Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Today is one special day ♥ ...

.....It's my bestie's birthday


 Oh how I wish I could send you a yummy cake
but Australia is quite far!
 so here is your 'virtual' cake
rose garden lemon cake 
hope you like it
don't eat it all at once though!
and go easy on the limoncello, you  ;o)

 have a
day my lovely

I hope you liked your gift...

love you 
Truly Madly Deeply

j x


  1. Jooles, your cakes are to die for! So beautifully presented and I love love love the little bunting... The gift you have made is so lovely too, your friend is very lucky, a very happy birthday to her xxx

  2. It feels intrusive for me to comment here on a post that means so much to obviously two very close people but I just wanted to say how lovely & lucky you both are x

    Lovely cake, beautiful gift!!!!

    Jo x x x

  3. I'm sure she loved her gift, it's the sweetest!

    Happy MidWeeK sweet Jooles xxx

  4. What a gorgeous cake! Your poor friend must be drooling, I hope she has some yummy goodies on her side of the planet to compensate! And her gorgeous present of course.

  5. Awe, that cake and that present look divine (I am sure she is missing the cake!)


  6. Ah, that's a gorgeous post, Jooles - what a beautiful cake and present. Happy birthday to your friend.
    Emily x
    PS - am v envious of the sun in your cake photo - it's grey, grey, grey with me!

  7. I wish it was that sunny here today Emily, the photos is of a cake that i made last summer :o)
    I had forgotten just how green and lush the garden can be!
    roll on spring
    love jooles xxx

  8. What a cake!!! And a super-cute pressie too!!! You are SO clever - and clearly a wonderful friend!!!

  9. I love that you have such a great great best friend! What a gift- of course, I'm sure you know that. Isn't it wonderful how space and time really can't separate us when we love each other?

  10. thank you wonderful lady !!! the present was so beautifully made ,your so clever. I will treasure it .Thank you thank you thank you.:) I would like that cake though ! sure you can't post it tee hee hee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Your cake and the gift are both gorgeous, Joolies :o)
    Have a sunny and warm day

  12. The case is beautiful - what a lovely present for your friend. She'll think of you every time she uses the phone within (hope I'm right there). The cake - yummy, and roll on summer!

  13. What a sweet cake...she will love it! Your bunting is adorable! Hugs to you today. oxxo

  14. What a lovely post Jooles, real true lifelong friends are a blessing, you are both very lucky x

  15. WOW, to the cake & the gift! I will let you know when its my Birthday... ;)

    Lou xxx

    PS. I hope that back of yours is a bit better. X

  16. Hello Jooles...I don't know how I have missed you as you seem to know so many of my friends here in Blogland!
    Your blog is beautiful...such a pretty cake and a very special gift too...your friend is so lucky!
    Susan x


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