Monday, 30 April 2012

after the rain

My Oh My
it has done nothing but rain here
don't get me wrong
I LOVE rain
I really really LOVE rain
I LOVE the way everything is clean and fresh after a downpour
and I LOVE that post rain smell
but when it has rained every day for weeks
even I pray for it to stop

Anyway, today is the first dry and sunny(ish) day we've had for .....
.....well I can't even remember
so I was up spritely this morning
 (well, sort of stiff spritely I s'pose)
with one thing on my mind
loading the washing machine
the fourth load is nearly finished
and my washing line is groaning!
but how lovely it is the see clean laundry 
billowing in the breeze

I feel very behind on just about EVERYTHING at the moment
having a bad back has really put me off track
but I do feel lucky that it is healing much quicker than it used to
so maybe all my efforts are actually paying off

Thank you to each and every one of you lovely ladies
who left me sweet messages on my last post
wishing me and my back well
 I was very touched
It obviously worked

It seems that lots of you also have problematic
backs, shoulders, hips and necks too
 I would like to wish you all strong and pain free too
Give those naughty body parts a good, stern talking to.

Well I've lots to be catching up on
and an 18th birthday to plan
for my lovely boy
where did all those years go???

I hope to be back in the next day or two with my monthly makes for April
but I will leave you with some photos of my garden between...
...rain storms

Back soon
lots of love
j x


  1. Your garden is looking lovely - all the rain will hopefully keep it all looking that way for longer! I've just been catching up on all your recent posts! Sorry to hear your back (and hip) have been giving you jip, but glad they are feeling a bit better now. Sweet B's birthday celebrations and that gorgeous book look stunning. And that is a very special canvas you had printed!

  2. Hurrah for some sunny weather, got our laundry on the line too, so much nice than the tumble dryer.
    Good news that your back is healing well, oh my gosh, planning an 18th, time does go fast!

  3. We have still got the rain and very strong winds to boot, so no Lin drying for me, I'd probably find it in the next county!

    Your gar:den is looking lovely, lush and bursting into bloom.

  4. The gardens have all benefited from the rain but like you I love to get my washing on the clothes line to blow about in the breeze. :)
    Glad you're feeling a bit better, have a great new week.
    Vivienne x

  5. Hi Jooles, Glad you've been able to enjoy our little burst of sunshine. I have my own little ray of sun for you ...... your the winner of my Sew mysterious giveaway! Please let me know your address and I'll get your mystery goodies off to you! Love Katie x

    1. Oh my goodness Katie...I am beyond excited...thank you so much, just off to email you, love jooles x

  6. woohoo you have the blue sky- beautiful...its sooo dark, grey and very blustery wet here- eeek! school run soon in the pouring rain! -joy! hehe.
    lovely to get your washing be too worried mine would blow away in this weather.
    glad your feeling brighter...xx

  7. love the rain drops on the leaves!
    xxx Alessandra

  8. Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. Everything in the garden will grow like crazy now, after the rain.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. How good to hear that your poor back is on the mend Jooles :o)
    I (sort of) leapt out of bed this morning as the sun was shining and have also dried washing outside!
    Your garden flowers are looking splendid, and I'm sure will continue to bloom and grow.
    Hope the improvement to your back continues.
    Have a lovely week, enjoy all that planning ;o)
    Rose H

  10. Hello sweet Jooles, I am so happy you are enjoying the sunshine sweetie! I know England has been having lots of rain! I love the sun, but we do need some rain! Your laundry looks wonderful hanging on the line! I love to hang my laundry out too. I am glad your back is feeling better! I hope it continues to do well and will behave itself! Have fun with the birthday plans for your son. My son will be 17 in July. Like you, I wonder where all those years went! I look forward to seeing your monthly makes. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Have a beautiful week lovely lady! Much love, Paula xoxo

  11. Glad you are feeling a bit more mobile and not in so much pain Jooles. Your garden looks lovely, very green, which is the best thing about all this wet weather, at least it is good for the grass :) I too love the smell and feel of line dried washing and how quick is drys in the sunshine - happy days! Enjoy the rest of the week, hope the back continues to improve, Jenny x

  12. Hellooo!
    So pleased your back's a bit better now - can't think if I managed to comment on your last post (not able to if I read posts on my phone) but I was sending your back stern thoughts!
    Your garden looks absolutely lovely - I'm very taken with the colour of your shed.
    Fingers crossed for a bit of sun for us all...
    Emily x

  13. Boo to bad backs :( :( - woohoo to hear that your back is starting to behave a bit better :) :).
    I look forward to hearing about the 18th birthday plans. My daugther is 18 in November - I have such a vivid memory of her gazing at me with big blue eyes, from her cot in the maternity unit and it seems like yesterday. 1994 was a good good year ..... xx

  14. Your garden is looking very pretty! I hope you'll get some more sunshine over the next few weeks, so you can spend more time outside and enjoy it.....

  15. So glad to hear your back is improving. I hate the rain (unless I am inside with a cup of tea) and it was lovely to hang washing on the line today and bring it all in bone dry! A good start to the week. xx

  16. I wish the rain would stop, for just a little bit, like at 9am and 3pm when I have to drop off/pick up my little man! Your garden does look lovely though, the rain certainly has helped with that, but there's nothing better than line dried clothes xx

  17. Hi Jooles, hoping that back has started to behave better now and you are able to be more pain-free. Don't go over-doing things and have a relapse! Love the photos of the garden, mine still looks rather waterlogged at the moment, but lovely to see everything so green and fresh.
    Go carefully, Karen x

  18. Glad to hear you are feeling better Jooles. I love a goraning washing line - living for years in a flat does that to you!

  19. Jooles- your garden between showers is SO beautiful! Love those colors!
    And goodness- your son eighteen? I am so glad I still have six years to prepare for that one! Though I know that will pass in a blur . . .

    Here's to hoping all the wash is brought in before any more spring showers hit! ;)

  20. Ooh, so lovely to hear that your back is on the mend Jooles!
    Yes, it really is good to have a little break from the rain and see the washing dancing in the definitely beats using the tumble dryer any day....Your flowers are so pretty..they have clearly benefited from those rainy days!
    Hope you are having a happy week,
    Susan x

  21. My backs been terrible lately too. I do yoga stretching twice a day. That does indeed help.

  22. Glad to hear that your back is improving. We also had our first sunny day on Monday, but the rain returned in the evening! Best wishes, Pj x

  23. Hey Jooles, nothing beats the fresh smell of line dried it.

    Glad you had a break in the weather. I could've sent you some of our lovely Autumn weather, but it's cooled down and today was grey and wet too.......

    Lovely pics from around your garden........Hope you are feeling alot better and all the best for the 18th!!

    If you find out where all those years go, could you let me know please?

    Claire ☁☂

  24. So glad to hear your back is on the mend. And your garden is looking gorgeous. Hope the sun is still shining for you :D

  25. Lovely to hang the washing out in the fresh spring sunshine at last after all that rain! Your garden looks beautiful, and I'm so glad that your back is feeling better, Jooles. Enjoy the party plans and hope all goes well!
    Helen x


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