Thursday, 31 May 2012

A make a month ♥ May 2012

My goodness, it's the last day of May already
can somebody please tell me where it went???

Here is my make for May

It's a pencil roll
a rainbow pencil roll
Oooooh I love a rainbow
always have : always will
there is just something about them
they are 'happy' making

This is for my little niece
not my littlest niece though, that is her sister
she will be getting one for .....dare I say it....Christmas
(sorry, that just snuck in there)

I was going to embroider the words ‘Mia’s rainbow’
I made the mistake of asking Mr Sweet and lovely G if that sounded ok
they confused me
easily done
Lovely G said that it should say “ Mia’s pencils”
Mr Sweet, on the other hand, said it should say “Mia’s rainbow pencil case”
I told him that that was a little long!
I wish I had stuck to my guns now though
I like Mia's rainbow
I’d love to know what you think, should it say pencils or rainbow?
I’d like to get it right as I am planning on listing them
 in my Etsy shop at some point

I went to C&H fabrics to hunt down some rainbow ribbon to tie it with
and found that amazing rainbow elastic
I couldn't believe my eyes
it was as if it was put there just for me
so I changed my plans and added a button and loop

I photographed it the same day as I showed you my quilt fabric
hence the background…it probably wasn’t the best idea
rather busy
but there you go

I had such a lovely time choosing all the fabrics
that’s always the best bit, don’t you think?
(unlike the tidying)
I googled ‘pencil roll tutorial’ for a pattern
there were lots
but in the end I decided to ‘wing it’
on the whole it turned out pretty well
there are a few ‘updations’ (as my lovely G always says)
 that I will make to my next one though

I spent some time laying out my fabric squares a couple of days ago
for the 'flower patch' quilt
 (I have literally just named it that)
I hope I haven't bitten off more that I can chew

That is A LOT of squares!
154 to be exact
possibly not that many for you clever quilt experts out there
but it does feel a little daunting to me
...but ooooooh they are so pretty
like a sweetie shop of fabrics

Changing the subject completely...
 Lovely G wanted me to show you his new fish tank

All the plants are in now
including six moss balls
which I think are amazing and genius

just love them

he has six little neaon tetra fish
 named 'The Saphires'
more fish will be added this weekend I think
I am sure you will have another updation soon ;o)

Guess what???  exciting news...
My sweet B is coming home this weekend
for the WHOLE summer
she has her last exam this afternoon
my sweetie
and next week
both Mr Sweet and our lovely boy
have a week off work too
so we will be out and about
things to do : places to see
plus some serious swinging and chilling time
(Oh you know what I mean ;o)

pimms anyone?

I may not be around for a couple of weeks
hopefully there will be some quilt action to show you when I return

Right I'm off to hang out the bunting!
if you are celebrating the jubilee..have fun
I for one, can't wait....Yipeeee

have fun lovelies

lots of love
j x


  1. Hi Jooles,
    I love the pencil roll, personally I think Mia's Rainbow sounds magical :)
    And I would never be brave enough to contemplate such a large quilt, good for you.
    I can't wait for the Jubilee celebrations either, it's going to be great!
    S x

  2. The pencil roll is fabulous! Rainbow would have been lovely, don't listen to men ... Quilt looks lovely already, will be amazing! Xx

  3. Beautiful posting again!
    Our son would go for " pencils" because a rainbow in there is obviously
    not possible....
    Maybe " Rainbow Mia" is an idea, or " Sweet Rainbow" ?
    Or " Rainbow Love" ?
    I can't stop anymore! I'll let you know if I think of someting else...
    Love from Mirjam.

    1. Oooooh thank you for all of the ideas :o)

  4. Hmmm, the pencil roll would also make a great crochet hook roll! Very pretty indeed. I love the colours of your quilt and can't wait to see it finished. No pressure! In your own time...
    Enjoy the Jubilee. I'm hoping the sun will make a reappearance. You never know!

  5. Hi Jooles, that pencil roll is SUPERB!! So pretty and as Missy says above, will make a great crochet hook roll too....hmmmmm I want one now :o) Have a fabulous Jublilee weekend, do you remember the last one?? I said to my Mum yesterday that I remembered us all having to wear red, white and blue to school...ahhhhh the 1970's..what a decade xxx

    1. I do...we had a school jubilee party in the sports field, i remember wearing my party dress and each of us being given a commemorative mug, not sure where it is now...wish i had been more careful with it.
      love jooles x

    2. Ahem... I started work the year of the Silver Jubilee. Oh yes, I am an old fart.

  6. OOooooh I love the pencil roll! I think it should pencils on the front but how about on the inside plain pocket it says 'Rainbow Pencils' ?!! I love the rainbow of fabrics inside....that's genius!! G's fish tank looking good! And good luck to Sweet B! You'll feel as if the summer is well and truly here once she comes home :) Have a super half term with your family :)

    Take care, love & hugs,

    Jo x x x

  7. What a fabulous pencil roll! Great choice of fabrics and of course beautifully put together. I like 'rainbow', but I think I prefer 'pencils' as that's what it's for :0) But no matter what you call them, they'll soon sell and great idea for crochet hooks or even knitting needles - the list is endless!! Hope you have a lovely time with your family, will miss your posts but will look forward to your return xx

  8. Gorgeous post! The pencil roll is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Oh how I wish my sewing machine loved me! I will just look at your posts and drool!

    Have a beautiful day!

    Vanessa xxx

  9. Beautiful pencil case and gorgeous fabrics for your quilt. You are way ahead of me and my quilt - I am still at the planning stage! Hope you and your family have a wonderful week together. Best wishes, Pj x

  10. Hi Jooles - what a fantastic pencil roll - I'm sure your niece will be thrilled with such a beautiful and thoughtful present. As for the wording, I really like 'rainbow' rather than 'pencils' particularly with the beautiful rainbow of fabric when you open it - stunning!!

    Really hope you have a great Jubilee weekend with all your family- enjoy.

    Fleur xx

  11. the pencils' roll is really beautiful!!! I like the idea to use the word "rainbow" : it fits very well, I think!!! All the pics of the roll are nice, no worries about the quilt in the background!!!
    Have fun and hope to see you soon, my dear!!
    xoxoxo Alessandra

  12. Hi Jooles, gorgeous pencil roll! Love the fabrics inside too! I do like Mia's Rainbow. Think this would make a fabulous crochet hook holder too ;)
    Victoria xx

  13. That pencil roll is GORGEOUS!!! I really, really like it. It's pretty on the outside but then when you open it, oh wow! What a lovely gift, lucky little girl.

    I am in awe of your sewing skills. The quilt looks great. Sewing the squares together was easier than I though it would be, I just came unstuck when I attached the wadding and padding... Good luck with yours, I'm sure it will be perfect. :-) xx

  14. It's so beautiful, I would definitely agree with those who want one for their hooks :) Your quilt looks like it'll be amazing too, you're so clever! Have a lovely jubilee xx

  15. Gorgeous pencil roll! I like the idea of calling it 'someone's rainbow', but for selling purposes would probably stick with the more obvious 'someone's pencils' !! Your new quilt is looking so pretty, it will be gorgeous, Jooles! The fishy tank looks very bright, colourful and exotic.
    Have a lovely time with your family, and enjoy the Jubilee :)
    Helen x

  16. The pencil roll is really lovely. I would definitely go for 'Mia's Rainbow'. It was such a lovely surprise to reveal the inside all in beautiful fabric stripes. I think it will sell very well. Isn't the feeling of 'breaking up' for the summer a lovely expectant one. All those endless plans and possibilities. Have lots of fun. Lily. xxx

  17. The pencil roll is beautiful! Really lovely. xx

  18. Your pencil case is ABSOLUTLY ADORABLE, Jooles! Love it and my daughter love it too. She said that need one like this right now :o) Lovely squares too! Your son`s aquarium is very beautiful! All plant look so pretty and the moss balls are just amazing. You know I`m so like it that think may be I need one :o) Kisses to Sweet B, glad she stay with you for all summer.
    Have a sweet weekend

  19. I'm not good at decision making! I think I would go for 'name pencils' on the front and 'name rainbow' inside!!!
    So pleased to hear that your gorgeous daughter is back this weekend - how lovely to have a week off together.
    I really really really L O V E your quilt fabrics .... Are they all Tilda fabrics? I think it will look stunning.
    Enjoy the Jubilee

    1. Yes they are Tilda...I am hopelessly addicted :o) thank you x
      love jooles x

  20. Wow I love the rainbow pencil case, the patchwork fabric at the back it is so pretty and must have taken you ages.

    I am also loving the moss balls, they looks so soft and squidgy :) the fish tank is looking very bright and colourful, it will look fab once it is filled with tropical fish too.

    Have a lovely break x x x x

  21. Mmmm, rainbow does sound good but then it is for pencils so that sounds ok too! Sorry Jooles I'm absolutely no help whatsoever!! :)
    It is lovely and I think Mia will be delighted with it. As someone said above it would make a lovely crochet hook holder too! Whether 'rainbow' or 'pencils' or for hooks or pencils, it definitely is one for your shop.
    I love the fish tank and the moss balls, you will all be so chilled out watching them, the Pimms will help too. ;)
    Best of luck to your lovely daughter with her exam. I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday Jubilee weekend!!!
    Vivienne xxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Hello sweet Jooles! What a delightful and cheerful post, as always my friend! I LOVE the rainbow pencil case! Mia will love it too! The rainbow ribbon is perfect and I love the fabrics you used and the rainbow embroidery. It makes me quite happy looking at it! I think either name is suitable, rainbow or pencils, but I feel you should go with what you love and chose first, I always find I am happiest if I do that. :) These will be perfect for your lovely Etsy shop. Oh, your flower patch quilt is looking fabulous! Love all those fabrics. You will do a beautiful job with it! Your son's aquarium is really beautiful and I love the the moss balls! I think it must be very serene to watch the fishes go by. I am happy your girl will be home and you and all of your family will be off together and enjoy swinging, gardening and be out and about with each other! Have fun sweetie! Enjoy the Jubilee too! Much love, Paula xo

  23. OOoh, I love that pencil cases - the rainbow colours inside in all those fabrics look amazing! I like 'Mia's Pencils' - but 'Rainbow' would be good too.

    That quilt is going to be amazing! I recognise some of the fabrics from the mini-quilt I recently made with a Tilda charm pack! Mine was only 15 squares, so 154 sounds a bit scary to me!! :o)

    Maria x

  24. This post is just filled to overflowing with wonderful things!!
    That pencil case is fantastic. The inside really blew me away . . . what wonderful color!
    I am in love with your quilt and it's only squares so far! Great fabric!

    Have a fantastic week with your family Jooles!

  25. Hello Jooles...Your pencil roll is so pretty..a real rainbow of colour...and your house sounds very much like mine when I ask for an opinion...I just end up totally confused!..I really think both words would be popular so maybe you could have a pic of both in your shop?...Definitely a winner either way...they would make such a perfect gift.
    Your quilt will be wonderful..I am planning to make one too over the Summer ...I have my fabrics so no excuses now and I may even manage to inspire my girls to join me...It will be great fun!
    Ooh, lovely G has a beautiful fish tank there...such pretty colours..would be perfect for me to sit and ponder at the moment...
    My girls are home too next week..I really can't wait Jooles!
    Hope you have a lovely Jubilee weekend,
    Susan x

  26. Hi Jooles. that pencil roll is an artwork. brilliant. I do get 'crafting envy' when i read and see how much you have done. I look forward to having time one day, perhaps when i'm not working five days, to do more stuff. I haven't even blogged in May, not even once! terrible. happy friday to you. Jane x

  27. PS. i would love a Pimms. haven't enjoyed one of those for years and years! Jx

  28. i think i like mia's rainbow best
    and i shall be in the over queue at your esty shop

    have a lovely weekend xx enjoy the celebrations!

  29. Lovely post ... and glad you have got your lovely back as well! The pencil roll is gorgeous, can't believe how lovely the patchwork interior is. I like the .... pencils. Your quilt is going to be lovely and can't wait to see its progress later. Enjoy the next few weeks. xx

  30. the pencil roll was so well done... i am sure my boy would love to have one for all his pastel and colour pencils

  31. Hi Joules!
    Lovey post and such a sweet gift, you can just tell it is made with love!
    Am a loving the patch work quilt also..
    Enjoy this jubilant weekend.
    Maria x
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog too, you meet such nice folks on here! hahax

  32. Love the pencil roll, I bet you had so much fun choosing the fabrics! Good luck with the quilting, I am edging ever closer to having another go at making a quilt, maybe something very small. Sounds like you are going to have so much fun over the next week - enjoy! xx

  33. Hi Jooles,
    Oh, how wonderful it has been for me just strolling through your blog post! How I love the bright, cheery colors of the pencil roll you have so skillfully created! There's nothing so bright as a rainbow...and, there isn't a person that wouldn't love your handiwork!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for becoming one of my sweet friends!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend!
    Carolynn xo

  34. Hey Jooles, the pencil roll looks you say choosing the fabrics is part of the fun, but if you were making a roll for a set of Derwent 72's it might be a different story, hehe.....I'm sure Mia will love it.

    The fabric combo's for your quilt look great, love the colours.....

    Fish tank gets the thumbs up and those little moss balls are so sweet, I want to roll them round in my hands..

    Have a great break and I look forward to reading about the quilts progress.

    Claire x

  35. Hello my lovely, everything you make is always so lovely!
    I only ever made a small bit on my quilt, it's in a bag never to be seen again.
    I hope all of you are having loads of fun! :0)

    Lou xxx

    PS. I like Mia's pencils & rainbow, sorry, I'm no help! ;) x

  36. Oh dearest Jooles, I am so sorry to have arrived a little late for this WONDERFUL post! So much of note here. First things first I am so happy to read that your dearest daughter is returning home for a LONG stretch of holidays. Yippee. With my eldest turned sixteen I can really begin to understand the pain and joy of them leaving and returning. Second, Mia's pencil roll is truly beautiful. Mia's Rainbow? Lovely. Mia's pencils: honestly? I love it.

    Last things for now: I grinned when I saw all those patchwork squares lined up on the floor.

    Have a beautiful week and Jubilee celebration.

  37. Your pencil roll is so adorable! I am loving the fabrics inside. Hope your celebrations where wonderful. xoxoo Hugs

  38. Wow, I was just getting excited about the rainbow elastic and then you unfurled the roll and there are all the lovely rainbow colours, I love did a superb job, I reckon they'd be a great seller for you in your shop, and I think both wordings are great, it's funny the number of times I've been floored by my hubby's helpful advice and come away being more unsure than I was originally, typical eh!

    Your new quilt looks lovely, all set out, what a pretty project for the summer.

    Hope you have had a great jubilee weekend!

  39. Oh gosh that's smashing what could be another boring pouch to hold pencils in is converted into a bright colourful let me show you what my Auntie made for me pencil pouch. I bet your niece is showing it off to everyone. I particularly like how each different pattern indicates where each crayon should go. Impressive!
    Every time its unrolled a rainbow of colour is unrolled with it. Its a Rainbow Roll. No getting away from using rainbow somewhere for a name.

    Amanda :-)

  40. Wow - what a fabulous pencil roll! How clever! I think that the word 'rainbow' is very sweet, but 'Mia's Pencils' probably works better as it still looks VERY pretty, and is functional/descriptive too. Saying that - both are lovely. I think that my daughters would be delighted to have a pencil case like that - absolutely beautiful!
    Paula xx
    p.s. Am a new follower, and delighted to have found you!


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