Thursday, 21 June 2012

sweet pickings

from the garden

some pretty flowers to brighten up a rainy day
they smell incredible too

One of the roses in the jug is this
 it's called 'William Lobb' 
and is a moss rose
I absolutely adore it
there is something enchanting about it

it's like a 'fairy-tale' rose
and has to be my favourite

Before I go I must say a BIG thank you to Fleur
for awarding my the 'Sunshine' award
I am very flattered and touched
so thank you lovely lady
you made my day
If you have a moment please pop over and say 'Hi'
 Fleur has a fabulous blog

more soon
BIG love 
j x


  1. Beautiful all those shades of pink!
    (At first I thought that the rose plant was
    covered in lice, sorry...;D )
    Love, Mirjam.

  2. Beautiful colours! They really do make you feel a bit more summery on a rainy day. I'm getting so fed up with this weather now!

  3. Such beautiful flowers :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Its a dull and rainy day here in Greenock, but your lovely photographs have just brightened it up!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Such pretty flowers Jooles!
    Victoria xx

  6. Oh they're beautiful! I can't wait to get back into gardening :) just gorgeous Jooles!!

    Jo x x x

  7. Lovely flowers from the garden - that moss rose is amazing. I might have to get me one of those, they are beautiful.

  8. Beautiful flowers! Really put a smile on your face when it's bucketing down outside!

    What are the other flowers, I don't recognise them, they're very pretty with the petals (?)

    1. Hello Faith...thank you x
      I am not sure what the stary daisy type flowers are called but they are very pretty, there are also some foxgloves in there too
      love jooles x

  9. Pretty in pink ... I wonder are we all taking photos of our flower's indoors because it's too wet in the garden.

    Congratulations on your award :D

  10. oooh, I know not of this moss rose...will need to investigate! Lovely pictures Jooles.
    fee x
    ps giveaway over at mine

  11. Gorgeous little posy Jooles. :) I love that moss rose!
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  12. Beautiful Jooles,
    You have brightened up a terrible rainy Friday here in the Lakes!
    Loved the posy....
    These little bunches always cheer up a room, don't they!
    Thank you also for your kind comments over on mine, they always make my day!

  13. What a beautiful rose - I can almost smell it. I like putting flowers in little posies like yours rather than gigantic vases. It makes them look more loved and special. Have a good weekend. Lily. xxx

  14. Oooh, Jooles your rose sooo beautiful and your pictures as well :o) Today here in Moscow a bit grey, but I`ll go to the garden festival !!! For the first time!!! Yea! Hope Mr.Rain would not come :o) Congrats on your sunshine award :o)
    Wishing you have a lovely and sunny day, sweet Jooles

  15. What beautiful, beautiful pictures! Those roses do look very fairytale-like!

  16. These are beautiful. If they weeather means we can't enjoy the Summer outside, we might as well bring it inside!

  17. What beautiful flowers Jooles. They have brightened up my day. It is so cold and wet and windy here, it feels like nothing has really bloomed in the garden yet.

  18. gorgeous flowers and congratulations!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  19. Very pretty ... just what a rainy dark day demands :)

  20. Beautiful flowers that would cheer up anyones day

    Amanda :-)

  21. Pretty Pretty Pretty.
    Sunshine in a vase.


  22. Gorgoeus garden pickings, Jooles! The moss roses are very beautiful. I can't get enough of the scent of roses! congratulations on the award....your blog is always a sunny place to visit :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  23. Your sweet flowers are adorable...I love going to the garden and picking! Hugs to you.

  24. Gorgeous flowers sweetie, have a happy week.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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