Thursday, 29 March 2012

Happy things

Hello sweet peeps

Well today is my giveaway winner day
and all I can say is 
WOW !!!
I was so excited to read all of your entries and gorgeous comments
YOU have made my week my friends
I am truly a lucky girl to have so many lovely readers
to you all

...are you ready???
ok ok ok
I'll get on with it then shall I?
(dddrrrruuummmm rrrolll please)


whose blog ChipperNelly is fantabulous
and so is she

Fee said...'That bird bunting maketh my heart sing......count me in!'

So I shall be making a pocket birdie bunting in the next few days for you Fee
I am glad to be able to maketh your heart sing :o)

This is what else is making me happy this week

 Breakfast in the sunshine

Bursting camillia buds

 their beauty takes my breath away

 Raspberry and marzipan muffins
(especially good for breakfast :o)

If you'd like the recipe just 'shout'

 A flowering currant against the blue blue sky

 My very first tulips of the year

A flowering cherry tree just waiting for the perfect momment to unfurl
(ooooh the excitement!)

hyacinth 'purple sensation'

I just LOVE this time of the year
seeing all of the beautiful flowers 'showing off'
and the weather here in south east England
 has just been wall to wall sunshine
we have been so spoilt this week

I hope you have sunshine where ever you are

I will be back tomorrow with my monthly makes
so see you then

lots of love 
j x


  1. Me? Jealous? Much? I'm well jel!! Well done lovely Fee :D x x x

  2. Well done Fee!

    Do you really need to ask if we would like the recipe....I love marzipan...I love all things al Indy actually and I'm a sucker for bakewell, so your recipe sounds pretty goo to me.

    It has been very lovely here too, I'll be disappointed to see the weather change, although I have to say that my husband along with most of the farmers around here are doing rain dances!

  3. Congrats to the winner! Your plants look so beautiful Jooles and it helps that we've had some gorgeous weather lately to show them off xx

  4. Hello sweet Jooles! Congratulations to Fee! I know she will love her birdie bunting! Your breakfast looks delicious! Would love to have the recipe to make for my sweet hubby and son. Your garden is gorgeous! I love spring!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful blooms! Enjoy the sunshine! I love sunshine too! xo~ Paula

  5. hi Jooles. Your breakfast looks mouthwatering. I am impressed at the pineapple prep - I usually manage to take off so much there is hardly anything left to eat! Lily. xxx

  6. This post is indeed filled with with happy things!- especially all that blue sky and gorgeous blooms framed against it! I am so jealous of your weather- any day I possibly have time to get out in the garden all we have is rain and high wind! The three nice days we have been given all happened to be full up due to birthday goings on!
    Those muffins look fabulous- I am much more a 'muffin person' than cupcake. I may have to squeeze in some muffin baking this weekend since it sounds like the rain won't be stopping at all soon!
    Have a fantastic and sunny weekend, Jooles!

  7. Your garden looks like the perfect breakfast venue!

  8. Congratulations to the lovely Fee for winning your fab giveaway! How stunning your flower pictures are today, Jooles...they look amazing with the sunshine and blue sky to show them off, really lovely.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  9. Lovely...sun, tulips, delicious muffins, more sun. You have a lovely garden. The camillias are so beautiful. xxx

  10. Congrats Fee! Expect you will be even more chipper now.
    I love the colours of spring flowers.
    I know I shouldn't tempt fate but I wish we could have some spring showers. The garden needs it. xx

  11. More congrats to Fee, another plea for the recipe, and an oooh at that gorgeous camellia :D

  12. Arghhh Fee! How did you wangle that one!?? I'm so jealous! Although I've been very lucky with giveaways lately so I'm very happy for you! :D That bird bunting is so beautiful Jooles, you come up with so many gorgeous idea's!

    Ashley xxx

  13. Congrats to the very lucky Fee!!!
    Your flowers are gorgeous, what a lovely week it has been. :)
    Happy weekend Jooles,
    Vivienne x

  14. Giveaway winner?? Oh no Jooles, with my lack of blogging this week I totally missed your giveaway :( Lucky Fee though! Plus I'm just being super greedy aren't I since I won your last one (promise to get around to blogging about it soon, I know it's been months!!!!)

    But Karl tells me there is a certain little chick waiting for me when I get back later today so all is good :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend - even though the sun seems to be hiding so far today! Jenny xxx

  15. Wow, look at that blue sky. Doesn't it just make your spirits soar?

    I think I too must have missed your giveaway (what beyooootiful bunting) but am delighted for the lovely Fee.

    Have a super weekend.



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