Wednesday, 11 July 2012

sensible feet and a nice day out

NEWS FLASH  ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀  It is actually sunny outside!


Last weekend Mr Sweet and I braved the dreadfully wet weather
and visited the Hampton court palace flower show
On the journey it was raining heavens hardest
but we had already bought our tickets
so we were going rain or shine…and boy did it rain?
as my father-in-law says "it was raining stair-rods"

Luckily we didn’t actually get too wet
we both wore ‘sensible’ shoes
unlike some silly billies there, wearing flip-flops and stiletoes!
there was a LOT of mud
slippy slidy deep wet mud
we felt a little smug with our choice of footwear
(well I did anyway ;o)
 each time the heavens opened we were lucky enough to be in a marque

Clematis 'Viennetta'   you are on my wish list!

We enjoyed all of the little gardens
I love the way that they only have a tiny space
but manage to cram in so many gorgeous and interesting 
plants and features 
that you could look at them for hours
very clever.

A stunning agapanthus sculpture made from glass and was huge

 NEWS FLASH   ☂  ☂  ☂  ☂  ☂  It's now raining (again!)

There were so many b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l flowers and plants
I have been after a Ginkgo biloba for ages and I saw the most gorgeous one

It’s called ‘Troll’ which I though most appropriate for my fairytale obsession at the moment
So it just had to come home with us.

There was also a Country living marquee there which I didn’t expect
 in there we came across the most amazing and lovely artist
her stand was breath-taking
So so SO pretty

she was telling us how she wanted her stand to look like a wild flower meadow
It really did
Just beautiful
we bought two stunning pictures from her
(my photos really don't do them justice, but trust me they are gorgeous)
I really wanted to say
“one of everything please”
(I would love to have seen Mr Sweet’s face if I had!)

It is so wonderful to have Sweet B home
we talk about crafty projects and girly stuff to our hearts content
She has been busy making lovely things
and one of those lovely things will be listed in my shop soon
(photos and packaging still to do)
I am hoping to tempt her into doing a guest blog post about it
what do you think?....she says she is too shy
 I told her how lovely you guys are

I have an appointment for an MRI scan later today, on my back
not looking forward to being stuck in a tube
I’m not good in enclosed spaces
I will have to get my mind calm and pretend to be elsewhere
perhaps in the fairytale wood
yes that's where I'll be.
It's typical really, but my back has been feeling quite good lately
I feel like a fraud.

As always...thank you thank you thank you for your comments
I just love reading them

More soon
BIG love 
j x


  1. Lovely photos, Jooles! A little sunshine goes a long way:)

    Good luck for your scan- I hope it passes quickly and helps towards getting your back completely better x

  2. Beautiful! What lovely photos!
    I would trade you a week of our 100 degree weather here for a week of your rainy cool weather there!

  3. Oh blimey, firstly, good luck with the MRI. If you've not had one before it can be a bit alarming, mainly the noise! Close your eyes and try to relax, it doesn't hurt anyway, so that's a bonus! Also if it sorts out your problem then it will be worth it. Be brave!
    Love that clematis, so pretty. I need to get some colour in my garden, it's going to be my main project for next year.
    You should definitely convince Sweet B to do a guest post, I'm looking forward to seeing what she's made.
    I laughed at the start of your post when you said the sun was out and wondered how long it would last! It's been mad here today, brilliant sunshine, thunder, a bit of rain and some wind. Little Miss EF was supposed to have a rounders tournament and it was cancelled due to a storm and when she got home it was bright sunshine. Madness! Oh well!
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Beautiful photographs Jooles! That clematis is gorgeous! And the sculpture - wow! Sweet B should definitely do a post, can't wait to see what she's been making!
    Victoria xx

  5. Lovely photos Jooles, good to hear you had a great time despite the rain. I would love to read a post from Sweet B, you can tell her not to be shy - we wont bite :0) Good luck with your scan xx

  6. Hampton Court Flower Show looked amazing, I would loved to have been there!
    Yes, yes we want to hear from Sweet B!!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. lovely lovely pictures. And that Vienetta is now on my wish list too. If only by rascals would stop playing footy in the garden!
    And sweet B? 'blog blog blog' (chants) If my little boys can do it she definitely can! I can't wait to see her makes.
    It's actually sunny here right this minute...I feel like should go and stand outside just in case it's all there is.
    fee xxx

  8. I love to visit gardens, it's great to see colour combinations and get ideas! It's lovely in my neck of the woods today, good to feel the sun on my face! Ada:(

  9. Beautiful photos Jooles! And well done on the footwear, I would have been feeling smug if I were you too!

    Tell B to do the post, I love to hear crafty ramblings!

    Good luck with the scan. Pretending you are in a fairy wood sounds like an excellent plan to me, I hate enclosed, confined spaces too!

    Helen xx

  10. /lovely post ... lovely photos. Have never been to Hampton court and want to go even more now! Love your new plant and paintings. Hope the scan goes quickly! xx

  11. Such a lovely post, Jooles! I loved the pictures of the Hampton Court show, the garden views and flowers are delicious. You made me smile with the illustrated weather news flashes! I would love to see what Sweet B is making and read her guest post too :) Hope the scan goes well, deep breaths, and thinking of fairyland....Take care.
    Helen x

  12. Lovely day out and beautiful images, Jooles. Good luck with scan, and can't wait to see girls makes! Have a lovely evening, Claire xxx

  13. Good luck with the scan, yes to Sweet B's guest post, and much admiration for the Sue Fenlon pictures :D I have never been to Hampton Court, one day!

  14. Hi, Jooles :o) Thank you so much for sharing with us the Hampton Court Show. Garden and flowers are gorgeous. Love all your pictures :o) Last week I`ve visited a lovely Moscow Flower Show and found there a very talented painter too and even bought one of her prints as well :o)
    It`s so interesting to know what Sweet B is making and of course I`ll be very happy to read her guest post :o)
    Happy day to you and to all your Family, Jooles :o)
    lot of love

  15. Beautiful post Jooles,
    You could just breath in the magic and summer time in those wonderful paintings...
    Hope you can dream off a little whist you have that MRI scan and relive your lovely day out!...
    Have a week of loveliness.
    Maria x

  16. Such a lovely post. I do so hope your MRI scan went ok and wasn't too traumatic x get Sweet B blogging! We're lovely we are and it'll boost her confidence no end!!! Lol

    Take care lovely x x x

    Jo x

  17. Hi Jooles, so glad you had a great day out at the Hampton Court Flower Show, and thanks for the photos .. I especially love the Clematis one, stunning!

    Hope your MRI Scan goes okay.
    Have a happy week
    Fleur xx

  18. Good luck with the scan, I hope it goes well.

    Considering the weather, you took some wonderful photos at the flower show! Isn't your husband lovely, taking you to Hampton Court Palace AND buying you art! What a star. x

  19. Dear Jooles,

    Your blog just keeps getting prettier and more and more inspiring. Good luck with your scan. You will be so pleased when it's done.

    That clematis Viennetta is absolutely stunning and I am so glad I'm not the only one obssessed with fairy tales.

    I love your pictures of Hampton Court gardens... They have brought back memories of my garden researching ;-)


  20. Hi Jooles,

    What a beautiful post...I am envious of your day at Hampton Court, sounds like you had a lovely time...I NEED one of those Clematis Vienetta's in my garden too!!

    I'm also a fan of Sue daugher has one of her designs on her wish list for her bedroom! She has good taste ;-)

    I hope your MRI went well and you didn't get too claustrophobic xx

    Please tell Sweet B that we are looking forward to seeing her creations and she should definitely blog about them. We promise to write lots of lovely comments for her :-)

    Love Caroline xx

  21. Hi Jooles,
    I can't believe I missed this post! It's so beautiful!!! Your plant pics are great!!!
    I hope the scan went well, and that your fairytale woods helped.


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