Wednesday, 7 March 2012

happiness is.....

.....homemade cookies

Melting moments.....the recipe is from Fast cakes by the queen of baking
Mary Berry
These were a payment to my lovely G
who saved my computer (and me) from a meltdown
(very appropriate don't you think?!)
he's a clever boy

P.S  I removed the pink ribbon before he came home!

more soon
j x


  1. Hi Jooles - the cakes look really good. Now I have been tempted and am going to do a bit of baking.

  2. Anyone who saves a computer and a mum from meltdown is well deserving of cookies! ;)
    Vivienne x

  3. You should go on the Great British Bake-off!!! :-)
    I tried your scone recipe, by the way, and it worked beautifully (even for me)! So, thank you very much indeed for sharing!!! I'll be blogging about it soon.....

  4. Happiness is.......finding a lovely new blog by chance to follow, just as I have done today.....can't believe I haven't found your blog before now.

    Hoping to be a regular visitor to your lovely creative world.
    Happy Crafting
    Fleur xx

  5. There's nothing so appealing as home made biccies.
    Num num num num!
    Love the little cherries on the top.
    I really must bake more...!

  6. Those cookies look so pretty piled up like that on a lovely plate with ribbon. Mary Berry is a goddess in this house. It's so cool to see a beautiful, talented woman in her 70's on TV. Love her.

  7. Ooh, these look wonderful Jooles...a perfect payment for a job well done I would say!....I do love Mary Berry recipe books...she's so wonderfully reliable...
    Hope you are having a lovely week,
    Susan x

  8. Oooh, I do agree, homemade cookies are the Best!

    Have a cozy evening, dear Jooles xoxoxo

  9. Ooooh lovely cookies, what a treat! And a perfect thank you too. Melting moments remind me of my schooldays when my best friend's mother used to make them for us all the time!
    Have a great evening, Jooles.
    Helen x

  10. These are making my mouth water! My Mum always used to make these....I could just do with the comfort of one right now.

    Jo x x x

  11. Yumbly, scrumbly! Mary Berry is fool proof isn't she? Isn't it amazing how a computer gone wrong makes you lose all grasp of reality.

  12. Love your stack and ribbon! Guys are so very handy and wonderful for computer things, aren't they? I'm sure he loved them! :)

  13. I'm sure I've got that recipe somewhere, must get on and make some. They look delish! Good idea about removing the pink bow!! xx

  14. Deliciously scrummy looking cookies you've baked there!

    Ashley xxx

  15. I think you should have kept the pink ribbon on! They looks lovely Jooles...

    Lou xxx

  16. Yum yum yum, what a clever boy you have! Sure he was suitably grateful :)

  17. very appropriate! and i am sure happily received! they look great!
    I am your newest follower...pls follow back if you can.


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