bee, especially when you have got used to having her around again. Keeping busy is probably the best thing. The cake pops look scrummy- what a lovely girl you have, beautiful, clever and talented:)

  15. She'll be home before you know it!
    I have 2 at uni at the moment and I know how hard it is!

  16. Oh Jooles, I really feel for you. She will be home before you know it and I'm sure you will speak often. I remember calling my mum once a week from the payphone in the halls of residence - how I wish I could have phoned or texted her daily! But I know you miss her lots. Baking and sewing sound like excellent comfort.

    Her cake pops look amazing - so perfect. Is there no end to her talents?? xx

  17. Jooles, I'm going through the same thing. It only seems a minute since I was bouncing up and down with the excitement of 4 months of Dan at home and now it's gone. The first weekend without him seems quite and purposeless - dreading when he doesn't live here any more. Still off to sew a new pinny - that will help. Enjoy all the cakes - have you seen Sweet magazine - I've loved it. xx

    1. ahhhh, i will be thinking of you this weekend, enjoy pinny stitching ..... good plan, lets start the countdown to Christmas hols :o)
      Do you know, i ordered 'Sweet' magazine only this morning along with 'Handmade Christmas' for medicinal purposes of course!
      thanks mags, love jooles x

  18. I hope you are feeling less heavy hearted today , is so hard to miss your daughter when she goes away, but she will soon be back the meantime I hope those lovely fabrics will keep you busy and cheerful....crafting is always good for distacting sad thoughts :)Those cake pops are so pretty!! Much too pretty to eat!
    Wishing you a sunny happy weekend.
    Helen x

  19. It's hard to see them go, isn't it, harder still when they are that bit older again and don't even call your house their's any more. One of mine just bought her own house! Eek!!

    She'll be back soon with all her tales of student life to share :D

  20. Hi Jooles - I can imagine how you feel. When Little Son was born I dreaded him even going off to school. I have avoided that by home educating him but there's no way I will be able to avoid uni!! Hopefully with the busy time of Christmas preparation it won't feel too long until she is back for Christmas. Lily. xxx

  21. Hello Jooles...I can feel for you completely!...Our eldest daughter Ashley is spending her 3rd year in Madrid and then Porto in the New Year. I have been dreading the whole thing..but when you are that age you adapt so quickly and we suffer more than they do!...I'm happy to say the weeks are flying by and she will soon be home again soon and in the meantime I am going to keep very busy indeed!
    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x


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