Friday, 10 August 2012

I've been meaning to show you .....

..... some things that I've been up to lately
I have had some lovely custom orders

A personalised bunting for a newly qualified teacher

A pink and green ladybird for Hayden

My first advent bunting order for 2012

A rainbow of pencils for Chloe

These pocket buntings and the Easter one below
have flown all the way to Vancouver to a pre-school
for counting practice ..... how sweet

I have added some pretties to my shop too

Three Liberty of London buntings
Oh how I love Liberty fabric

 I have also added to my advent bunting collection

Fairy Houses

Tilda Winter Bird

I hope you have had a lovely week with lots of sunshine
I have been partaking in a little garden lounging today
on my 'flower patch' quilt
I am finding 'lounging' rather hard work to do
I don't think it is in my genes
note to self: must try harder

Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Enjoy the last few days of the Olympics
hasn't it been incredible?
I have been blown away by team GB!

Back soon
BIG love 
j x


  1. What lovely things you've made! I don't get a lot for Christmas but I've asked no one to buy me anything from a shop this year, it's handmade for me from now on! Ada :)

  2. Wow! You've been really busy, Jooles!!! Happy for you, amazing crafter!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

  3. What an amazing collection of lovely makes, Jooles! I love it all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
    Helen x

  4. So many lovely, lovely things here Jooles, you've been busy! You are so talented, I do love your style. Especially the advent calendars, I do love those. x

  5. GB have been totally amazing haven't they? Loving your makes Jooles! The advent bunting is just lovely!
    Victoria xx

  6. Lots of lovely makes...I do lik the advent things, but then I'm a huge Christmas fan.

    I think I could be quite good at lounging, I think the last time I shut my eyes during the day was when I was pregnant with my biggest boy....I daren't shut my eyes now though!

    Enjoy your garden in the sunshine.x

  7. Beautiful! As always. :)

    Happy weekend Jooles,
    Vivienne xxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Jooles,
    Everything you make us so beautiful! I LOVE the Liberty Buntings, they are just sublime. Have a super weekend.
    Love Caroline xx

  9. Fantastic makes Jooles! Wish I could make such lovely things, alas sewing isnt really my forte - I do try!!

  10. I always love to see what beautiful goodies you have been making. The Liberty bunting- scrumptious!!!

    I've been loving the Olympics too and have been inspired to increase my physical activity- walking, swimming, cycling and I may have a go at "Just Dance" on the Wii with my dauighter later:D

  11. Dear Jooles
    Lovely makes - how do you manage to fit it all in?
    I wasn't going to follow the Olympics as I am not the slightest bit interested in sports, but haven't really been able to avoid it (I know, what a grouch!). However, even I have been delighted to see how well our athletes have done and I must admit to being very proud of team GB!
    Best wishes

  12. How wonderful that your pocket buntings are flying so far away for such a great use :D

    Couldn't agree more about the Olympics, it's been marvellous!

  13. I love your buntings, especially the ones with the Liberty fabrics.
    Beautiful!! Enjoy yourself lounging in the garden, good for us.
    Have a nice weekend.

  14. Oh, you are just so talented!
    I LOVE your Advent bunting (it's never too early for Christmas in my book!)
    Happy weekend to you!

  15. Hi Jooles!
    You've been very busy making so many delightful pretties. Your swags are wonderful and oh, the counting banner for a preschool! It is darling and will be so much fun for the little children.
    Your workmanship is so lovely, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn xo

  16. What FABULOUS items Jooles :o) I cannot choose a favourite.
    Rose H

  17. Oh my goodness these are adorable. Your little pocket buntings make me soooo smile. xoxo

  18. Hi there Jooles. I love all of it. favourite is Chloes Rainbow. Have been enjoying some of the Olympics over the side of the world. Team GB has been very strong. Very proud of our sailors and Sally Pearson. happy days to you. Jane x

  19. Gorgeous bunting - I love the Fairy Houses Advent one in particular - such a lovely idea. Best wishes, Pj x

  20. Hello Jooles
    Thanks for your comments on my latest post.

    I absolutely LOVE the Easter bunting ... the counting one that has gone to original!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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