Monday, 28 May 2012

swinging & sewing

WOWEEE....'s been warm hot this weekend!
I am a wuss when it gets too hot
I can be found hunting down shady patches with a cool drink

Over the weekend most of the veggie seedlings have been planted out
Mr Sweet did most of that to be fair… in the heat of the midday sun
....crazy man!
I did mine in the pleasant cool of the evening

You may remember that in my last post I mentioned about my
new 'splash out' purchase
Well with perfect timing it arrived on Friday afternoon
my boys built it that evening 
we have all spent happy times sitting, swinging and generally enjoying it
I am over the moon
I have dreamt of owning one all my life
This is the view from it, looking up the garden
we have a steep uphill garden.
Even after all that rain just a little while ago, the grass is starting to look a little parched now
(rather like me ;o)

I think it needs a little pimping up
...what do you think???

While Mr Sweet was playing cricket
and my lovely boy was doing computer-y things
I spent a peaceful couple of hours on Saturday afternoon
sitting and swinging and drinking pimms
(I think I made it a little strong, I felt quite tipsy when I got up!)
 whilst doing a little therapeutic rainbow embroidery for my ‘make a month’
it’s a birthday gift for my little niece

Here's a sneaky peek
(I’ll show all next time)

You may also remember that I had another plan up my sleeve
 for 'operation garden chilling'
....I am going to attempt a garden quilt
this will be my first ever quilt...I am excited
and a little scared!

I have purchased the fabrics.....

It was SO exciting
they are from Tilda
I am so in love with all of her beautiful designs
so much so, that I couldn't decide which pack of fabric squares to go for
so in the end I got one of each
there is another pack too, I missed it placed after the pimms incident
  but not to worry, it is now happily reunited with the others
I chose the beautiful blue oriental flower fabric for the backing
I was after something that wouldn't look grubby too quickly.

 I am need of some advice
and I am hoping that you lovely ladies can help me
I have no idea what filling (or even if you call it that)
 to sandwich my quilt with
I would like it to be lightweight but very poufy
so that it will be comfy-cosy to lay on
I'd like to be able to wash and tumble dry it
and to buy it mail order
I think I am going to tie it but I may decide to hand stitch it
(if that make a difference to what filling to use)
any suggestions of what to buy and where to buy it would be so appreciated
thank you in advance

Thank you too for sharing the blue poppy love
It's still looking gorgeous
the main flower has now lost its petals
but a second smaller flower has opened on the same stem
I shall be saving those seeds

I need to do some watering now
with a watering can...of course!

Have a happy week
lots of love
j x


  1. Your new swing seat does look fab. but I'm sure it would be even better with some pimping!

    The fabric you bought for your quilt is lovely, I would have had problems choosing too.....I have no idea I'm afraid on filling.....but look forward to seeing your quilt finished.

    Enjoy the sun, it has been a lot coller here today and a bit grey :-( I do hope thats not it now!

  2. Oooh Pimp My Swing! I'll look forward to that post.
    And looking forward to seeing your quilt too. The colours look gorgeous.

  3. I am new to the sewing world, so afraid I cannot much help with recommending batting. It has been dreadfully hot here, too. I do so despise being hot and sticky. The WIP you shared is intriguing. I do love the colorful rainbow you are making with your threads.

  4. Oh- I'm excited for you making that quilt! Judging by your fabric and your talent for sewing, it will be gorgeous- I'm quite sure.
    So happy your swing arrived in time for the hot weekend. How wonderful to be out enjoying the garden AND stitching away AND enjoying some refreshment (you were really tipsy from all the JOY and beauty before you, not the pimms at all!) ;)
    Have a lovely week!

  5. What a perfect way to spend time in the garden; swinging on a garden swing, Pimms in hand, planning a crafty project. I hope you get the weather to enjoy your purchase all summer Jooles.

  6. Hello Jooles - please pimp the swing!!!
    I am in LoVE with Tilda fabrics - can't wait to see what you make.
    I wish I could pretend to be an experienced quilter/patchworker (see I don't know what to call it!!) and give you some good advice, but sadly quilting remains on my TO DO WISH LIST!!
    Lorraine xx

    PS I think they ar making Pimms stronger this year as I has exactly the same problem hehe xx

  7. Ooh swinging and pimms sounds the perfect way to spend the weekend. The material for your new venture looks gorgeous, such wonderful prints! Sadly sewing machines and myself don't get on very well :( and your embroidery is looking lovely too!
    Victoria xx

  8. Your quilt is going to be lovely - I love the backing fabric. Can't wait to see the final product. I have bought a pattern to make a dolls' house quilt with little tiny doors and people. I am so looking forward to making it but have absolutely no clue at all about quilting!! i am going to wait til the Autumn evenings and in the mean time start collecting all the tiny bits of fabric I'l need. Lily. xxx

  9. Wow, your swing seat looks amazing, I am so jealous! Sorry, can't help re the quilting advice - I just used "wadding" which is one continuous sheet and washes fine. But it seems that wadding/padding/stuffing are used interchangeably and I get awfully confused. Love the rainbow embroidery. Isn't hand sewing the most relaxing thing ever? x

  10. Lovely summer post Jooles. The swing seat is going to look great with a new quilt on it! Hoping one of our talented friends can provide the advice for the filling! Love Tilda fabric too - I just bought the Tilda magazine and am just loving the photos in it, very aspirational. Keep enjoying the sun, and the pimms!! xx

  11. Oh you have bought a swing! Lovely!!! I cant think of anything better to have in the garden. Just right for relaxing, drinking Pimms and doing a bit of patchwork while hubby slaves away in the hot sun putting his veg seed in. Ha Ha.......xx

  12. Swinging and drinking Pimms sounds like an ideal way to spend an afternoon. :)
    I love all your fabrics, they're going to make a beautiful quilt!!
    Vivienne x

  13. a garden swing, beautiful days, lovely embroidery time/project, some new fabrics (lovely, too) for a new crafty adventure....honestly, could you ask for more? Pimms, maybe?
    Take care, xxxx Alessandra

  14. Oh yes, it certainly has been very hot! I am in envy of your swing seat, I too would really love one and have wanted one for ages, but with all the children's bits; trampoline, swing, slide etc there isn't much room left, one day I'm sure I'll get one and enjoy it as much as you. Can't wait to see your make xx

  15. Oh Jooles I do love your swing seat. My grandparents had one and I loved it so much. It looks the perfect spot for sipping Pimms and relaxing and I hope you get lots more time to enjoy doing just that over the summer.

  16. That swing you have must be the best place to be in weather like this!
    I think I would fall asleep in it very easily though...
    I was just trying to imagine myself in a swing in our garden:
    crashing into our shed and back into the window of our house !!!
    We have a really tiny garden, you know.
    Funny idea!! ( Yes,maybe I have a weird sense of humour...)
    Anyway... what's Pimms? I don't think we do Pimms in the Netherlands,
    but it sound nice!
    Love, Mirjam.

    1. Hi Mirjam
      OOoh pimms is LOVERLY! it is an alcoholic summer drink that you add lemonade to, lots of mint, cucumber and fruit, its very refreshing and VERY moreish, but beware ...don't make it too strong ;o)
      love jooles x

    2. Hmmm, maybe I should give it a try...:}

  17. Oh Jooles, I am sooooo jealous of your beautiful swing seat, I have wanted one of those for ages!! I can't think of anything more relaxing than sitting in a swing seat and drinking Pimms in the sunshine, bliss! Obviously, I would have to ban the children from the garden so I could relax, hehe! Sorry I can't help with advice on quilting, but I hope someone will be able to help you :) Quilting is on my 'learn how to do' list! Enjoy the sun, and don't drink too much Pimms....hick!
    Caroline xx

  18. Sitting on a swing seat in the sunshine drinking Pimms - a perfect day I'd say!

  19. Look like the prefect spot for hanging out and enjoying the sunshine! I didn't know Pimm's was alcohol until now... I don't think we have it here! But it sounds so delicious! *waves hello* from your newest follower Hazel.

  20. I love your seat- perfect for sunny afternoons! And Pimms is a must! With regards to wadding- there are lots of sorts from the cheaper polyester version, to wool or cotton mixews. Some of the cottons need prewashing as they can shrink and cause your quilt to wrinkle! It also depends on whether you plan to machine or hand quilt it-s ome varieties are fine for either, some better for one or the other I'd have a word with a supplier like the "Cotton Patch" as they will be able to advise you about types and sizes. Sorry I can't be more specific:)

    1. thank you so much Dotty for your help ...i will go and have a look on cotton patch are a star x
      love jooles x

  21. Oh I love your garden, so pretty. And I love your swing too...I want one now :o) will be hinting to the other half...may take a while. Lovely blog, found you via Alessandra at

  22. Ooh, Jooles! A SWING in the garden! It`s my dream too :o) Your garden is very pretty :o)And Tilda`s squares!!! Love`em...ooh and aah...and good luck with your fist quilt.
    Have a happy week

  23. Hello Jooles, thought I'd pop over and say hello, and say congratulations for winning yet another giveaway! I can't offer any advice on quilt making, never having made one myself, but I can imagine how lovely it will be to do some outside stitching on your new swing seat. Pimms by your side, of course!

  24. Looking forward to seeing the pimping and the quilt! I am sure both will be amazing

  25. Hello sweet Jooles, I am so happy for you dearest! Your garden is beautiful and your garden swing is fabulous! I am so glad you are enjoying it and spent some time sewing. I look forward to seeing more of your niece's gift. The fabrics you chose for your quilt are gorgeous! I love them! Enjoy your garden and have a lovely rest of the week! Love, Paula xo

  26. I like the idea of swinging and sewing and sipping Pimms!!! :-)
    Good luck with your quilt for the garden. I know it's going to turn out just gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it all finished (though work-in-progress shots would be fab)!!! ;-)

  27. Jooles the swing looks fabulous, perfect for a little Summer relaxation.......

    My mum bought one back in the 70's we put it in the front garden under some trees.......very swish back then, hehe!! Spent many hours relaxing and swinging on it.

    Unfortunately, one of the trees was a cow itch tree (Norfolk Island Hibiscus) . It had seed pods that were full of little prickly hairs that caused skin irritation and if they ended up on you, you would be itching and scratching for ages........ Not a great combination..

    Love the fabrics you've chosen for your quilt. Can't give you any advice on it, sorry, but I'm sure it will look wonderful when you've finished it.

    CLaire x

  28. Hi, I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your crafty experiences and your swing seat.

    There are too many varieties of wadding/batting out there to mention here, but from the sound of your post you would like it to be quite puffy and would either tie it or hand quilt it so maybe a hi-loft polyester would be good. Another consideration would be an 80/20 cotton/polyester mix. I would recommend you get in touch with cotton patch as a premier quilting supplier here in the UK. They are very helpful.

    I'm lookingforward to seeing your quilt as it progresses. Your fabrics look amazing.



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