Friday, 30 March 2012

A make a month ♥ March 2012 again
two posts in as many days.....get me!

I'm here to show you my makes for March
You can read more about my monthly makes here if you like
about a week ago I thought that I might not have managed it
but somehow I pulled my finger out and got organised
and here is what I have made this month

First up, a patchwork cushion

As you can tell, patchwork is my new 'addiction' 
oh well...there are worse hey?!

 lovely G ~  'It's VERY pink mum'
Me ~ 'Hmmmm YES'

never mind
It is for my 'stolen' sewing room

This was my first attempt at piping
It was one of those 'scary' things in my mind
but it really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be
there are a couple of dodgy bits but hopefully
I will get better with practice

 I have another one the same size ready to make
and I think I may also make a smaller one for my favourite pink chair

The back
(stating the obvious)

I also have another top secret  make
here's a sneaky peek 

I'll show your more just as soon as I can
I am VERY excited

So thats two this month
{pats self on back}

I have the crafty girls (Craft Guild!) coming over this evening
we haven't managed a get-together for quite a while
I am so excited at the prospect
I've baked a little something too
(I'll show you next time)
there will be lots of chatter, crafting and cake eating...
...what more could a girl want?!
we have so much to catch up on

Sweet B will be home on Monday evening....HOORAY!!!
We have LOTS of lovely plans

Happy weekend
lots of love 
j x

P.S  A few of you have asked for my muffin recipe
I'll happily do a post next week x


  1. The cushion cover is gorgeous, love all the fabrics! Did you do piping around it, looks great.

    Have a great evening with your crafty ladies and enjoy next week with Sweet B.

    1. Ahh thanks Amanda x
      Yes i did use piping and thank you for asking as I meant to mention about that in my post. I have edited it now :o)
      have a lovely weekend
      love jooles x

  2. What pretty fabrics in the cushion cover. I also like the texture of the back - what kind of fabric is it? Have a lovely crafty get together and a fun weekend. Lily. xxx

    1. Thank you so much Lily x
      Do you know, I am not really sure, I bought the backing fabric from a charity shop last year, it is nice and thick and does have a lovely texture, a lucky find.
      love jooles x

  3. Beautiful cushion- there is s omething about patchwork- it is very easy to be bitten by the bug:)

  4. The cushion looks gorgeous, and goes really well with that pink chair! Very inviting!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your secret project!
    Maria x

  5. Ooooh Jooles that's gorgeous! Well done you :) a crafting club get together with cake?! Wowsers! That will be fun :) bet you can't wait for Sweet B to come home!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

    Jo x x x

  6. Your cushion is lovely and to quote your son 'very pink' !!! :)
    I must admit piping scares me a little, you've done a great job!
    Looking forward to the 'top secret' reveal. :)
    Happy weekend jooles,
    Vivienne x

  7. Your cushion is perfect- seriously, I love it! Not too pink at all! And sure to properly cushion your back!
    Have a lovely craft time; sounds like good fun for you this weekend- Blessings!

  8. Rubbish....I wanna have a crafty get together with cake......why does no one around here like craft and cake....I mean what's no to like?

    Love your cushion, the fabrics are gorgeous....I would love to have a go at patchwork but goodness knows where I'd fit it in!

  9. Beautiful patchwork. Hope you have a fun weekend.

  10. Your cushion is beautiful Jooles, you are one clever lady, I can't wait for you to reveal you other make. Chloe absolutely loved her pin cushion. She squealed in delight when she recognised your packaging! Enjoy your crafty evening and have a great time with Sweet B xx

  11. I absolutely love your cushion., beautifully made and so much better than mine first attempt at patchwork. Will this one be a present for you ... Far too nice to give away

  12. Lovely cushion Jooles, from gorgeous fabrics!
    Now you've gone and reminded me about the Monthly Make - grrr! I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of March. I started off with such good intentions, whipping up January and February's pretty swiftly then it was March.
    Best get sewing methinks!
    Enjoy having your girl home.

  13. Jooles! It's beautiful!!! I love how you've put all the different pinks together - and I'm VERY impressed by the piping!!! Piping is still on my 'too scary to try yet' list! ;-)
    Did you cut the squares, or were they from a charm pack?
    Hope you have a lovely, lovely time with your Sweet B.....

  14. Love this - your choice of fabrics and the piping finish looks great. This is also something I've been afraid of trying. And I am dying to do some quilting. Got as far as ironing my fabrics and cutting up my squares...then spring hit and garden jobs, cleaning, poorly boy, sanding and staining the hall!!! took over. x

  15. Ooh, I love the cushion colours, very pinkly perfect!

  16. The patchwork cushion really looks beautiful Have a nice weekend. Nicole xxx

  17. Such happy posts. Really lovely.

    I love your cushion and I love the fabric you have chosen. I have seen some of that fabric recently but can't for the life of me remember where.. would you mind revealing where you got the pink fabric with the birds on it (I love birdy things)?

    Sounds like you have lovely things coming up to keep your own heart singing. Enjoy your time with Sweet B!

    Helen xx

    1. Hi Helen...thank you x
      The birdy fabric is GORGEOUS isn't it?? it is designed by Tilda, I buy mine from panduro hobby
      beware though you WILL be tempted!!
      love jooles xxx

  18. Hey Jooles, well done on the piping, your cushion looks fab.........❤❤ the pink chair too.

    Look forward to finding out what the 'sneak peek' make is........

    Hope you had great time with all the crafty girls....cake, craft and chit chat........wonderful.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  19. Hi Jooles, get you with the piping, it looks fab! I've not really ever attempted piping, only once, but it was ok... kind of! It definitely finishes off the cushion beautifully though! I love your pink chair and I have a feeling it is the same as my own 'granny chair' (Laura Ashley, though can't remember the name off the top of my head?) Love the cerise though, mine is a boring beige in comparison! Isn't it a comfy chair though! :D Anyway hope you enjoyed your crafts and cake :) Have a fab weekend xxx

    1. Hi jenny...yes it is from Laura Ashley! it is THE most comfy chair EVER, I shall think of you when I sit in it :o)
      love jooles x

  20. Hi dear Jooles! I love your beautiful patchwork cushion and your gorgeous pink chair! I LOVE pink!!! The fabrics you used in your cushion are so pretty and you did a fabulous job with the piping! I am scared of trying it, but you have encouraged me! Your sneak peek looks lovely! Look forward to seeing more! Have a wonderful time with your Sweet B! Happy weekend and lots of love~ Paula

  21. fabulous work!!! love the cushion!!
    enjoy your weekend!

  22. Wow, I wish I could stitch like that! Beautiful!

  23. Very sweet cushion cover. I have the fabric in the middle of the second last row and just can't bear to cut into it :)

  24. I love the patchwork pillow. I will be following to see what else you do

  25. Oh Jooles, your patchwork cushion is gorgeous! You are very clever. I am terrified of piping, it looks impossible, so I am relived to hear you say it wasn't that tricky. Although I think you are much more skilled on a sewing machine than I am! Gillian x


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