Monday, 27 February 2012

It's a giveaway day!

Hello my lovelies

My apologies for being a little absent of late
life got 'weird' for a while
 plans were changed and things felt 'up in the air'
we were supposed to be holidaying in Cornwall at the weekend
but my naughty back had other ideas
 we were all disappointed
 and although my guys were very sweet about it
I did feel SO guilty
we made the best of it though
and had a lovely family weekend
I even made a cream tea
(it did ease my guilt a little :o)

I have decided that I am going to start swimming each week
not that I am a big fan of it to be honest
The worst bit for me is after swimming
when you get dry and try to put your clothes back on
and your body feels like it has been spread with glue
and your clothes Just. Will. Not. Pull. On
or is that just me???
Anyway I am hoping that I will grow to LOVE it

  I want to do everything that I can to make it better
I already do pilates
and I have been given specific exercises that I do daily
but, I am now getter very frustrated and cross
that it is not getting 'properly' better
I won't let it control my life
so the fight starts here!

 So to cheer myself up I have a lovely little giveaway for you
want to know more???

A while ago I had an email from a lovely man called Al
asking me if I'd like to review some tea towels from his website
I couldn't have been more excited
I LOVE tea towels....really love them
I had a hard job choosing, there are so many gorgeous designs
I could have gone for ....

a lady after my own heart

or this....

look it's Percy Pecker :o)

or this ....

cute huh?

But in the end I chose these gorgeous designs....


a) because I love chocolate cakey things
b) because I am REALLY excited about the queen's jubilee

They are just lovely and are really good quality
all of the tea towels are made from linen, cotton or linen union
there is even free UK P&P

I suggested to Al that I could have a little giveaway on my blog
and he kindly agreed
So if you'd like your own gorgeous Diamond Jubilee tea towel
(as pictured above and below!)
all you need to do is....

♥  leave me a comment on this post
and thats it...simple as that!

 The giveaway will close on Friday 2nd March
and is open to everyone, I will post anywhere in the whole wide world

good luck
more soon
j x

EDITED  TO SAY : This giveaway is now closed
thank you for all of your entries


  1. Count me in!!!!
    I too hate that about swimming...but then I frequently have the same problem with my large pants! Maybe I should buy them in my actual size...rather than the size I want them to make me!
    Hope you're on the mend,
    love fee x

  2. I just LOVE that Tunnocks Teacake tea towel, it's fabulous! I also have occasional back pain - every now and then my back just "goes" and it's horrendous for a few days (it once happened while i was pregnant and i couldn't take any pain killers...awful). I really hope yours improves soon. And totally get the swimming thing, it's partly why I am so slack at taking my little ones to the pool!

  3. Blllllurrgggh swimming pool changing! I shudder at the thought of it. My friend's husband has to deal with complaints at the local pool. I swear I'll never set a toe in it after all I've heard about what goes on. How he deals with people with a straight face is beyond me!!
    Hope it sorts itself out soon.

  4. What a lovely give-away! I am a tiny bit obsessed with the queen and this tea towel is perfect. I am already a proud owner or a Fortnum and Mason Jubilee tea caddy and biscuit tin that plays the national anthem and the entire set of Jubilee stamps! The way to get into swimming is pick a gym that has nice showers and changing facilities! Sorry your holiday was not to be. For your cream tea what recipe did you use for your scones? I am making some tomorrow and I'm trying to decide between Delia and Rachel Allen!

  5. Mmmmm - yes please! I likey!
    I too struggle with the post-swimming clamminess problems - shudder. I have my fingers crossed that it helps with the dodgy back - poor you.
    Emily x

  6. Oh I would love to enter your giveaway.
    I quite enjoy swimming but dont seem to find time to do it these days.It really is a pain to get dressed afterwards though but even worse to get children ready after swimming!

  7. Yes please I would love to enter. I sympathise with you and your poorly back I too have had problems with mine and it is NOT fun. Love the Tunnocks Teacake tea towel as I am partial to a Tunnocks with a nice cup of tea.

  8. What a great giveaway! So excited to enter! :)

    I know exactly what you mean about clothes not wanting to go on after swimming- why is that? But I really really hope you do end up loving it, and above all- that it helps improve your back.
    Blessings on your day!

  9. I would love to enter your giveaway,the tea towel looks fab.

    They should instal those drying machines in each cubicle,like the ones you get at theme parks

  10. Thanks for all the fab entries :o)

    hi Abigail...I use my mums old recipe for scones but i bet Delia's are knock out, if you'd like my recipe just let me know and i'll email it to you x

    good luck everyone!
    love jooles x

  11. Wonderful tea towels! Please put my name in the hat! Hope you find a way to manage your back problem, Jooles...I do believe swimming will help, if you can just find a way to cope with the getting dressed afterwards bit!
    Have a great week.
    Helen x

  12. It seems your comments about swimming struck a chord with a lot of us! I suffer with my back and like you I do pilates (In a class and at home!) it seems a common problem but can be so debilitating
    Count me in your lovely giveaway please!

  13. How funny! I have literally just bought this jubilee tea towel from all tea towels!

  14. Sorry to hear you have a bad back, there is nothing worse. I hope it gets better soon. Please may I be entered into your giveaway, the tea towels are lovely. Tunnocks.....yummy! Please pop over and enter my giveaways, I have two on the go so feel free to enter both! X

  15. Sorry to hear about your back, i hope the swimming helps. I hate that after swimming bit too, that and the fact i always get the naked 80 year old showering next to me!

    Fabulous giveaway, love a pretty TT so please enter me in :O) Scarlett x

  16. Hi Jools
    I would love to enter this giveaway please. Having seen the Tunnock's teatowel though, I now have a chocolate craving (again) and there is nothing in the house....
    I feel your pain re the back. I slipped a disk less than two weeks before we moved house by merely pushing two boxes from one room to another. It was dreadful and sadly this will now always be a weakness and I have to treat it with kid gloves, from the way I get out of bed in the morning, to how I bend. You know, exactly, I'm sure.
    SO sorry you couldn't go on hols to Cornwall. How awful.
    I've been told to take up Pilates to help it but I cannot find a morning class to fit in and hubby works evenings so I can go then. Really hard.
    May take up swimming....although I have the same problem as you there too! Two words. Talcum Powder....
    x x x x

  17. Not getting to Cornwall - what a shame. Hope you get there soon.

    I remember my mum telling me that talc would help dry my skin after swimming. I was only seven. I dunked the talc on me BEFORE I'd towel-dried. Yuk.

    What would a jubilee be without a commemorative teatowel. It's lovely. xx

  18. Lovely, lovely giveaway! Both tea towels are gorgeous.
    Poor you and your back. It is so horrid to have to manage pain. I too dislike swimming - I don't really like getting wet!

  19. Me, me, ME!! Please enter my name lovely! Back pain is just horrid. I too suffer, not having a flare up at the mo though which is good just the odd twinge. Hope the swimming helps you treacle :)

    Jo x x x

  20. Well as I am Scottish it has to be the Teacake! I am a new reader and love your blog- I just found you recently. I do hope that your back is getting better. Thanks for the chance, Jo x

  21. What lovely tea towels, I spy a Scottish one ; -)
    Oh I sympathise with the sore back, I bent to lift post from the matt and it "went" ! And that morning we were flying off for a weekend break to Girona, totally spoilt it. That was few years ago. I hope your back eases very soon.

  22. So sorry to hear you had to miss your weekend away-very frustrating! I'm sure the combination of pilates and swimming will help. The teatowels are great- I agree with your choice. Very British!:)

  23. What fabulous tea towels, who would of thought I could get so excited about tea-towels. The more I look at them the more I can also see them looking great in my mums, sister or aunts kitchens. Would make great Easter pressie a nice alternative to chocolate.

    Please pop my name in the virtual hat.

  24. Such a shame about missing Cornwall, hope your back is feeling better. I hate that about swimming, you never seam to dry off properly, hope it does help with you back problems.

    Those tea towels are so fun, this is such a lovely giveaway!

  25. Oh lovely - I'd love a chance to win! Thanks!
    Maria x

  26. Ooh,Jooles, so sweet giveaway! I love them. Your tea towels so English :o) It`s just my dream comes true! Please, count me in! (Can belive it - the Queen`s Jubilee tea towel!)
    P.S. You`re so busy I see - swimming and pilates :o) I`m not crazy about swimming, only if I`m on the beach :o) But I know it`s just great for health. I`m so glad for you :o)
    Take care

  27. Hey Jooles, all the best with the swimming and I know what you mean about the getting dressed thing. I'm sure you will feel the benefit for making the effort. Bit of a shame to miss out on your holiday in Cornwall, but a cream tea would help me get over the disappointment for sure, hehe......

    These tea towels are absolutely gorgeous.... Being a bit of a teatowel collector ( how on earth it happened I'm not sure!) I would love to enter your lovely giveaway.
    Never tried Tunnocks Teacake so I'm not sure on what I'm missing out on but the Queen is certainly someone to be admired for the job she has done over her lifetime. I can't imagine what it must be like to be born into such a position, but she has certainly carried out her duties with grace and dignity.

    Claire :]

  28. I like the towel with the birds.
    I feel the same way about the swimming BUT it is the best therapy for back problems. Just walking and basic exercising. But those, dang clothes don't like wet bodies.

  29. Hope your back gets sorted soon, such a shame you had to miss your little trip!
    I love the diamond Jubilee tea towel. :)
    Vivienne x

  30. tea towels !!!!! who would have know that they were so fantastic . I LOVE them too :) xxx

    keep up the good work, your being very pro-active and strong ,good for you .I swim like a very large brick ;P.


  31. I hope your back is soon feeling much better Jooles.
    My daughter used to swim every day, but I'm afraid the idea never appealed to me. Hope you grow to love it!
    The tea towels are fabulous, please enter me into your draw :o)
    Rose H

  32. fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes all crossed......please let me be the lucky winner :0) I have no shame in begging! X ps I really hope your back gets better soon x

  33. Oooh count me in too please Jooles I love those tea towels, and you can never have enough :) Hope the swimming makes your back a little better, I haven't been swimming for years now, but never liked the cold wet getting dressed part either. I also never like standing on swimming pool/changing room floors with bare feet... take care xxx

  34. sorry to hear about your back, my hubster has suffered with his back in recent years and I know how hard it can be when it restricts you.
    As for the swimming, it's baring all that flesh that scares me, and probably the rest of the swimmers!
    Love the tea towels, like you I'm looking forward to the Jubilee and I would love to be in with a chance of winning this very Royal giveaway.
    thanking you : )

  35. Yay you're back! but boo to your back pain :0( I really hope it improves for you soon, mine keep giving me little twinges just to let me know it's still there. Lovely giveaway, please include me! I'm the same with you and swimming, but we do go quite regularly because the young ones love it. Why are all the changing rooms the size of a postage stamp?! It makes it all the more harder to get dressed! xx

  36. Would love to be included in the giveaway. I adore Tunnocks tea cakes and would love to have a tea towel with one of them on it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  37. Great giveaway, I would love to win. Thank you ever so much for organising. I am off to add a link in my sidebar to spread the word :)

    I hope you back is feeling better now. At least you still got to enjoy cream tea yummm x x x x x

  38. Wow I would LOVE to enter! I am really excited about the Jubilee too - but I won't be in the country so I am going to miss out! Would be great if I won this instead lol! xxx

  39. I know exactly what you mean about swimming, I avoid it for the same reason! Also, I remember emerging red faced after sitting pool side watching the children have their swimming lessons - most attractive! I am very exciting to be taking part in my first giveaway and especially as these tea towels are so gorgeous - I LOVE the Pussy Cat one!

  40. Jooles - Please can I have your scone receipe too?
    Thank you!
    Caroline x

  41. Wow, thats Jubile towel is gorgeous, I love!

    Hetty Rosepepper

  42. Gorgeous teatowel would love to win it!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  43. What a great giveaway! Please enter my name into the draw! :-)
    I totally get where you're coming from about the trauma of getting dressed after you've been swimming!!! Still, if it helps you back any, it will be worth it!

  44. You poor thing not going on your weekend away! Hopefully you can go very soon, just make sure you lots of rest and don’t go over doing it. I know what you mean about swimming....

    I would love to enter please.... X

  45. Tenho uma receita infalível:ralar 1 colher de sopa de gengibre,e fazer infusão em uma xícara de chá de água pré-fervida.fazer compressa no local da dor. serve para coluna,torcicolo,distensão muscular e etc...só não pode estar ferido,arde muito.obrigado.continue sua natação,é o exercício mais completo que existe,quanto ao frio...esquente o ferro elétrico,enrole na toalha e depois em bastante jornal,leve para quando sair da água.Beijos e obrigada

  46. I will be posting my scone recipe in the next day or two, I feel quite chuffed that i have been asked for it, i am off swimming in a while (!) and will pop into waitrose to buy some clotted cream (well you can't possibly have them with out and i need to take a photo, don't i?!)

    thank you so much tubilinha tiacarminha, I will give that a go :o)

    (i have google translated tubilinha's comment)

    I have a foolproof recipe: 1 tablespoon grated ginger, and make an infusion cup of water pre-fervida.fazer compress at the site of pain. serves to spine, neck stiffness, muscle strain, etc. ... just can not be hurt, burn their muito.obrigado.continue swimming, exercise is the most complete that exists about the cold ... warm up the iron, wrap in towel and then in enough newspaper to take when you leave and thank água.Beijos

  47. I would love to win a tea towel - please include me in the giveaway. Thanks, AnnieS

  48. I really do know what you mean r.e changing after swimming, I get all hot and flustered and panic and then usually fall over ending up with a wet bottom...hummmmm I'm sure you will do much better than me!
    Count me in on the lovely giveaway...woooo hoooooo.
    Nattie x

  49. Fab giveaway! I am excited about the Jubilee too. Sooo proud to be British so please count me in.
    Sarah x

  50. Poor, poor Jooles! I totally understand the frustration of reocurring pain like that and yes; I share your lack of enthusiasm for getting dressed after swimming ;-)

    Your giveaway is so very, very pretty and I would dearly love to participate.

    I hope you feel much, much better soon.


  51. Ooh..such a lovely Giveaway...I would very much like to enter please!
    Hope your back is feeling much better soon and that the swimming helps,
    Susan x
    P.S Will add your Giveaway to my sidebar

  52. I love the tea towel choices! Especially the Queen's Diamond Jubilee one. It reminds me when my mother, grandmother, and aunt all were in London for the Queen's Jubilee (50yrs) and we had such a great time!

  53. woo hoo, love the tea towel. understand the evils of back problems, mine been naughty for years!

  54. Those tea towels are just fantastic ~ I love the Tunnocks tea cake one as it's got a Scottish theme but they are all great for different reasons. I hope that your back is starting to feel better too :O)xx

  55. lucky you, & what good choices you made, i'd love to win me one of those,
    & glad your back is on the mend x

  56. Count me in please :) I love the tea towels, especially the Jubilee one. Not too keen on the swimming today but wouldnt say no to a scone!! or two x

  57. I love swimming especially if it's in a nice outdoor pool in the summer but I know what you mean when you can't get your clother on afterwards, I take a tin of good old talcum powder and shake it liberally all over myself and it seems to do the trick. Please enter me in your fab giveaway the tea towels look lovely, Lucey x

  58. My favourite tea towel is the Queens jubilee, but the others are also lovely. Sorry to hear you are not well. Hope you get better soon......xx

  59. I love your blog, I'm new to this so this is the first giveaway I have entered, please put me in your draw!
    So sorry to hear you have back problems, so miserable and wearing. I suffer from arthritis and really should swim again but like you, the thought of being dressed and damp is just too much!
    I love the tea towels, they look good enough to frame as pieces of art.
    Take care and thank you for the privilege of reading your blog, Janex

  60. Count me in too, I love that Jubilee one - the tea cake one is pretty cool too :) I know what you mean about swimming, I avoid it it all the time for the same reason. I hope your back is feeling better xx

  61. It's the chilly, murky DNA-filled puddles on the changing room floor that give me the heebie jeebies the most!!

    I do hope the swimming helps you though. I struggled with back pain both times I was pregnant and remember how desperate I used to feel.

    I'd love to be included in your giveaway pretty please.

    Heather x

  62. I too am sooo excited for the Jubilee! GORGEOUS tea-towel! I love a commemorative one!

  63. I`d love the tea towel! Being A British ex pat living in Canada, I am not able to get my hands on jubilee stuff quite as easily as in the UK. I just discovered your blog and really like it. I look forward to reading more.

  64. Not entering the giveaway, but did want to say something.
    What a lovely tea towel to celebrate the Queen' jubilee. Over here on the other side of the pond, the impression is that many in the UK don't care much for the Queen and her family. Recently, my husband and I watched 2 DVDs about the royal family and allllllllllllll the work that they do. I was blown away by the Queen and Prince Phillip. They could out do me by 10 miles easy, and I am only 50.

    I wish them both many more years of good health.

    blessings, jilly
    visiting from cozy things

  65. Yes Please I would love to enter.Lesley x

  66. I cant believe I almost missed out on this giveaway, YES PLEASE!! Please can I enter..??
    I'm sorry you've been having a rotten time with your back... sending lots of well wishes your way!!
    ... Your cream tea looks so pretty! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  67. I would love to be in the draw for the tea towel. and good on your for going swimming. I'm gymming again and my back is moving much more freely and i'm starting to feel stronger again. wish me luck to win your lovely giveaway! Jane x

  68. Hello!
    I have just arrived on your blog and I think it is lovely. The tea towels are fabulous - my other half absolutely loves Tunnock's Teacakes - they are his favourite, and we both love cats (we have three). I agree about swimming and putting clothes back on, although I think that trying to get dressed after swimming in the sea is worse as you have the extra difficulty of sand getting everywhere and no privacy despite the 'towel tent'. Ah, the joys of a British seaside holiday... Best wishes

  69. Hi, I'd love to give the tea towel a home. Also love the scone (I pronounce it 'scon') pictures, made my mouth water - yum, yum. Sam

  70. That's a beautiful tea towel...count me in! I've rarely seen anyone use a tea towel in the US, but my grandmother used to have one.

    I have the same problem with swimming too...I figure I just get so muscular from all the swimming that my clothes no longer fit ;)

  71. Ooooh lovely giveaway, count me in xx

  72. Oooooh that's a fabby teatowel. Hope I win (I wont swear this time in case I do win!)

    Talcum powder. Stand on an old towel, Dry yourself with your 'body' towel. Get one of those turban hair towels. Then smooth on a little talcum powder. You don;t need a massive towel if you have your hair contained and not dripping so even though you'd have 3 towels in your bag it's not going to be so heavy it'll hurt your back even more! Gosh I'm preaching!!! Shut me up would ya!


  73. Coun't me in I love the tea towels.

    Aire & Angel


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