Sunday, 1 July 2012

fairytale foxgloves


I hope you are having a lovely Sunday

Sweet B and I went for an incredible
and very looong walk last week
(it's wonderful to have her home)

I just had to share it with you

We have walked this particular walk lots of times before
but it was clear that we could never have walked it in June
we would have remembered this.....


Our breath was literally taken away
it was the most magical and beautiful sight that we had ever seen
the photos really don't do it justice


There were beautiful magenta foxgloves as far as our eyes could see
and with my addiction to fairytales at the moment
 my mind went into overdrive
(I think Sweet B has caught the bug too now
as soon as I finished the Snow child she was waiting to dive into it that book)

  I could just imagine an old rickety cottage right at the back of the wood
under the tall pine trees, with roses rambling over the front door
I want to live there

We had such a wonderful time
and could almost see the little imps and fairies zipping about
Ooooh it was just so magical

I hope you have enjoyed it too

Can't you just imagine a little fairy party happening on this 
cushiony moss ring?

Well it’s Sunday….you know what that means???
8pm + a glass of wine + Once upon a time
= Fairytale Bliss

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post
You are so sweet

Have a great week
More soon
Big love
J x


  1. How beautiful! I'd love a house in amongst there too. Isn't it lovely to have them home from uni :-) enjoy x

  2. It does look magical, the foxgloves are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics xx

  3. Wow! That is a fairytale wood for sure. I've never seen foxgloves growing so densely like that in the wild - what a wonderful discovery! Nice that Sweet B was there to share it with you too x

  4. How gorgeous! I love foxgloves and have had no luck with them whatsover! Three gardens I've had and I've never managed to grow one yet, let alone end up with swathes of them like your pictures. It's very frustrating when I see them growing like weeds where they're they're not supposed to! A lovely sight to come across on a walk. Enjoy having your girlie home!

  5. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. What beautiful sights. Love Katie x

  6. Oooh, I love this, thanks for sharing those magical pictures!
    Makes me believe in gnomes and fairies again.... I wouldn't be surprised to see something
    from a fairytale in a place like this actually...!

  7. Beautiful foxgloves ... they really add a lovely effect in a garden, but I too have found them hard to grow ... they would much rather be wild and free. Thanks for sharing your lovely images xxx

  8. Oh, they are so beautiful. I have a few growing in the garden and adore them. What a beautiful wood - i love how perfectly straight all the tree trunks are - it looks like something out of a film set!

  9. Beautiful. :)
    The foxgloves have been amazing this year, I think it has been a good year for them, they must like rain!!!
    Vivienne x

  10. Stunning! Foxgloves do tend to conjure up images of fairies and pixies. I'm reminded of a midsummers night dream by you photos, such a beautiful wood!
    Victoria xx

  11. Wow, what stunning views and a delightful place to go for a walk. I love foxgloves...can't wait until our garden is sorted so I can start planting beautiful plants :)
    Caroline xx

  12. Hi, Jooles! Soooo beautiful wood you`ve visited with your Sweet B...and those foxgloves are gogeous...just dreaming land :o) I`m so glad you had such a sweet time, dear friend :o)
    Have a wonderful week

  13. This is such a beautiful post Jools. So pretty. Are they the poisonous ones though, I am never sure. They are such a joy to look at and I always think of fairies and pixies when I see them. I like to think that the fairies use them as Champagne glasses for drinking honey nectar! What a daydreamy world I inhabit.
    Must be lovely to have your girl home. Mine is nearly 9 and drove me nuts on Saturday and yesterday morning. By yesterday afternoon we were best friends again though and had a really nice time. Now she is back at school and I really miss her.
    Have a lovely day
    x x x x

  14. woweeeee i love, adore , admire your photographs- so beautiful xx

  15. What a beautiful place, how idyllic, I'm sure fairies must live there. x

  16. :o) Beautiful, just beautiful. I LOVE foxgloves.

  17. Just gorgeous!
    It feels like you should be have hid and waited for the fairies to come out and dance:)

  18. Gorgeous, I don't think I've ever seen them in such abundance, I do think they're lovely, we have some white ones at the bottom of our garden.

    We often go for a weekly walk in the woods, I can't get enough of it.....I could be an actual tree hugged I thunk, they remind me of lord of the rings when all the trees march, breathtaking! Funnily enough, when we were in the woods a few weeks ago, I took a picture of some bouncy looking moss as it reminded me of childhood books.

    Have a great week.x

  19. just Stunning...I've never seen massed foxgloves like that .You captured them beautifully
    Jacquie x

  20. So glad you have your sweet B home, it makes everything better doesn't it? As for the foxgloves, like everyone above I've never seen so many in one place ... just beautiful.

  21. Gorgeous pics Jooles. Just love the mossy ring. I'd have played for hours around that as a child!

  22. What a beautiful walk! What a beautiful post :D

    I am off to bed, perhaps I'll dream of foxgloves in sunny glades within a shady wood ... it would make a nice change from the rain!

  23. Beautiful photos. I love foxgloves, we have a mass of them growing on our allotment. I planted a few and they have self-seeded over the years. Best wishes, Pj x

  24. Gorgeous pictures of that lovely woodland and the foxgloves are so beautiful....and so plentiful this year! I never tire of those lovely magical flowers, I can see why they make you think of fairytales :)
    Have a happy rest of the week.
    Helen x

  25. What amazing foxgloves - there aren't any at all in our woods. What magical places forests and woods are; just full of expectations and the feeling that critters are watching your every move. Lily. xxx


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