Monday, 21 May 2012

a catch-up

Its been a whole week since my last post.....
a funny old week too
I've really not felt myself, it's been a struggle
I think I have been spreading myself a bit thin
but this week, I have a fresh new outlook and feel altogether much brighter

I have some photos to share with you

Family news

These are from my lovely boys 18th birthday

He is just about to venture into a new hobby...
tropical fish keeping
hence the cake banner
The fish tank (which is HUGE!...he never does anything by halves ;o)
is ready and waiting 

The cute little fish are from this lovely shop

I ordered WAY too many of these
500 in fact....yes I know....what was I thinking?!
we have the things coming out of our ears

My Sweet B has her first end of year exam tomorrow
she is such a hard worker and has been revising for weeks
she still feels like she hasn't done enough
 I know she will do so well
she has such a pretty little head
 but inside she has a brain the size of a planet
how does it fit???


Shop news

My Etsy shop has been very busy
which is fabulous and very exciting
With every single sale I feel so honoured and happy
that somebody has chosen to buy from me
when there are SO many fabulous shops on Etsy
so thank you to all of my lovely customers

The 'Brit Chicks' have been flying off the shelves
out of fifteen listed, only five are still waiting for new homes
they are happy little tinkers

These two owl buntings were a commission from a little while ago
 I forgot to share them with you
...they were for two little sisters
I hope they liked them

Garden news

Sweet violet

This gentian is the most magnificicent blue...I just love it

Apple blossom from a couple of weeks ago
this has to be my favourite blossom ever

We have also made a little cutting patch at the very top of the garden
I say 'we' was my idea but my man did all the hard work!
I like to share you see

I did sow the seeds though....see I did do something!
I am hoping that by the summer it will look like this

aren't they pretty
and perfect for all of the celebrations this year
I am so excited
I'll show you when there is something to see

I got them from Sarah Raven (of course!) can find them here

50% off at

Well I think that's about it for now
I hope you all have a great week
and thanks for visiting
I was planning on giving my sewing room a much needed tidy now
but it's actually sunny outside so I think I will make the most of it

more soon
lots of love
j x


  1. Hello sweet Jooles, I am sorry you had a rough week, but I am so happy this one is looking much brighter! Your dear son's birthday party looks fun and cheerful! I love the darling fish bunting you made for the cake! You are so talented and creative! I wish him the best with his tropical fish keeping hobby! I love your sweet "Brit Chicks" and the buntings you made for the sisters. I know they loved them! Your flowers are so pretty! I look forward to seeing your cutting patch! I hope you have a wonderful week! Enjoy the sunshine! Love, Paula xo

  2. I love your crocheted clown fish - so very cute. Thanks for posting your garden images too - makes me feel that summer may finally be here :-)

  3. ahhh...thanks ladies x
    I wish I had made the fish, I need to practice my crochet before attempting such things!...i got them from etsy, just added a link to this post, they are very cute
    love jooles x

  4. Nice to catch up with you Jooles!
    Happy Birthday to your boy (love the fish). :)
    The Brit chicks are so cute!!!
    Really looking forward to seeing your cutting garden in bloom. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. The fish is really cute!!! but I also love your Brit chicks and your flowers....I add to the list even the S.Pellegrino Aranciata...home sweet home!!!

    xxxx Alessandra
    P.S. I hope you are well now!!! x

  6. I absolutely love the Owl Bunting. I have saved it in my things to get for baby list!


  7. Where do I start? Congrats to your lovely boy on his 18th Birthday- such special celebrations! Good luck to Sweet B! My little girl is embarking on her GCSEs and she has been so organised- a little star. Your shop is looking lovely and festive.

    Last week I was ruminating a lot about "what is the point" of a lot of what I do. This week the sun is shining so I am going for lots of walks- who cares if there is a point or not! Hope the sun gives you a lift too :) x

  8. sounds like a very busy week! Happy Birthday to your boy- love the fish! Congrats on all the Etsy busy-ness! Really wonderful . . . and so is your garden! Glad your sun is back, just as mine has slipped away once more! (but now I know where it has got to!) ;)

  9. Dear Jules, what a nice post!
    I love those owl buntings and your beautiful flower pictures!
    I set myself to the task of making "not so nice" everyday pictures for my blog for this coming week, but actually on day two (today) I'm already craving for nice pictures..... so your blogpost was just what I needed!

  10. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine and had the chance to rest a little - I'm hoping for some here tomorrow, a good dollop of sunshine always makes everything feel lighter and better. That looks like such a great birthday tea - love the fish topped cake!

  11. What a lovely post. Bet you are wondering where 18 years have gone, my Dan is 21 this year! I love the fish and hope we get to see a photo of the tank when it is set up. Tropical fish are so relaxing (so long as you don't get the fighting kind!). You deserve your Etsy success, such beautiful work.

    Hope you continue to feel more energetic and positive. xx

  12. I like a little catch up post! it seems noone in the blogosphere is feeling themself atm, hope you are feeling your chipper self again soon.
    ((((♥)))) fee

  13. Lovely refreshing post. A pleasure to read. Thanks for your kind comments........xx

  14. Hi, Jooles! What a pretty pictures of your son`s birthday! Love the garden fotos too :o) Nature is so beautiful any time of the year, but Spring is the speciale one isn`t it?
    Your buntings and chicks are adorable! Love`em all!
    P.S. Please, came to enter into my giveaway

  15. Gorgeous photos as usual Jooles, they are always a delight to look at. What a great catch up, but sorry to hear you've not been yourself. Hope the sun is shining for you down south, it certainly is here and doesn't it lift your mood when it does?! xx

  16. Love the birthday tea Jooles, the crochet fish are a great find, you always add such lovely finishing touches to your celebrations.

    Hope that the sun this weeks makes you feel a bit chirpier!

    Happy tidying!
    Fleur xx

  17. Hope you are feeling loads better now. Smashing post as always, photos are great! Sending lots of good luck wishes to Sweet B for her exams, the tropical fish keeping is great fun, well done to your son. Enjoy the sunshine and your garden. XX

  18. Oooh what a lot of news and lovely pics to share!!! A super post, my dear! :-)
    I am especially drawn to the photos of the flying-saucers sweeties! I haven't had any of those for ages. Next job - quickly find out where I can buy some in this part of the world.....

  19. I am glad you are feeling yourself again.
    I love all the projects and the flowers.
    I hope your week is wonderful!

  20. What a lovely, lovely posts, so many nice things!

    I hope you are having continuing sunshine and that you are getting lots of proper down time, but I have to say when the sunshine comes out, it does make everything somewhat rosier and easier doesn't.

    Brilliant news on all your sales, how very clever!

  21. Happy Birthday to the boy, exam good luck wishes to the girl, and a reminder to take time out to nurture yourself to the blogger.

    Great post Jooles, so many good things :D

  22. Lovely post filled with goodies, Jooles! Happy belated birhday to your son...I loved the birthday cake banner! Your garden flowers are so beautiful and colourful, and I'm not surprised the brit chicks are flying off the shelves....guess what, a brit chick flew into my potting shed this week!! (Camilla has settled in nicely).
    Wishing your daughter good luck in her stressful for the mother, I always think!
    Hope you feel more like your old self and can slow down a bit, too.
    Helen x

  23. Lots of Joy happening in your home. Happy Birthday to your son....18 is a special year! Good luck to your daughter on her exams.
    Your little birds all lined up always make me smile! hugs.

  24. Happy 18th to your son, don't they grow up so quick! I love the Brit Chicks - so sweet! Best wishes, Pj x

  25. I'm not surprised your chicks are flying off the shelves, they are fabulous! You are very talented.


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