Tuesday, 17 July 2012

a rose for you x

yes.. this is for you my lovely friends

Ferdinand Pichard

Thank you
Sweet B was so surprised, happy and excited
 by all of your gorgeous comments
you are wonderful
truly wonderful
I knew you would be though

After the fabric scrap tin excitement
she has now moved onto my ribbon box!
(I have started to hide things
Shhhh...no telling.... you were my friends first...remember)
You should have seen her when she made her first sale
wish I could have bottled it
thank you Lydia

 I think you are going to like what she has been up to
I know I do.
It involves rainbows...say no more.
HAppY  hApPY  HaPPy

She has sold three sets of her scrappy tags now
has a special order from a special lady 
and is gearing up for another making session
Really though YOU are insanely F.A.B

The rose is just for you
isn't it beautiful
take a good sniff...
(oooop watch the greenfly...nah only kidding)
gorgeous hey?

I planted this beauty in March 2011
and wrote about it here
it was the second post that I had ever written
I was so nervous about it all back then
...I can still only write in teeny tiny sentences
and my grammar is still pants!

Right off to hide some stuff
toodle pip

back soon
lots of love
j x


  1. Aw - you are such a gorgeous Mum Jooles. You deserve a lovely daughter. I can't imagine my boys EVER being remotely interested in anything I make...but I live in hope for a nice daughter in law or 2! fee x

  2. Gorgeous rose, it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream. :)
    Looking forward to seeing what else Sweet B has been up to!!
    Vivienne x

  3. Thanks for the lovely rose photo - could look at it for ages. How lovely to have a daughter to share your interests (and your stash!) - and clearly she has inherited your talent! Keep us posted with her progress. xx

  4. Beautiful rose, just wish I could smell it! Well done sweet pea, I remember my first sale on notonthehighstreet.com, there were so many high fives being done in our house my hands hurt! X

  5. She has obviously inherited your talents! I hope the sales give her confidence to keep making. Maybe she could write her own blog?? x

  6. Oh B deserves those sales, her tags are amazing! Thanks so much for your very kind words, they really do mean so much to me.
    Love Celeste x

  7. Your rose is so lovely...and I did miss all this excitement so off to read your past post and what sweet B has been up to. xoxo

  8. Thank you for the pretty rose. Brilliant news about the scrappy tags. x

  9. Jooles, Sweet B's post was adorable! I was about to hit the purchase button when my two lovely children arrived back from their fortnight's holiday in England. I was ITCHING to see them so I refrained from buying but those tags stayed in my mind and I would like to give a big congratulations hug to your wonderful daughter.


  10. It was a lovely post. We have all been there, posting for the first time. If anything it was probably worse for Sweet B having to post to an already established blog with followers.
    I know what you mean about the nerves. I still find it crazy to think that people read what I write. It's a lovely feeling though going back to the computer to find comments about what you have written. It is an incredible little world we have out there :) x x x x

  11. oooh Jooles that is a gorgeous rose. So glad that sweet Bs tags are a hit and that she's making more delights - can completely understand your desire to squirrel away a few things though - I have a hard time letting some of my stashed treasures be used up too!

  12. That is one beautiful rose Jooles, just a shame we can't smell it! It was lovely reading Sweet B's post and very happy for her that she has sold some tags too xx

  13. Its fantastic your daughter can sell her things. The way Little Son is I don't think it will be long until he is doing the same. xxx

  14. Gorgeous wonderful rose....as you say can just nearly smell it! Well like mother like daughter then she is turning out as creative as you. Bet she's super motivated now she has sold some tags....and they are lovely!

    Don't be shy now you're doing more than fine....and your posts are great to read :-)


  15. Wow, what a beautiful rose, I bet your garden is gorgeous! Mine is a bit empty at the moment because we bought a brand new house 2 years ago and haven't got round to the garden yet, too busy decorating inside! Can't wait to start choosing some lovely plants :)

    I see Sweet B has sold nearly all her scrappy tags - well done to her!! Looking forward to her next creations with baited breath!

    Love Caroline xx

  16. That is the most beautiful rose :D Sweet B deserved her sales and her accolades :D

  17. Well done to your Sweet B! And what a beautiful rose - thank you for sharing the picture with us all.

  18. What a beautiful rose to share thank you x I love your blog Jooles, always sweet and stylish and with lovely pictures and wonderful crafty makes, and I love the way you write too.....
    It sounds as if Sweet B has really got the crafting bug now, and I just know she is going to make some more gorgeous things!
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  19. Thank you, Jooles! This rose is absolutely gorgeous! Beauty! Kisses to you both, to you and to your Sweet B :o)
    Happy weekend

  20. Hello Sweetheart. I seem to have missed a fair fews of your recent posts! I will need to have a catch up. Sweet B's tags are gorgeous, She has got her talent from her mummy! Have a sweet week end. The rose is simply gorgeous, I'm always alittle jealous of your green fingers! Love Katie x

  21. Clever mum, clever daughter Jooles.......
    Congrats to Sweet B on her fab tags and sales.

    That's one beautiful Rose Jooles.

    Claire x


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