Wednesday, 25 July 2012

a quite day & a pretty garden

Today is the first day that I've had to myself for ages
it has been complete bliss
time to think, plan, consider and just ponder
do my own thing

It is a beautiful hot, sunny day here today
my head says "you should be outside"
my heart says " do what you lve"
so I have been in my cool sewing room
working on my quilt
it feels like a haven of calm
I have had a horrid bout of headaches lately so
I lit my oil burner and scented the room with lavender
put on some beautiful music
this is the soundtrack to one of my all-time favourite films
I've especially enjoyed this track
it made me feel super motivated
as if I was stitching up some magic

My main reason for this post though is to share a visit that
Mr. Sweet and I had to Perch hill, Sarah Raven's garden, back in June
It was a cloudy and  VERY windy day as I remember
We try to go quite often, it takes us almost two hours to get there
but it is sooooo worth it...I am in love with the place
Sarah’s gardening style is so relaxed
which makes me feel like it is achievable in my own garden

Each time we visit there is always something
that makes my heart do a loop-the-loop with happiness
this time it was the peachy foxgloves
they were BeAuTiFuL beyond belief
Sarah’s long driveway is lined on both sides with them
if I was her I would be in and out all day long
just to drink in their loveliness

I think they are called
'Sutton's apricot'
I am trying my hand at growing some from seed
I'll let you know how I get on

 I adore her cutting patch idea
which I am giving a go in my own garden
not with quite as much success as Sarah....I'm no pro that's for sure!
 you can read more about mine in my previous post

I hope you enjoyed that little visit
I can't wait to go again!

Later this evening I will hopefully be in the garden
sitting on my swing chair
doing a little hand sewing on my quilt
with any luck it will soon be finished
I certainly won't be going into business with them
for the amount of time it has taken me 
I would have to charge £2,500 per quilt!
a little on the pricey side, I'd say

Thank you for popping by 
and for your wonderful comments on my last post

more soon
BIG love 
j x


  1. Lovely pictures of Perch Hill, Jooles, thank you so much for sharing these :) Just the kind of garden I love too. Your quilt is looking so pretty, I hope you enjoy your quiet evening sewing it later. Am going to listen to that music now :)
    Helen x

  2. Hi, the garden is fab! Chocolat is one of my favourite movies too, I could drink in the whole film it's wonderful! Ada :)

  3. What an amazing garden, Jooles! Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos with us!
    I have to say that I do love that film too! :-)

  4. Looks a gorgeous garden, I have seen part of it on tv but never been myself. Chocolat was also a brilliant book and I enjoyed the film too.The author went to school in Wakefield which is where I live.

  5. What a fantastic garden, those peachy foxgloves are so beautiful. :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Oh I adore chocolat too, fabulous movie! Perch hill looks so beautiful, the foxgloves look magical!
    Victoria xx

  7. This post is so lovely and made me want to go and immediately start digging and planting in my garden :-)
    But it's cold and dark here, so I may have to wait
    Hope your week is lovely

  8. I'd never heard of the garden at Perch Hill before but it is Beautiful! Sooo stunning... I googled it to see where it is but I think it's just that little bit too far away from us down in West Sussex but I definitely enjoyed your photo's of the garden..!
    My garden really needs some work doing to it.. it just has so much empty bald bits.. I was staying with my Nan at the weekend and her garden is beautiful, not a bald patch in sight. I just don't understand how she does it!
    I can't wait to see the finished result of the quilt, the colours of the fabric are just lovely..

    Ashley xxx

  9. I love how your head said "go outside" but your heart said "sew" - how beautifully put. Well done for listening to your heart and doing what you really wanted to do on your day to yourself.

    Love the garden photos. Incidentally, I saw some wonderful red, white and blue window boxes on an old pub in Stratford on Avon today and thought of your and your quest for a perfect Sarah Raven posey!

  10. What lovely pictures. When I get a day to myself I find it really difficult to decide what to do - I have so many things I would like to do and then suddenly I am like a rabbit in head lights! I am glad you opted for the 'do what you love' option. xxx

  11. Oh my goodness...this garden is glad you have found some time to is such a nice thing to have. xoxo

  12. Such a pretty garden...foxgloves are one of my favourite plants and the peachy colour is beautiful...Your quilt is so pretty too. I find it so lovely and peaceful to sit working on mine. One of my daughters was helping me but I think the time it all takes has put her off slightly for the moment!
    Hope you are having a happy, crafty week,
    Susan x

  13. Oooh those peachy foxgloves are a-maz-ing! How wonderful having a day to yourself, they are few and far between in this house! I think I would have chosen sewing too :)

    Caroline xx

  14. hello lovely lady - beautiful photos! and I too love that film.
    (and get loads of headaches..grrrrr!)
    I just got the most exquisite package....please tell B how thrilled I am until I can get blogging about them and share the sweet B love!
    happy day to you
    fee x

  15. So glad you had a lovely time! The foxgloves were looking magnificent indeed :)

  16. I can understand you like to go often to Sarah Raven's garden, I was there once and I loved it too. The Sutton Apricot foxgloves are great, I had them once from seed ordered by Thompson & Morgan.
    When it's very warm outside, it's sometimes better to do something inside. In the evening we enjoy sitting outside.

  17. Oh goodness, I would love to visit Sarah's garden but I live far to far away. Wonderful images Jooles, I was quite transported, I could actually hear the bees and smell the roses!

    Can't wait to see the quilt :D

  18. Dear Jooles
    Just out of interest, Gardens Illustrated magazine for August 2012 has free Sutton's Apricot foxgloves with it. I shall be having a go at growing them too (even though I have no room in my garden at all!)
    Lovely photos of a lovely place.
    Best wishes

  19. What gorgeous photos. Thanks for taking us for a walk around Perch Hill. xxx

  20. I love love love Sarah Raven (but sadly haven't been to the garden). Have you got her FABULOUS Christmas book? I have to say though that my husband groans when a Sarah Raven catalogue lands on the mat - he knows that lots of oohing & aahing plus "how much can I spend?" will follow. X

  21. Sarah' garden looks magical, Jooles! Hope some day I'll have my own house with such a sweet garden too :o) Love your quilt as well!
    Happy weekend to you and your Family

  22. some nice bunting over at mine!!!!
    fee x

  23. Hey Jooles, what a lovely garden to visit and be inspired by........hope my Foxgloves look as nice.
    I am hoping to have a greater variety of flowers to cut in my SUmmer garden this year.
    your post has me wishing the warmer weather was here. It's a lovely sunny morning here, a bit on the fresh side but too damp to get outside and garden. Maybe tomorrow, hope you are having a lovely weekend,

    CLaire x

  24. My husband and I visited Perch Hill a few years ago and we absolutely loved it. Foxgloves are easy to grow from seed - I suggest that you sow them thinly as they grow like cress! Best wishes, Pj x


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