Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A make a month ♥ January 2012


Well it is FINALLY the last day of January
(thank the lord!)
and as I mentioned before 
I have decided to post about the things I make each month
not shop makes though
but gifts and things that I make for myself and our home
at the end of each month I will do a little 
'show and tell'

I am hoping posting here will keep me focused

Here are my makes for January

This little one got a new dress

She is a gift for my gorgeous little niece who will be four soon 

A pair of muffatees...I was originally calling these 'handwarmers'
but then came across this wonderful post from annie over at knitsofacto
where she called them 'muffatees'
I felt so happy....what a fabulous word..... 'MUFFATEES'
I had NEVER heard them called that before
am I the only one? did everyone else call them muffatees?
anyway...thank you Annie x

These will be a gift too
but I cannot say who for
(blogs have ears and all that!)

and as I have mentioned before
 here is a gift that I have made for my best friend
It's a case for her glases
I hope she likes it

Well I shouldn't be sitting here blogging, I SHOULD be sewing
I have a couple of bunting custom orders to make
so, back to it

hope you are keeping warm
more soon
love j x


  1. You have made some lovely things - especially the muffatees! Your little robins will be on my blog later today - they continue to give me good cheer!

    Pomona x

  2. Love your muffatees and no I didn't know they were called that either until I read Annie's post, what a brilliant name!!
    I love the little dog too, your niece will be thrilled with her. :)
    Happy Tuesday,
    V x

  3. Am also newly converted to the word muffatees - beautiful. What wonderful makes You have some lucky friends...

  4. Beautiful! Love the dress for the little bear. Too cute!

  5. can't say this word you speak of...sounds too rude!
    Cute dog. I've just managed a monster finger puppet for my neice Mabel...not quite the same but I'm getting there!
    have a good rest of week (brrrrr!)
    fee x

  6. They're LOVELY Jooles, warm, soft, and cheeringly colourful! Can you believe I left mine behind at the pub where I treated my older daughter to lunch yesterday. Luckily they hung on to them for me, but I was told that two or three of the staff had entered a lottery for them if they weren't claimed!

    Thank you for the mention ... isn't muffatees just the most irresistible word :D

    PS I think I'm in love with Puppers !

  7. All gorgeous Jooles! It is such a nice idea to do a monthly show and tell for all the lovely things you make for yourself, friends and family as well as all your shop bits and bobs - I would pinch your idea for my blog, but I think after my super duper creative week last week I might have exhausted the making for myself thing for a good few weeks now! Have a lovely rest of your week, stay wrapped up warm - isn't it horribly cold out there!! Jenny xxx

  8. Lovely little dress for the puppy, and the muffatees are so pretty!
    I am also glad to learn that name for them from Annie....such a pretty word!
    Have a happy week, Jooles!
    Helen x

  9. I love this idea of post of your monthly makes, you make such beautiful things.. I love seeing all of your lovely photo's.

    Your niece is a very lucky girl to be receiving such a great gift!

    Ashley xxx

  10. Fab muffatees, I love that word! Your niece is a lucky girl...i'm looking forward to seeing what you make next, NO PRESSURE!

    Lou xxx

  11. Puppers so nice and sweet in her lovely dress!
    I`m your new follower :o) Love your cute blog :o)

  12. The little dog is so cute and her dress is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. You are very talented Jooles, making all these gorgeous things. I love the colours you have used to make your muffatees and I'm sure your niece will treasure Puppers xx

  14. I'm still wondering how I could make myself a dress similar to that - I especially love that ribbon & the whole colour combo! Very German!
    It's -7 here in Duesseldorf today - brrrrrr!!!

  15. I'm sat here eating a HUGE bit of cake... thanks for the advice jooles, I'm going to let it all hang out.

    ;) xxx

  16. So adorable...I do love that word muffatees...see you taught me something today! Happy weekend...Such sweet treasures you made.

  17. Muffatees, what an awesome word! And your creations are lovely...


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