Saturday, 14 July 2012


I'm Sweet B and this is my first guest blog post!!
I must admit I'm a bit scared I've never blogged before!
I have been making some things for mums shop.
She started her shop to help fund me through university 
for which I am very grateful :)
 So I thought it was only fair that I do my bit!

I have just finished making some pretty scrappy tags and they have been listed in mums shop already
Here they are: (I hope you like them!)
I have made 2 dot sets:

Here are my favourites
the 2 Liberty sets

How pretty are they?!?!

I have even been organised enough to make a Merry Christmas set

Don't they look lovely on presents!
I would definitely like to receive one of these as a gift.

I've packed them up and here they are all ready to go

I'm pretty pleased with them, even if I do say so myself.
Mum says she loves them so much she wants her own set!

I'm hoping to make a few more things for the shop
I have got everything here ready to make some pretty cupcake toppers
as you know I love making cupcakes and they would be a great way to make them 
even more special. 
I will let you know when I have made them!

I have also been cutting out some birdie bodies for some new Christmas peckers

I have enjoyed doing this blog post
It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be!
I hope you like my tags :)
Have a nice weekend.

Thankyou for reading :)
Love Sweet B

YAY!  I just sold my first pack!
thank you x 


  1. Hello Sweet B, your tags are gorgeous, so pretty. I really love the christmas colours. xx

  2. Hello Sweet B, nice to meet you. These tags are beautiful, really professionally made and packaged - well done. I really like the liberty ones. Gillian x

  3. Welcome Sweet B.........blogging is alot of fun. I am in love with those adorable tags.

  4. Hello Sweet B, lovely to meet you, we've heard a lot about you, all of it good!!! :)
    Your tags are gorgeous, I really love the Liberty ones!!
    I hope you'll come back and 'see' us all again soon!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  5. hi sweet B!!! I think your tags are gorgeous, really they are!!! My compliments and, please, some kisses to your mum!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  6. Well Hello Sweet B,
    Your makes are lovely & I bet your mum is very proud of you!


  7. Hey Sweet B! Love them long time!! They're very pretty & oh so desirable!! Well done & we really a very friendly bunch :) I bet it won't take long before you have the blogging bug!!!

    Jo x

  8. Hello Sweet B, the tags are lovely and would make any present extra special! Hope your bogging debut wasn't too daunting, Claire xxx

  9. Hello Sweet B. LoVe your guest post! Your tags are so so pretty, I am loving the Liberty ones too! Bet your mum is super proud!! Hope we see you again soon,
    Victoria xx

  10. Hello, Sweet B! I'm in love with your absolutely AMAZING tags! I think they could be a perfect gift!
    Happy Sunday to you and to all your Family
    Love from Russia

  11. Hi Sweet B, the tags are lovely, you are obviously as creative as your mum! Hope to see you here again xx

  12. Yoo-hoo! Welcome Sweet B :o)
    Great tags, I'm sure you'll have no problem selling them!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  13. Welcome to Blogland! What a great job you have done both with your blog and your fantastic tags which would really make any present special - look forward to reading more about you and your crafting in future.

  14. Well done Sweet B - the tags are really pretty. You must be proud of yourself! Lily. xxx

  15. They are so pretty. You are obviously as talented as your mum!!

  16. What a clever girl you are! Your tags are amazing and so original, hope you do well with them........xx

  17. Hello Sweet B- lovely to meet you. Pretty post and lovely tags:)

  18. Hi Sweet B! Lovely to hear from you and to see what you've been upto! The tags are all beautiful, well done. The fabrics are lovely. I bet your mum is really proud!

    Keep on bloggin'

    Helen xx

  19. Hello, Sweet B! You've done a super job with those tags - you're obviously as talented as your mum! I especially like the Christmas set - my favourite colour-combination!
    And well done for writing your first blog post! I think you should set up a blog of your own now - I'd follow you for sure! :-)

  20. What gorgeous tags, Sweet B! They are really pretty ... I especially love the dot ones ... I have a thing for polka dots! Just found your Mum's lovely blog and will be adding it to my reading list. I've recently started a blog myself but I have much to learn :-) Bee x

  21. Gorgeous tags, sweet b - you've definitely got your mum's crafty talent. I hope they sell really well for you. Have you got the blog bug yet??!
    Emily x

  22. Your scrappy fabric tags are so very pretty. Lovely work! Have a fabulous week. Tammy

  23. sweet B - you're a natural!
    And I 'need' a little collection to make into some label bunting to hang over my oven. Off to email you (via your gorgeous Mum)
    Good work - sack university and set up a retail opportunity. Just kidding. No, really, KIDDING.
    fee x

  24. Hello and welcome Sweet B....
    soo loved those pretty tags!
    How clever are you..
    Really exciting time for you as you venture into your, Uni years...
    wishing you a happy times here!!
    love Maria x

  25. Hey Sweet B, I think the numbner of comments on this post says it all, we all clearly love you :)

    The tags are gorgeous, I love the colour contrasts.

    Hopefully we will be hearing more from you in the future, perhaps with your own little blog maybe x x x x

  26. Congrats on your success :o)

  27. Great tags! And if you hadn't told us we'd never have guessed how you felt about posting :D

  28. Well done on your first post Sweet B, and on making those gorgeous gift tags - they're adorable! No doubt about it, you're a chip of the old block - Mum must be proud!

  29. Your tags are beautiful! Your first guest blog post is fantastic! I'm looking forwrad to seeing your cupcake topper designs as I loooooooove cupcakes. Em ♥ :)

  30. Hello Sweet B! Your tags are gorgeous, you obviously have your mum's great artistic flair, I'm sure your tags will fly off the shelves.x

  31. Hi Sweet B!
    What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it :) Your new Scrappy Tags are simply adorable, clever are very talented just like your lovely Mum. Looking forward to seeing your cupcake flags!
    Love Caroline xx

  32. Brilliant post, Sweet B, and brilliant tags too, they are soooo pretty! Look forward to seeing what you make next, you have definitely inherited your mum's talent!
    Enjoy your crafty week.
    Helen x

  33. What a lovely post Sweet B. You really should be chuffed with you tags, what a brilliant idea, I especially love the liberty ones. Perhaps you'd like to join us permanently in the blogging world?! We'd love to have you here! Love katie xxx


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