Wednesday, 23 May 2012

blue magic

I have been waiting for this beauty to open for a few days now...


Meconopsis or Himalayan blue poppy
(I hope that's right anyhow :o)

...I kept popping out to tend to it
protect it from slugs and frost 
and to gently stroke its very bristly stem
and two days ago
KA...ZAM !!!
there she was in all her magical, mystical beauty
she kind of glows

sorry about the gazillion photos

Isn't she a stunner?
I have three but as yet there are no buds on the other two
I keep going to check on her
I think I am under a spell....

Yesterday I made a big decision
which is...
To enjoy the garden more

we spend loads of time out there 'doing stuff'
busy busy busy
but I'd like to spend more time out there 'NOT doing stuff' 
 just enjoying it
I splashed out and ordered one of these
I felt VERY frivolous but did check with Mr Sweet first!
I have another plan coming together too
more on that next time

Thank you so much for all of your sweet messages on my last post
I am feeling much brighter...thank you x

more soon
lots of love 
j x


  1. oooh lovely! Isn't it great to have some warm weather, to get outside and feel the sun on your cheeks.
    I spent the afternoon outside reading today - it was bliss (apart from one very happy spaniel who forced himself on to my lap!) Love your new buy - I can imagine curling up on that in the evening - hurricane lamps glowing, crocheted blanket on my lap, a book and a big glass of pimms ...
    Take care xx

  2. Wow, what a stunning flower, lucky you!! Enjoy. :)

  3. What a fantastic blue she is! I had never even known that such pretty blue poppies existed, but now I will have to add that one to my 'want' list.
    I so agree with you that it's easy to be busy in the garden and sometimes more difficult to not be busy there. I hope you enjoy your garden swing very much! :)

  4. Ooooh how beautiful!! Good for you, I'd love, love a swing seat!!! ooh you'll have to make cushions for it and pimp it up with bunting!!!

    Jo x x x

  5. What a shy beauty your blue poppy is, Jooles! Delightful flower! Love :o)
    Cannot see what you ordered :o( Link doesn`t work.
    Thanks for linking my giveaway, you are so sweet!
    Have a joyful day in your garden

  6. I think each of those photos it completely worth it. I adore Meconopsis. You must have been so pleased to see it bloom so beautifully!

  7. I'm so jealous of your himalayan poppy. I bought one many years ago but luck didn't smile on me as mine never flowered! Oh how lucky you are!

    Glad that you're feeling brighter .. and what a fabulous purchase .. no excuse to sit , swing and sew!

    Have a lovely sunny week.
    Fleur xx

  8. I am into painting flowers at my art class. How i would love to paint your blue poppy......xx

  9. Wow, that flower is stunning and well worth waiting for!

  10. those Himalayan poppies are magical. at the moment i try to grow them from the seeds. i wish i could see at least one coming out of those seeds. did you grew your poppy from the seeds?
    it is true that we are too busy in our gardens, and do not enjoy it enough. i have been trying to have a cups of tea and coffee and read some gardening books between gardening too.


    1. Hi Delila...I didn't grow these ones from seeds, i bought them as plug plants but i have in the past had a little success growing from seed, out of a WHOLE packet of seeds though i managed to get 5 plants, two of which flowered once then died, the rest just died!...they are tricky little devils...good luck
      love jooles x

  11. Wow, the colour of your poppy is truly stunning! Ooh i've always wanted one of those swinging seats, sadly our garden in too small, but one day! :)
    Victoria xx (ps. Margaret is loving her new home!)

  12. Oh my, she really is so pretty Jooles!....Lets hope this sunny weather continues so that you can sit in the garden and enjoy her company!
    Glad to read you are feeling better and I hope your daughter's exams are going well...My girls are both sitting exams today and it will be happy days when it is all finally over...they have been working so hard....they seem to be never ending these days, don't they?
    Susan x

  13. What a stunning coloured poppy, didn't realise you could get that colour! Have fun on your swingy seat, just the thing to relax in your lovely garden xx

  14. What a beautiful poppy. We are the same and are always 'doing' when we are in the garden. By the time the sitting and enjoying bit comes its time to cook or sleep! Lily. xxx

  15. Absolutely stunning, I adore any kind of poppy but these are the best ever xox Thanks so much for sharing. Penelope xox

  16. a blue poppy? simply amazing!!
    xxx Alessandra

  17. How beautiful, no wonder you're under her spell! Hope your swing arrives soon, I love nothing more at the moment than to be sat on our swing with some crochet while enjoy the garden - bliss xx

  18. Gorgeous poppy, what a stunning colour! I think your enjoying the garden more is a great idea, I always find I'm sittin out there and think, there's so much to do I'd better not sit and look at it, but then I'm not a great gardener and go through fits and starts, so generally my garden is very weedy! How do the weeds grow so well?

  19. Soo beautiful..
    Would call the colour cornflower blue..
    My poppies are not quite open here in the north west, am loving my peonies that are just opening up!
    hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather!
    Maria x

  20. Hello sweet Jooles, I love your gorgeous poppy! I have never seen a blue one. The color is really stunning! All of your photos are lovely and I am very glad you ordered such a nice swing and are going to enjoy your garden more! We have a porch swing and I love it so much. It is wonderful to admire our gardens and all of the work we have done in them! So glad you are feeling better sweetie! Love, Paula xoxo... have happy Friday and weekend!

  21. Beautiful poppy. Such a vivid shade of blue. That swing seat looks amazing. We used to have one when I was a child (in a lurid yellow seventies flower pattern) and I have such fond memories of it. x

  22. the blue poppy is a stunner... love it. your beautiful garden will only be enhanced by that charming swing.


  23. Gorgeous Himalayan Poppy! Well worth waiting for. I love them, but our soil is too alkaline for them. Glad you are enjoying your garden. Best wishes, Pj x

  24. What a beautiful name very exotic!
    and the colour there is nothing like nature's colours.

    Amanda :-)

  25. sooooo beautiful x the colours are stunning. i just love this time of year especially now the sun is with us - yay-yippeee yays x

  26. What a gorgeous flower! And such a pure colour. You are so right to remind us to stop and smell the roses ... not that I have any roses in my garden, or much else at the moment. We are desperately over due a planting weekend.

    Enjoy your weekend Jooles x

  27. I can't get over that colour!!! I'm popping round for a sunbathe and a glass of lemonade in your beautiful garden - be there in 10..... ;-)

  28. Your garden must be so beautiful Jooles. I hope you have many happy afternoons on your new sling seat! Love Katie xxx

  29. What a gorgeous colour! I do love that blue, reminds me of sunshine and holidays. I bet you have done some good 'swinging' in the sunshine this weekend (yes I know what that sounds like!) Thanks so much for your sweet kind comments on my last posts by the way. Things still up in air and all over the place but just trying to be as normal and postive as I can to get through one day at a time xx

  30. You have such a catchy blog! wanna follow each other darling? XoXo

  31. I loved seeing the blue poppy, it really is a little bit of magic! Your garden pictures are gorgeous, it's right you should enjoy it more...and a swing seat?? Heaven!!
    Have a happy week, Jooles.
    Helen x

  32. What a stunning colour blue! I've never seen one that colour before, it's really beautiful. Glad you are enjoying your beautiful garden xx

  33. Hey Jooles, that Poppy is a right stunner.....gorgeous

    Definitely a good idea to get out into the garden and enjoy it, sounds like you've been having the perfect weather for doing just that....

    Claire x


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