Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Flowers ♥

I love these little bottle style vases
you only need a few little flowers to make a really lovely display
I was lucky enough to pick this basket of bottles up in the sales
I have been told that I "have quite enough now"
I don't think so!

Thank you once again for all the love that has been sent this way
it is truly appreciated
my big brother is slowly improving day by day

I am feeling very 'out of sorts' at the moment
on top of everything that is going on here
my back has had a re-lapse and I have been in quite a bit of pain
It's possibly partly stress related
anyway, I have been having treatment
so hopefully I will be mended very soon
Sadly though, I shall be missing 'craft guild' tonight
have fun ladies, I will miss you

I have been working hard on positive thinking
trying to manifest good things

have a wonderful weekend
stay warm 

j x


  1. Hope your back heals soon and that you have a lovely weekend!
    Good news about your brother. :)
    V x

  2. How pretty are your flowers. Glad to hear your brother is improving it's hard isn't it when your loved ones are not well. Hope your back sorts itself out I do know how it is to have a 'bad' back and it's not fun - have a good weekend. Debs X i read your link about your back and I too was laid up with mine for a while and I also mastered the laying down crochet technique - i even managed to do some whilst in my hospital bed much to everyone's amusement.

  3. Fabby bottles Jooles! I can't seem to walk past a shop or market stall without coming home with some spring flowers of one sort or another. Think it must be the cold weather and me tryingh to speed up spring.
    Glad your brother is continuing to improve.
    Have a good weeknd.

  4. A gorgeous post, your flowers have really put a smile on my face this cold day! You might like to join in with Favourite Thing On a Friday on my blog. It's my way of focussing on the positives in my week and flagrantly writing about them on my blog! Also Liv Lane does a weekly link up about Bliss which I'm finding a great way to keep focussed on the small joys of each day (click on the blog link of her web site I know it's hard to do when you're in pain, but thought you might like to know about these in case you wanted to join in. They help keep me focussed on the positive. Em x

  5. Oooh I love those bottle and their little spring flowers... a joy to behold. Enough bottles?! Don't be so silly! Who would say such a thing.....always room for more retro milk bottles :) Sorry to hear you are suffering with bad back pain. I know exactly how limiting and painful it can be....I have 3 slipped discs which play me up, I keep it at bay a lot of the time but then bam. Look after yourself, don't push yourself and let that back heal. Time to sit back and chill lovely x your back might be trying to tell you something....slow down x

    Hope you a healing & restful weekend x

    Jo x x x

  6. That flower display is just beautiful, I haven't seen anything quite like it... very very pretty.
    I'm so sorry to hear your feeling a little under the weather, I hope your brother's health continues to improve each and every day. How very annoying about your back, I hope the treatment works and your back to your old chirpy self soon. (Maybe chirpy's not the right word... you know what I mean though! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  7. You can never have too many! Good news about your brother..... you poor thing, I hope your back improves a bit for you. It's a good reason for you to take it easy at the weekend. Look after yourself. X

  8. Beautiful flowers and I love the display!
    Hope your back is soon mended.
    Rose H

  9. I think bottles might be like shoes and can never have too many.
    I'm out of touch with all my blogging pals - but have had a little catch up here and would like to add my best wishes to your big brother! My (little) brother was very poorly last year (self inflicted but very worrying) and I was surprised at just how much it affected me. Sending you a large hug, which will be a good one on account of my large squashy bosom.
    fee x

  10. Hope your back is soon much better. In the meantime, rest up and re-l-a-x. A little light crochet-ing and a good book or two perhaps?

  11. Love the sweet flowers- very nice use of woven and glass!
    Hope your back is feeling better quite soon- with out continuation. Unfortunately I know all about back pain- it's really hard to not be consumed by it- praying for healing.

  12. Hi, Jooles! Sorry about your poor back, hope it heals very soon :o( Saw your perfect cake bunting at Helen Philipps blog :o) Love it! Great flower display too! So cute!
    Glad about your big brother.
    Take care

  13. Dearest Jooles,

    I'm not surprised you are suffering from backache and feeling physically low after all the tension you and your family have suffered. Look after yourself, please?

    I love virtually all flowers but there is something about the purity of green and white snowdrops which outdoes the rest... a little like a newborn baby dressed in white.

    See you soon.


  14. Oh dear, your poor back ... doesn't everything just come at once sometimes and really test us. I hope you can find time to rest and recuperate this weekend. And take pleasure in your pretty flowers :D

  15. HI Jooles, glad to hear your bro is slowly improving. bad back hey? consistent pain can get you down cant it. me too (bad back), i've rejoined the gym so will be working on strengthening my 'core' which has helped in the past. your bottles... i have some old glass baby bottles that have been passed down the family. I love doing an arrangement similar to yours. hope you find lots of simple little things to make you smile on the weekend. keep your chin up. Jane x

  16. There's something very special about Spring flowers. Your display looks beautiful x

  17. These pictures are so delightful, what a sweet idea. The basket and the little bottles are adorable, and can be used with so many different tiny flower sprigs.
    I'm so sorry about your back pain and hope it eases soon.
    Take care, Jooles.
    Helen x

  18. What a stunning display of flowers! I love the idea of the little vases - it's really unusual!
    I'm glad to read that your brother is doing better. But sad to read that you're not feeling too good at the moment. Sending you a virtual hug and a virtual tube of Deep Heat for your back.....

  19. I have had wonderful results from a reiki massage. Have you tried that? Hope you have some relief soon, it wears you down back pain. Your display is beautiful what a lovely idea. Best wishes x

  20. i love the little vases ive seen them about in little crates- so very pretty, especially yours ;0)
    hope your back improves and your brother is fitter soon too, best wishes x

  21. Ahhh thank you lovelies x

    I am on the mend and feeling much happier thank you so much.
    It seems lots of you suffer with back pain so i am certainly not alone.
    wishing for lots of happy backs in the future x
    thank you 'the green lady' I have tried reiki massage, i am lucky that i have a sweet friend who does that and it has helped a lot.

    happy new week to one and all
    love jooles xxx

  22. Hi Jooles, I have just nominated you for an award on my blog! xxx


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