Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love, flowers, cake, chocolate and a declaration ♥

Happy 'love day'
that's what it is known as in our house
I am feeling all loved up today
and I'm giving out virtual love hugs
free of charge
want one??

From he to me
so very true!

a big bunch of locally grown tulips

Thank you Mr Sweet

from me to he
chocolate cinnamon cake

my declaration

Isn't this little block so cute?
I ordered it from the ever-so-talented Fee
from chippernelly
love her too
her blog always makes me happy

I have been taken out for coffee and cake this morning too
treacle and almond tart for me (it was divine)
and Mr sweet had
flourless chocolate brownie
from here
It is our favourite place of the moment

Before I go
I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU 
for your love and tips and sweet comments lately
it has been a tricky few weeks
but things are on the up
my big brother will be discharged from hospital in the next couple of days
and my back is SO much better
it is amazing to be back making things for my shop again

Happy love day!

more soon 
j x


  1. Happy love day to you too!
    I made Mr Jam chocolate brownies to take to work.

  2. What a love-ly post, full of happiness and good news!

  3. Awww how lovely :) Happy Love Day all round!!!

    Jo x x x

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Jooles!!
    How true that 'sometimes only chocolate will do'! :)
    V x

  5. Happy love day to you and yours, Jooles! Your Valentine's treats look lovely. (Your bunting has really brightened up my kitchen this week,I love it!)
    So pleased to hear the good news about your brother too.
    Helen x

  6. Aww lovely pressies. It's lovely to be spoilt on this loved up day! :-)

    I was just surprised with a red rose in a pretty vase when coming in from a shopping trip in sainsburys.. it definitely perked me up a little!

    Ashley xxx

  7. Happy Valentines Day!
    I love that block! That is so cute!

  8. that sounds like a delicious outing you had. and such a lovely post Jooles. Jx

  9. Just found your lovely blog. The cake you made looks amazing!

  10. We call it LOVE DAY too! Sounds like yours was really lovely!

    I love the cake you made, and that block is very cute indeed!

    Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! xxx

  11. Happy belated love day to you Jooles! What a sweet post, your gifts to one another are gorgeous, especially loving the cake block by Fee, and the beautiful bunting on the cake you made! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day together xxx

  12. It sounds as though you had a very happy love day - and I'm glad that you did, after your recent tricky times. The cake looks mmmmmmmm!!! And the blocks are GORGEOUS!!! Fee is sooooo clever!


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