Monday, 14 May 2012

the' Brit Chicks' are here

Well in my shop actually!

They are ready and waiting
(very excitedly)
to celebrate the Queen's golden jubilee and the 2012 Olympics
 with YOU

I will be adding more tomorrow
They are all perched on my shop shelves now

Thank you so much for your gorgeous birthday wishes for my lovely boy
He was so chuffed
and kept asking to read them as I published them
I feel quite worn out with all this celebrating!

Back soon
lots of love 
j x


  1. Belated happy birthday to the boy!!!! I love the chics, so gorgeous and fantastic, you truly are so super talented x
    Nattie x

  2. Oh Jooles I love them!!! So perfect for this Summer, I love their little crowns and union jack buttons xxx p.s glad your boy had a good day!

  3. The Brit chicks are fab - love them!

  4. I love them too - wish I'd managed a Jubilee themed block!
    fee x

  5. Jooles they are so sweet and lovely - I'm sure they will be very popular in your shop xx

  6. I've missed your blog! It hasn't been appearing in my blog updates for some reason. I've just had to catch up. Sorry I haven't commented for a while - thought you'd gone quiet! :-)

    I need one of these little fellows in my life. Love them! Hope you still have them come Friday when I get my pocket money! True to form, I've spent last week's pocket money already... whoops!

    Hope everything's good with you - certainly sounds like it, I'm pleased to hear! :-)

    Nicki xx

  7. Ooh Jooles, I love these little jubilee chicks! May have to make a little purchase :)
    Victoria xx

  8. Hello from sunny Spain
    I'm a new follower to your blog

    Those chicks are super ...all in a row. it would be a shame to break them up

    Very apt and very creative

    Amanda :-)

    at Crafty in the Med

  9. Hi,Jooles!
    Beautiful chicks :o) So good idea with the colors! Love`em all!
    Take a rest :o)

  10. Love, love, love them :D Fly to me little birdies ;D

  11. Terrific! The pictures are really funny; on the second one it looks like they are all flying in a row!

  12. Cool chicks!!
    Really lovely and I love the way you have shot them!
    Ali x

  13. Ooooh I love the Brit chicks!! Hope there is one left for me!!
    Have a lovely week, Jooles.
    Helen x

  14. Hello sweet Jooles, I love your beautiful British birds to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee! You are so creative! The Union Jack buttons are adorable and I love the fabrics you used! They look so happy! I am thrilled to hear your dear son had a good birthday and enjoyed the comments left for him. He is a sweet guy! My son is a sweetie too and I am so blessed to have him. Have a lovely week! Much love, Paula xo

  15. Oh how cute are they?! They certainly made me smile when they popped on to the screen!

  16. I love your formation flying team! They just gorgeous! Glad your son had a great day - he sounds like a super chap.

  17. Your little Brit Chicks are gorgeous!!! Where DID you get those cute little Union Jack buttons and the little crown motifs??? I know they'll be sold out straight away!

    1. Hello Carly x
      Those buttons are cute...they were from etsy, from a shop called Big Fish, i just checked and they are still in stock, here is the shop link

      and the crowns were cut from some fabric.
      love jooles x

  18. These are so cute ! I am sure, whey will fly off the shelves !

  19. You've done it again! Super cute chicks and I love their names !! I am so tempted to buy one to add to Missy's collection :0) xx

  20. Just discovered your blog via Free Pretty Things For You, I do love your little birds and can't wait to have a good look through all you post :)

  21. Ahhh I love these little British birdies :0) making me feel quite homesick what with the jubilee coming up. I will be decorating my little home in NZ in red,white and blue very soon! x

  22. Dear Jooles...You are so wonderfully creative! Your sweet little "Brit Chicks" are as cute as a button!
    Congratulations on your country's Golden Jubilee!
    Three cheers for the Union Jack with it's cheery red, white and blue!
    Warm wishes across the pond!

  23. They are so cute Jooles, but everything you make is always adorable!

    Lou xxx

  24. Jooles, I LOVE these! They are adorable and fun and silly. I think I may have to order one... xx

  25. Absolutely the cutest, patriotic goodies I have seen this year!

  26. i love your little peckers so so much.... Xxx paola


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