Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dear back.....

.....why are you misbehaving so?
I may have neglected you in the past, it's true
but you get lots of attention these days
Pilates, swimming, daily stretches
 I thought we had a deal?

Was it too much to ask that I sowed some carrot seeds?
Ok, so I may have got a little chilly outside in the garden
but there really was no need to get all angry and aggressive
was there?

I do love and appreciate you back
but our relationship would be far more harmonious
if you were less inclined to throw tantrums
and now your bad behaviour is rubbing off on hip
what do you say to that?
hip kept me awake all night and found me like a mad woman
 searching for pain killers at 2.30 am 
when I should have been in a blissful land of dreams

Did you even consider that I may of had an extensive 'to do' list
and plans ??

~A day out with my mum
~crafting with the craft guild ladies
~a visit to my favourite garden
~lots and lots of sewing
All the things I love

I am cross with you
for demanding all of my attention
 you may have a dodgy disc and a jangling nerve
but there is only so much lying down with you I can do before I go stir crazy
I will treat you to a physio treatment today
and then you are to chill out and relax your spasming muscles
and while you're at it, have a word to hip please
thank you.
The only thing to have cheered me this past few days
is ordering this wall canvas

it is me and sweet B
so for that I thank you
 making me so bored for endless hours
at least got me to sort my photos.

I can feel your tension slowly ebbing away
that's it .....R...e...l...a...x...
...let's be friends again


  1. Aww poor you ... hope you're feeling better soon ... your poem was inspired! xx

  2. Naughty back! I sypmathise as I too have a "temperamental" back. It sounds like you are doing everything you should be - stretching, building strength, resting... Hope it improves Jooles. Lovely photo of you and B in the bluebells.
    Gillian xx

  3. I am sorry you are in pain, but I have to admit that your post did make me chuckle somewhat! I love the way you 'talk' to your back! I really hope it improves for you. I love the photo of you and B, absolutely gorgeous, she looks just like you too!
    Caroline xxx

  4. I also have an iffy back and its awful when it flairs up because the discomfort affects everything you do. Resting is SO boring and I find it doesn't particularly help. Hope the physio goes well. The photo is really lovely. I love bluebells and you both look so pretty. xxx

  5. Oh no Jooles, how awful and frustrating, never mind painful for you!!! Hopefully the physio today will give some ease.
    What a beautiful photo of you and your daughter and all those pretty bluebells ~ lovely. :)
    Hope you have a relaxing Tuesday,
    Vivienne x

  6. I know how to cheer you up !!! honestly! go and visit my last post.....
    xxxxxxxx Alessandra

  7. Ahh Jooles, so sorry to hear you are suffering. Bodies can be very rebellious can't they? It is so frustrating when you just want to be getting on with things. I often think it's not much to ask is it- I'm not asking it to go bungee jumping or anything! keep doing all the good things you are doing and I hope that after a little physio your back starts to behave! Beautiful picture of you and your lovely daughter x

  8. Oooh, feeling your pain. I am having the same trouble with my neck.
    Been reading and following your blog for a while now.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. I hope your naughty neck is feeing better very soon
      ove jooles x

  9. Oh poor you, I do hope that your physio helped and that your back is feeling a bit easier now....I'm sure it is no coincidence that these things happen when we have so much we want to do.

    Great picture of you and Sweet B.x

  10. I'm going to read your post out to my back and hope that it listens! Here's to a better night sleep for both of us.

    Alex x

    1. well i hope your back did listen...sweet dreams z z z z z
      love jooles x

  11. Oh bums :( Sorry to hear your back is being a pain in the wotsit.... mine is as well this week. Bloody boring isn't it *sigh* on a brighter note though...your pic of Sweet B & yourself is fabbo!!! Doesn't she look like her Mamma!!!!

    I hope you're feeling a bit more comfortable this afternoon x

    Jo x x x

    1. Oh Jo what a pain in the botty for us both, i hope yours sorts itself out quick smart
      love jooles x

  12. I am so truly sorry that your back is misbehaving again! I DO know how that goes, unfortunately- though for me it is usually hip being very naughty and back and right shoulder and arm get put up to no good for it. And to miss out on all your lovely plans! Uggh! I do hope tomorrow fairs better for you . . .
    You and your daughter are beautiful! What a wonderful photo! You must miss her so much- I know I will miss my boys when they head out into the world. Thank goodness I still have some years before we get there!

  13. Hello sweet Jooles! I am so sorry to hear your back and your hip are causing you so much pain! I love the commentary you had with them! :) I do hope you will feel better soon and can enjoy doing all the things you love! Bless your heart! I love the photo of you and sweet B! You are both beautiful and look so much alike! Take good care of your sweet self! Love, Paula xoxo

  14. Oh No!
    I am so sorry to hear of you hurting:(
    I hope that your back and hip start behaving very soon so you can get back to your list.
    Beautiful photo of you and your daughter!

  15. Oh dear - all this damp and cold can't be good for aching joints.

    I hope you feel better soon

    Nina xx

  16. fingers crossed that bad back listened up. And hip too
    Gorgeous photo BTW
    fee ♥

  17. Oh Jooles. I feel your pain. Well, ok maybe not your pain but a similar pain :(. I think back pain is horribly crappy!!! Luckily my friend is a physio and he sometimes uses acupuncture On my back which helps a little. I hope you are felling better soon and you get some relief from the pain you are in. Big hug from me to you xx

  18. Know exactly how you are feeling re your back, have been having acupuncture and chiropractic treatment for the last month and as soon as one part of my back seems to be ok, it moves to another part including my hip too. You must have been in a lot of pain to get up at 2.30am! Hope you are on the mend but how frustrating it is to not be able to do the things you intended. First time I have visited your blog, have really enjoyed looking at all the things you have made. Take care x

  19. Hi Linda...and welcome, its lovely to have you visit x
    I hope your naughty back sorts out soon, sounds like you must be in a lot of pain, take care
    love jooles x

  20. Sorry your back is giving you grief. What a lovely picture though! And so nice to see you :)

  21. What a fabulous picture of you and your girl!

    Totally sympathise about the back Jooles. I tried a physio and a chiropractor but in the end an osteopath pretty much fixed mine. Hope your back listens to your pleas and gives you a break x

  22. Poor Jools :o( I hope your back can read, I think you've made a very respectful request. I know it's awful to be suffering like this when there's so many other good things you want to do. I love the canvas you've ordered though.
    Sending a relaxing back massage to help ease the pain, and hoping that you are soon back to normal and that hip stops playing up too.
    Rose H

  23. I talk to my back too when it flares up, but mine doesn't listen to me - I hope you've had more luck with yours ;0) What a lovely picture and hope you get to tick off some of your to do list soon xx

  24. {{Jooles}} I hope your back starts to get better soon. I struggle with my back on a regular basis too :( so I know how you are feeling. Take care, Pj x

  25. Oh dear your poor back, I hope it is reading this post! I do hope it gets better soon, so debilitating to have constant back pain. (Next time my back hurts I'm going to speak to it like this!) The picture of you and sweet B in the bluebells is so lovely, Jooles!
    Take care and hope you are feeling much better now.
    Helen x

  26. Oh no....that is so unfair! Please don't let your back have a chat with mine as mine has been finally behaving {dare I say that}. You poor thing I can really relate to back issues...last year this time I missed a month of school due to my back. Sending you oodles of love! Speeding recovery too. xoxox

  27. Such a pretty photograph of you and your sweet B, Jooles!
    Oh my, sorry to hear your back is being so unfair...there really is nothing worse if it is keeping you awake too....it must be so completely frustrating...I hope you find the right remedy soon lovely...fingers crossed for you!
    Susan x

  28. Oh Jooles, sorry to hear your back and hip troubles, hope it has eased a little now. I don't have problems with my back but I was born with dodgy hips and they often cause me pain if I do too much walking or standing... so frustrating isn't it. What a gorgeous picture of you and sweet B though, lots of love Jenny xxx p.s just been having another nose around your etsy shop (as I quite often do!), so many gorgeous things! x

  29. Oh no, Jooles! Poor you!!! I'm so sorry to read that your back's been bothering you again (and now your hip too). I went to see my doctor today (to get the 'all clear' from my pneumonia) and mentioned (as I've been meaning to do for years) that I have a lot of back ache. He asked whether I have leg/hips problems to (which, touch wood) I don't. So, maybe your two problem-areas are related? I hope you can get it sorted soon!
    I love the photo of you two beautiful ladies in the bluebell woods! :-)

  30. Jooles, you poor thing. I hope your back will start behaving itself soon! Otherwise I'm sure you will be having serious words. I've just been catching up with the last few posts I missed. Lucky lucky Sweet B, Beautiful gifts and goodies I see! (I'm a poet and i didn't know it.) :)

    I must say my giveaway button looks pretty on your sidebar..

    Love Katie xx

  31. Hello again sweet Jooles! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Your posts fill me with love too and I always enjoy visiting you! I hope that your back and hip are feeling much better and that you will have a very happy weekend lovely lady! Much love, Paula

  32. Hey Jooles, a late catchup.........sorry to hear you've been having back/hip trouble, I hope the physio was able to help out and you are no longer couch bound...

    Beaut photo of you and sweet B..........I would love to wander through a Bluebell wood, it looks so pretty.

    Claire x


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