Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sweet B here...

It's me again!
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my very first blog post
I sold 3 packs of tags and even had a special order from the famous Fee 
I found it so exciting
It's great to think that someone wanted the things I enjoyed making!

Rainbow sprinkles cupcake toppers

I have been busy making some cupcake toppers, i hope you like them
I raided the ribbon box and got very excited about the endless possibilities of combinations
I have made 6 different sets and they are already in mum's shop!

Snowflakes cupcake toppers

Daisy chain cupcake toppers

 As you can see i had a lot of fun!
Mum did fear for her ribbon stash and I'm sure that she secretly hid some

Neapolitan cupcake toppers

Candy cane cupcake toppers

Mint choc chip cupcake toppers

 And here they are ready to go!

I've been busy this weekend making some new sets of tags!
There will be 2 more Christmas packs, some liberty packs and some floral packs.
They might take a while though...
as fortunately/unfortunately I have got some paid work for a week or two
so there will be less crafting time for me :(

I have also helped mum with her make a month
I think they look very pretty and she will be blogging about them very soon.

Thank you for reading my post!
Have a lovely weekend 

Love Sweet B x


  1. Well done, Sweet B, your cup cake decorations are really pretty. My favourites are the daisy ones. Good luck with selling them. xxx

  2. Ooh Sweet B, those cupcake toppers are gorgeous! Loving all of those pretty ribbons - the mint choc chip ones are my fave!
    Victoria xx

  3. So simple, but very effective......xx

  4. Ohh Sweet B, They are LOVELY. Very cute, simple, stylish, and I do hope you may consider emailing a pic to various cakey bakey magazines...they make give you and your fabbo mum a mention.
    Hope you won't be too flat out with work - what will you be doing?
    Love Gem x x

    1. Hi Gem...this is Sweet B and not my mum..ha ha
      thank you!
      I am doing some packing for a high street gift shop...bit dull!

  5. Hi there Sweet B. How lovely to see another gorgeous, colourful post from you! The cupcake toppers are so pretty, and I really like the way you've styled and photographed them. Simple but very effective. I think the daisy chain ones are my favourite. Gillian x

  6. Wish I'd seen these last week for Little Miss fairy party! You've done a fab job, creativity runs in your blood my girl! As they say, the apple and the tree and all that :)

  7. Really sweet. I especially like the daisy ones. Lovely job B :D

  8. Lovely work, Sweet B! And what a very good daughter you are for helping your mum! Good luck with your job.

  9. Hi Sweet B!

    Love, love, love your gorgeous cupcake toppers! What a lovely idea and great use of ribbons, I am sure you will sell lots and lots. I think the Daisies are my favourite :)

    Caroline xx

  10. Wow, you have been busy and your mum has one amazing ribbon stash.
    I can imagine these cupcake toppers decorating some delish fact my mouth is watering just thinking about them!
    I think the Daisy Chain set is my favourite, nice, cheery colours........all the best with your sales.

    Claire :}

  11. daisys are my favourite! I love my labels B - can't wait to get them up in my newly cleaned kitchen! (it was cleaned so much my little sister nelly walked in and said 'what's changed'?...answer...'it's been cleaned'!!!)
    Glad you're enjoying your crafty exploits....I too would be fearing for my ribbon stash!
    love fee x

  12. Hi Sweet B. Well done on your sales. Lovely cupcake toppers- I especially like the daisies. Glad you have been getting some quality time to enjoy making:)

  13. Now that IS unconditional love - your Mum giving you free-ish rein on her ribbon stash!

    Your cupcake toppers are just lovely!

    Heather x

  14. Hi there,
    It's lovely to 'see' you again! What cute makes!!! These would add a touch of cheeriness to ANY cake!!!

  15. Gorgeous Cupcake Flags Sweet B! The comment about your Mum worrying about her ribbon stash made me laugh. :) Best wishes, Pj x

  16. I was thrilled with my tags - good luck with the cake toppers they are beautiful.



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