Tuesday, 21 August 2012

better late than never .....

Hello my lovelies

Do you remember a while ago 
when I talked about my cutting patch?
(you can read about it here and here)
well ..... at last I have something to show you

It has taken a while to get going
due to the very strange weather we have had this summer, I am guessing
not my lack of green fingers, you understand  ;o)

but I am so happy ..... the flowers are gorgeously pretty
there are stunning red poppies, white ‘purity’ cosmos, cornflowers
 and Ammi Majus or Bishop's flower, that’s the white lacy one

I ordered them for here
(big surprise!)
Mr Sweet and I are hoping to visit Sarah’s beautiful garden this weekend
I am so happy

It has been lovely to bring them to bring inside
they brighten things up no end
and what a great year for red, white and blue flowers
 I picked a gorgeous posy of them to take
to our lovely friends last weekend

I am waiting for this to burst into colour too
So excited
I sowed a packet of mixed poppy seeds into a new bed a few weeks ago
I can see the buds getting taller and taller and fatter and fatter
so it won’t be long now
Oh ….. the excitement is excruciating
 (they are also from here, I think it was these)
I do hope so!

 I stupidly threw the packet away
so it will be a bit of a suprise!

I am taking a little end of summer holiday
I feel the need to dedicate my love to
my family, home and myself for a little while
I feel tired
I just can't seem to get enough sleep at the moment
so I am also hoping, after I have 'loved' my home
(aka ..... a jolly good clean and sort out)
to slow down the pace of my life
just for a little while
My etsy shop will close this Friday 
until sometime in the second half of Sepetember

So ..... here's wishing you a lovely few weeks
see you soon

 I am off to finish a few custom orders
toodle pip

back soon
Big love
j x

P.S  Sweet B has a fabulous post lined up for you soon!


  1. Beautiful flowers Jooles! Have a fabulous break
    Victoria xx

  2. Gorgeous flowers Jooles, I love the red, white and blue! :)
    Still waiting here for some cosmos to bloom, I'm blaming the weather too!!
    Have a wonderful little break. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. How lovely to have flowers from the garden on tap....I too need a cutting border, I love dahlias and I would LOVE a border of them....one day I will have it...I hope!

    It must be nice to pick them to make a posy for friends too!

    Hope you have a very restful break, a change in pace makes a massive difference and it sounds like you need some space to order your own day, enjoy and take time to appreciate the simple things.x

  4. Such a lovely post, what pretty flowers, made me swoon. That bee in your sidebar completely freaked me out though....scary mary!!! Hahahaaaa xxx

  5. Have a lovely break! I have been growing cutting flowers this year- it is so nice to have your own flowers rather than buying them.

    Pomona x

  6. Beautiful the red, white and blue cutting flowers.

  7. Beautiful pictures and lovely post ... very patriotic colours! Love the bee on your sidebar too. Hope you have a lovely break xx

  8. Your flowers are superb!
    Have a lovely time with your family, don't scrub too hard! Ada :)

  9. Enjoy your family time!!!
    xoxo Alessandra

  10. Jooles your flowers are absolutely beautiful, well done, they are gorgeous. I love the red, white and blue theme, perfect for a summer that celebrated Britishness!

    Enjoy your break, it is well earned. Xx

  11. Wow - they are stunning. Certainly worth the wait!

  12. Hi Jooles,

    Your flowers are beautiful, as always, I love the poppies :-)

    I hope you enjoy your little break, it is certainly well deserved. Have a lovely relaxing time with your family.

    Big hugs,
    Caroline xxx

  13. Hope you have a well deserved break Jooles and come back refreshed. Your flowers are gorgeous, such pretty colours xx

  14. Such a pretty posy! Glad you're enjoying the seeds :)

  15. Gorgeous flowers and the posy is lovely - would have been great for the jubilee!

  16. Your cutting patch looks so pretty, Jooles! Have a nice break and enjoy your lovely garden :)
    Helen x

  17. Your garden is looking so vibrant and pretty Jooles....such a lovely mix of colours too...hope you have a restful break with your family,
    Susan x

  18. Red, white and blue - they are so gorgeous.

    Have fun at Sarah's - I've heard it is beautiful.

    Nina x

  19. Oh...Your flowers are so beautiful! I love poppies and just updated my blog header with big red ones.
    Thank you for your wonderful post! It puts a smile on my face!

  20. How did I miss this. Beautiful, beautiful flowers Jooles. Enjoy the break, but don't forget to come back to us when you're feeling refreshed :D

  21. Just beautiful!
    I just adore poppies...

  22. Happy Holiday Jooles. I love your cutting patch, it looks like its straight out of the pages of a gardening magazine! Jane x

  23. Hey Jooles, talk about better late than never!! Has been a wee while since I last visited. Your flowers are just gorgeous and I can imagine your excitement waiting for those buds to burst open and reveal the poppies.

    Enjoy your break and aI hope you manage to catch up on some sleep, said she awake at 1.50am when she should be snoring her head off!!

    Claire x


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