Wednesday, 9 May 2012

lucky lucky lucky

Hello lovely readers

Firstly thank you so much for all of your kind comments on my last post
You are the best

Well I seem to be on a lucky streak
I have won, not one, but two beautiful giveaways recently
How lucky am I???
maybe I should try my luck on the lottery before it runs out!

Want to see my beauties?

I won the sweetest little crochet bag stuffed with chocolates
from the lovely Katie over at Booty-full things blog

Isn't it gorgeous, made especially for me in pale violet
It has found it's new home hanging beside my sewing table 
I have snaffled most of the chocs to be honest 
(as you might have noticed!)
 I am on a bit of a diet at the moment
so one little choccy a day will be my treat
keep me going so to speak.

Katie also sent me a beautiful handmade card
some button soaps
I have never seen soap this cute before
not sure I will be able to use them

and this fabulous sewing tin

stuffed to the brim with notions
you see the little basket of roses?
well it brought back a wonderful memory from my childhood
as my mum had one exactly the same

I am so very touched by your thoughtfulness Katie
thank you thank you thank you

I also won a fabulous giveaway from the very kind and sweet Alessandra
all the way from Indonesia

 So beautifully wrapped
I am in love with gingham at the moment

Look what was inside...
A garland laden with beautiful knitted hearts
all attached to the tape with little wooden beads
It is so beautifully made

This is my favourite colour heart...isn't it pretty?

 Alessandra even sent me the hooks

Also in my parcel was this colourful collection of 
sugar sticks and tea
I keep looking at those sugar sticks, they are like works of art

 They all came stashed in this sweet bag

The tea is beautiful Alessandra...I added a little honey to it...YUM
Thank you so very very much

I really love blogging
I am so glad that I took the plunge last year
it has opened up a new world to me
I have 'met' such lovely people
so kind and generous with their time and love
giveaways are such fun
and it is the thoughtfulness that people put into them
 that is so very touching

So thank you lovely ladies
I feel honoured

Now for something completely different

I have been busy filling my shop shelves with decorations 
ready for all the 2012 celebrations
the Queens golden jubilee and the olympics
so get ready for a dose of 
Red white and blue
coming your way...

and this here!

They may even be some special celebration birdies underway too
I'll fill you in on that soon!

I hope you are having a lovely week
two days till the weekend

back soon
lots of love 
j x


  1. Lucky you winning such fab prizes! Love the bunting.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. How lucky you are to win those give away's. You deserve them. The red, white and blue bunting is great and just right for the jubilee. It has prompt me to make something for the celebrations.....xx

  3. What beautiful prizes, and absolutely love your bunting! Have a lovely week, Claire

  4. What lovely gifts. My Nan had one of those little sewing baskets with flowers - it brings back such cosy memories for me too. Enjoy your pretty new things. Lily. xxx

  5. Ooh lucky you - gorgeous gifts! Loving the red white and blue at the minute too!
    Victoria xx

  6. You are a lucky girl, they are beautiful prizes. Loving your Jubilee creations and did I hear you say birdies too?! Can't wait to see them xx

  7. Wow, lucky lucky you!! You must buys lottery ticket, you are on such a winning streak. I love your new makes for the shop. The bunting fabrics are lovely (I really like the bird fabric and the crown fabric too - are they by tthe same designer?). Hope you are okay xx

    1. Hello :o)
      Those fabrics are lovely aren't they? The crown fabric is from Makower's London range and the little bird fabric is one of my all time faves and is called buttercup designed by Darlene Zimmermann for Robert Kaufman.
      love jooles x

  8. Glad you liked your goodies Jooles. You deserve them. I love love love your bunting! Love Katie xx

  9. Jubilee birds ... yippee! I'll keep my eyes peeled!

    What lovely giveaway gifts Jooles - that little drawstring crochet bag is particularly adorable.


  10. What lovely prizes and how exciting to get a prize from Indonesia! Don't know how you haven't eaten the chocs in one sitting! Love your bunting, guarranteed to make the day even more celebratory. I completely agree about blogging, as a newby it has definitely enriched my life and made me feel part of a wonderful new community! xx

  11. Lucky you! What lovely giveaway prizes! You should definitely have a go at the lottery - they say that good things come in 3s!!!
    Your 2012 goodies are super!!! I love the red, white and blue thing you've got going on!!! :-)

  12. Lovely goodies, how lucky for you!

    Love your new jubilee things, you are a clever one, I hope they sell really well for you, I'm sure they will!

    Weekend is even closer now than before!

  13. Hello sweet Jooles! I am so happy you won such wonderful giveaways! I love the beautiful crochet bag that sweet Katie made for you and all of the sewing things! The illustrations on the sugar stick bags are so charming! I know you will enjoy all of your pretties! I love the buntings you made!!! So patriotic and cheerful! Red, white and blue are such a perfect color combination! The God Save The Queen banner is fantastic! Brilliant idea to add that to the mini bunting! You are so creative my friend! I hope you have a lovely rest of the week too! xo~Paula

  14. Ooh Jooles what fantastic giveaways you won! So so sweet....I bet you really enjoyed opening them :) going to go and have a little look in your shop at your new bits now.

    Jo x x x

  15. Such lovely winnings,well done!
    The bunting is wonderful, so fun, I love the route master images, I do miss those.
    I've never thought of bunting for cakes, I might just have to make a cake and try it out!
    Have a great weekend, mine start today, woohoo!

  16. Hi, Jooles! I`m so happy to see how lucky you are :o) So nice and sweet prizes you`ve got there! And what a cute buntings :o) Love them all!!!!

  17. Well done Jooles, how fab to find these little packages in the post......a crocheted bag full of choccies, yum Alessandra's knitted bunting is wonderful too, you have been spoilt, you lucky gal......

    Love your Jubilee makes, beautiful red, white and blue bunting, perfect for tall the celebrations that will no doubt be taking place.

    I'll be keeping an eye out for celebration birds too.....

    Claire :}

  18. Some beautiful gifts. I also love the cake bunting. Best wishes, Pj x

  19. You are one lucky lady, and so well deserved. Those gifts are just incredible. Life is hard and anything anyone does to spread a bit of cheer is so important. I've been giving my dolls away as gifts to friends and family because it's more important than making money right now. The bunting looks fantastic and will be very popular I'm sure. X

  20. congrats on your giveaway winnings! what fun- really, I need some of that 'winning vibe' over here! ;)

    really love your celebration bunting- especially the first one- beautiful!

  21. Lovely giveaway wins, and I'm in LOVE with the bunting.

  22. Congratulations on your winnings and prizes - well deserved too. Love your new makes, the bunting is fab. Clever lady!! Karen x

  23. So many lovely things here Jooles!...Such lovely Giveaway gifts and you do seem to be on a lucky roll here so maybe a lottery ticket at the weekend is a good idea...
    I love your red, white and blue bunting and the sound of little celebration birdies...ooh yes, lovely!
    Hope you have a happy weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S Thanks so much for adding the link for my Giveaway!

  24. So very pleased to meet you and thanks so much for sharing, I will follow on my way out so I know the path back to your special place. I hope you will find the time to come visit me soon and do the same. I look forward to supporting and engaging together. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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