Friday, 29 June 2012

A make a month ♥ June 2012

Gosh nearly the end of June!

To be honest I feel I have failed a bit this month
June is a busy birthday month here...excuses excuses

 I had planned to have my 'flower patch' quilt finished
ready to be relaxing out in the garden
in all the glorious sunshine we have been having lately
HA...I wish!
that could be why I still haven't finished I guess
here is where I am up to with it...

I am a third of the way through hand trying the centre of each square

(I have a home made gadget for this very job to share with you...
straight from the brain of my lovely girl..
..I think it's genius time)

I did a little machine stitching at the join of every four squares
which is probably cheating in the quilting world
then I will be on to the binding
to me this is VERY scary.
I have bought a little binding making gadget
it is still in its packet though...
I need lots of courage!

I am very pleased so far, I could look at it for hours
Tilda fabrics have to be my all time favourite
and I love seeing how they all go together
It makes me want to wrap myself up like a sausage roll
and sing songs
(but I shall have to wait until I have removed all the pins...ouch)

Thank you so much for visiting me and all the sweet comments you leave
they really do make my day

I have so many things and heaps of photos to share with you
but where does the time go?
too much gallivanting I think!

How does everyone else manage their 'blog life’?
 just lately I have been struggling to fit everything in
If somebody is kind enough to visit and leave me a comment
I like to return the favour
to pop over to their blog
read all the lovely things that they have been up to
and then leave a comment for them
I don’t generally like to write a new post until I have done this
lately though, I have been visiting but mostly not commenting
I'm sorry
I just keep running out of time
 this has meant that I have loads of things to share
and have not been posting them
so I have decided to post away for a while
I hope you don't mind
I am sorry if I’ve been a bad blogger
please forgive me

Bye bye for now ...

hope you have a super duper weekend
 I will be back very soon

Do you that I have explained myself 
I feel really excited about posting again
I was feeling very lack lustre before
maybe that was my cure

BIG love 
j x


  1. I know what you mean, had lots to say and share on my blog but just haven't managed to fit it in to life. Loving the quilt and I firmly believe there are no 'rules' when it comes to making things like quilts. You just do what suits you. Yours is looking glorious.
    Ali x

  2. Wow, I really adore your quilt, even if it isn't finished yet!
    You can only do one thing at a time really, and blogging is great fun but
    not the most important thing in life! Looking forward to your future posts
    though ;D

  3. I love your quilt, so pretty. I've always wanted to make one but I think I'll stick to crocheting and leave quilts to those more talented seamstresses than me.

    Blog life goes through stages doesn't it, I just try to enjoy it as much as possible and find if I overthink it then the happy goes away.

    Hope you have a lovely's sunny today...hurrah xx

  4. The quilt looks lovely so far, lucky you that you have some sunshine to photograph it in! I love the image of you wrapped up singing songs, made me smile.

    D'you know I thnk most bloggers understand your worries, but I don't think anyone would say you were a bad blogger, I notice sometimes I don't keep on top of things, but it's hard to keep the balance on reading, being inspired and then being creative in turn ....if you figure it out, let me know!

  5. Oh Jooles, your quilt looks gorgeous so far. I know there really isn't enough hours in the day to fit everything in is there? That's another reason why I don't have a blog as I find myself spending too much time looking at everyone else's!! I love reading your posts and look forward to them, the more the merrier please :0) Hope you have a lovely weekend too xx

  6. Loving that quilt! The colours are so fresh and bright, very summery. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    I think you should blog however you want. It's supposed to be fun, not a chore, so do whatever suits you, that's what I say!
    Happy weekend!

  7. Hi, Jooles! Your first quilt already finished! WOW!!! Well done to you, sweet friend :o) Tilda fabrics are my favorite too :o) I even bought some sweet Tilda`s pins (with sweet birdies on them :o)
    I think you`ll have very sweet and lovely summer with your nice Family (including your Sweet B! :o) Blog is not a whole life, of course. And you`re not a bad blogger. You`re great, Jooles! Do what you love, but if you find a few minutes to say us hello! it will be great :O)(Sorry for my English, hope you understand what I mean. I mean that WE LOVE YOU :O)
    Have a happy weekend
    lot of love

    1. Thank you so much Natalia...that is so sweet of you...your English is just beautiful x
      love jooles x

  8. Gorgeous quilt Jooles! I think I may love the backing fabric as much as the quilted front. How do you hand tie? Can you share with us next time?

    I find little and often works best for me for blogging, that way the posts never take ages to do. Mind you, I don't get the number of visitors that you do so reciprocal visiting is easier. But blog reading to me is like reading a magazine - something to do quickly here and there with a cup of tea. xx

    1. thanks Gillian, i know that backing is gorgeous. yes I am hand tying and of course i will share x
      love jooles x

  9. The quilt is looking gorgeous! The colours jump out at you. xxx

  10. Hi Jooles, love the quilt, those are the colours I would choose! I'm not clever or patient enough to quilt though, wish I was. Sometimes we do 'fall out' a bit with blogging, that doesn't matter as long as you come back! Have a lovely sunny weekend, Claire xxx

  11. Your quilt is gorgeous. One day I'll make one. ;)
    Don't worry to much about blogging do it when you can, it shouldn't be pressured, just take your time and enjoy it!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Vivienne x

  12. The fabrics are stunning together. It just shouts out summer and happiness.

  13. I know exactly how you feel, I have had a bad cold this week and have not done anything, let alone blogged about anything. I don't think you can really blog about bad daytime telly can you?! I have so many projects that I wanted to do and blog about but it will all have to wait until next week now. Loving your quilt, keep going and you will be very proud of yourself once it's complete. BTW, your garden is looking very green, have you had plenty of rain recently?! x

  14. Goodness me I just love how your flower patch quilt is looking Jooles!

    Love & hugs, Jo x x x

  15. Absolutely love the quilt, some of my favourite tilda colours - and the hints of turqoise and duck egg blue make a real change to the paler blues. So hope you get some sunshine to enjoy it, but if not I think it will bring a bit of sunshine inside for you! Enjoy the weekend

  16. Hi, your quilt looks great and one day it will be finished so don't worry too much about it! I would love to start a blog but unfortunately I am quite 'challenged' when it comes to computers! Your posts are always interesting so again don't put any pressure on yourself and 'go with the flow ' :)

  17. Hi Jooles, I love your quilt and love the fabric. I used to be terrified of binding but once I figured it out I found I really loved it. Hand stitching the binding is so therapeutic. Good luck getting it finished.

    Helen xx

    Ps I know how you feel and I can't find time to comment or blog these days, it's sad

  18. Your quilt is soooo beautiful, Jooles! I love the fabrics you used for the patches, and love the backing fabric too. I hope you enjoy finishing it and can't wait to see it all done :) Don't be hard on time often means no time to blog or make things! Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  19. Your quilt is lovely, I love the tilda fabrics too. Don't worry about the binding it's easy once you work out how to do it. I struggled with the mitred corners and followed a tutorial on angry chicken and cracked it. I was so happy because it had caused a lot of frustrations. If you get stuck I am sure you will find a tutorial to help.

  20. Wow, Jooles!!! Your quilt is AMAZING!!! I just adore all the flowery prints mixed in with spotties (my favourites)!!! I've been working on 3 baby quilts over the past few weeks (post to come soon), and I have been doing a little stitching in the corners rather than 'proper' quilting (which I've never tried). Are we cheating, or is it fine to do it this way? And have you ever tried quilting another way? I don't even bind properly. I pin, pin, pin, sew around all the sides (leaving a little gap), turn inside out, sew up the gap, then put a few stitches in each corner.
    I know what you mean about trying to find the time to keep up with all your blogging friends. I'm having the exact same issue at the moment. You made me feel better.....
    Happy weekend to you!

    1. aaahhhh thanks Carly x
      I don't think we are cheating and who knows we may even invent a new technique! this is my first quilt...i have been reading lots of books and making things up as i go :o)
      can't wait to see your quilts
      love jooles x

  21. Dear, lovely Jooles,

    You are a very busy lady; please don't put too much blogging pressure on yourself as you are doing the most important thing which is living real life gloriously well by the looks of it. I'm hardly surprised you haven't had much spare time; I recall the excitement of your family birthday month and honestly, that quilt is STUNNING!

    Enjoy life, lovely lady.


  22. Hello Jooles,
    Aww, you always make us feel soo welcome on here.......
    It's the fine line with blogging, I believe!
    LOVE that quilt and all the best things are worth waiting for!!
    Take care, Maria x

  23. Love those pretty colours in your quilt looks so beautifully Summery.
    I know exactly what you mean about having time to blog. I do love it but I fail dismally at posting as often as I would like to...
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x

  24. Well done Jooes, your quilt is looking divine! I really love Tilda fabrics too, they are so scrummy and really look fab together. You are brave, I wouldn't know where to start!
    Have a lovely week.
    Caroline xx

  25. Hi Jooles - I have not posted for ages either because the days seems to fly by and yet are all a bit unpost worthy. I have managed to keep commenting on other blogs so I hope all my bloggy friends know i haven't given up interest. Look forward to your posts. Lily. xxx


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