Sunday, 17 June 2012

hello again.....I'm back

Hello hello hello
It's so nice to be back
how are you doing?
I hope you've been keeping well

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind

since last time...

Sweet B came home from university for the summer
YiPiDy DoO dAh
she then went on holiday
 and comes back home tomorrow

I have had a birthday

I won a surprise giveaway
How lucky am I?

from the lovely and very kind Vivienne
the lavender smells absolutely beautiful 
and look at this gorgeous little flower brooch
thank you so very much Vivienne
I adore my goodies
and I am very touched by your kindness

I have seen the Queen!!!
Oh yes indeedy
We went up to London on the last day of her golden jubilee celebrations
(BTW...wasn't it a magical long weekend?)
we stood in ginormous crowds
when the procession went by 
it was so exciting
but to be honest it was just her hat that I could see
bobbing along in a beautiful gold carriage
 although I am quite sure that her whole body was there too

Mr Sweet had a birthday

My mum had a birthday

Our lovely boy passed his driving test
first time as well!
All I can hear myself saying to him now is 
'PLEASE text me when you get there'
'remember to text me when you are leaving'

Mr Sweet and I had a breath-taking visit here
but more on that another time


My little niece had a birthday
well actually it is today
l am pleased to report that she loved her new rainbow pencil roll

I have added a listing to my shop
with an option of 'pencils' or 'rainbow'
I still can't decide
thank you for your help on the matter
it was a very split vote!

Wishing you a super duper week
and hopefully lots of sunshine

lots of love
j x


  1. What a lot of lovely times you've been having ... And knew she'd love her rainbow ... Have a lovely week! Claire xxx

  2. My goodness you've been busy! Lots of good excuses for cake though which is always good! How lovely to see the queen/her hat!

    Enjoy your week me dear!

  3. Lovely post Jooles, lovely having you back. Happy birthday to you and mr sweet and well done to your son passing his driving test! Scrumptious cakes too!
    Victoria xx

  4. Hello, hello, how lovely to have you back.

    Happy Birthday to all the birthday people in your family. It has been all go on the birthday front here too. My mum, my son and my sister all celebrated birthdays in the last week. I think I have eaten enough birthday cake to last me 'til Christmas!

    Well done to your son and safe return to your daughter x

  5. Wow you have had a busy time!!
    Happy birthday to you and Mr Sweet, your mum and your niece! :)
    Congrats to your son as well.
    You'll soon have your girl back with you again for the whole summer too. :)
    Thanks so much for your kind word, so glad you liked your gift.
    Have a lovely new week Jooles!!
    Vivienne x

  6. Happy belated Birthday Jooles!!!! And you are even younger than me....lucky you!!!!
    xxxxx Alessandra

  7. Sooo nice to have you back Jooles! We've had a lot of birthdays here too, so much cake eaten! Hope you had a lovely birthday :0) Congrats to your son too xx

  8. Hello Jooles...Happy belated Birthday Wishes all round!!!...Oh my, you have had a busy time and it all sounds wonderful. Your cakes look delicious and one of my daughters would just love the happy bunting cake(being a big fan of both!)
    Congratulations on winning Vivienne's gorgeous Giveaway....I was lucky to win one of Vivienne's brooches myself and they are so beautiful!
    Congratulations to your son too on passing his driving test! Goodness, you are probably ready for a good rest now....
    Hope you have a happy crafty week,
    Susan x

  9. Sounds as though you've been having a great time with all those celebrations.

    41 is the best of ages! (can you guess I'm 41 too!?)

    Have a lovely week.
    Fleur xx

  10. Hello Jooles,
    Wow what a busy wonderful post!
    Hope you birthday brought with it lots of happiness......
    Loved the cakes!
    Don't you find you have months like this where every thing happens at once....
    Thank you for your lovely visit over on mine, it really made my day!
    Love Maria x
    Congrats to your son for passing his test also!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to you!!
    Warm wishes,

  12. Happy birthday to you, sweet Jooles! Happy birthday to your husband, to your Mom and to your niece too :o) And congrats to your son. Love all your beautiful cakes and pencilcaes as well :o)Lucky you with this French prize!
    So glad you back :o) Jooles! Nice to read you had a sweet time.
    wish you and all your Family have a nice week

  13. Dear Jooles, I am glad your sweet B will be back home and that you celebrated a birthday! Yay! I hope it was a wonderful one! Your giveaway prizes are lovely and the cakes you made look yummy! I hope your hubby and mum had wonderful birthdays too! Congratulations to your son for passing his driving test! Happy Birthday to your sweet niece. I know she will have fun with her pretty pencil case! xo~Paula

  14. Good to have you back Jooles! Happy Birthday to you. Lots of lovely cakes in this post (love the Emma Bridgewater comport btw)and how lucky to see the queen! I love her.

  15. Great to see you back Jooles!
    Sending belated birthday greetings to you and all the others that had a birthday - seems like it was an EXPENSIVE month!
    Looking forward to the post about your visit - it looks fabulous :o)

    Rose H

  16. Congratulations on so many celebrations and achievements :)

  17. You have been a very busy bee indeed. I hope you had a fabulous birthday! All the cakes look scrummy, I hope someone made you one!!! Lots of love Katie xxx

  18. It's lovely to see you back, Jooles with so many happy tales to tell. Happy, happy belated birthday to you AND all the other joyful memmbers of you family. I must say your birthday cakes are worthy of Fiona Cairns's beauties. I love the one you made your husband.

    How could your niece NOT love that delightful pencilcase? You have magic in your fingertips, Jooles.

    Enjoy your daughter's return today.


  19. Happy belated birthday sweet Jooles. Your cake and bunting look so very goooood!
    Have a sunny and crafty day xx

  20. We also have a lot of birthdays in June, must be a good month for a party!
    If you fancy strawberries, you still have 3 days to join in my give away
    if you like! See you, love Mirjam.

  21. Hi Jooles, me again!

    Just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for 'the sunshine' award. Full details can be found on my post here:

    I understand that if you have already received many of these types of awards you may not wish to join in, but I hope that the link on my blog brings in lots of new visitors to your beautiful blog. I chose your blog as it always makes me feel 'happy' and 'sunny' when I visit to see your colourful crafty projects.

    Best Wishes
    Fleur xx

    1. Ahhhh Fleur....thank you so very much, i feel very honoured....lets hope the 'sunshine' award brings lots of sunshine ;o)
      love jooles x

  22. What a lovely chatty post and a belated happy birthday!
    I'm feeling your pain with the teenage driver thing. My daughter has been driving just over a year now and I still get a bit jumpy when she's out. How did our parents manage without us having mobile phones!
    Have a happy sunny day!

  23. What a wonderful, cheerful post!!! It sounds as though you're having a busy (but very lovely) time! :-)
    Oooooh!!! I love the rainbow roll!!!

  24. Well, a great big "Happy Birthday" to you and yours! Can't imagine why you haven't been posting daily with so little going on ;)
    Really, it sounds like wonderful times. When I'm 41 my youngest will be 18 . . . I'm only eight years behind you and love to see the 'success' of you raising your kiddos . . . those who go before are always an encouragement to those of us behind :)I'm grateful there are still three years to go until the oldest does the driving thing though . . . my poor car! ;)

  25. Hello & Happy Birthday Wishes
    I've just found you via Mary Poppins, and your blog is lovely, and your Etsey shop fabulous.
    I'm just getting used to my boy walking home from school - its wrong, but I want to wrap him in cotton wool as he becomes more independant.

  26. beautiful post, hope you had a truly lovely time- that cakey looks scrumptious - yum yum yum xx
    love the posys too ;0)x


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