Sunday, 15 January 2012

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Hello Hello Hello
happy Sunday to you

Well I am feeling a little behind... see this is a post about Christmas gifts
A-hem...well better late than never
wouldn't you say?

I wanted to share with you what a very lucky mum
received for Christmas from her lovelies

First up from my Sweet B: 
she is a poor poor student! 
 but she was so clever and sweet

A map which is actually wrapping paper
and look how it matches my fairy lights and paper bunting
just genius

Some cute little birdie stickers
to stick on my map
so that I can document where my little Peckers and friends fly to
clever huh?

Oh and some scrummy chocs
from here
which had vanished without trace by boxing day evening

From my lovely G:
He got these with his hard earned wages and for the first time, choose them himself
that makes them so special to me

the words on this mug say it all

and a tin for my knitting needles

They are all such thoughtful gifts
I am a lucky mum for sure

Thank you my lovelies x

Before I go thank you for sharing the LOVE with me in my last post

Happy Sunday where ever you may be

more soon 
j x


  1. Very thoughtful gifts and I think they are so treasured when the children have chosen them themselves

  2. You had some gorgeous gifts and I'm sure your children spent a lot of time and love picking them.I love the tin for the knitting needles, I would never have thought of putting them in one, brill idea!

  3. Such lovely, thoughtful gifts! And G's a genius, why didn't I think of using a tin for my knitting needles?! I'm so stealing that idea :)
    Celeste xx

  4. Beautiful gifts, you are a very lucky Mum! A Happy Sunday to you too....

    you’ve made me smile for liking my picture of the rose.

    Lou x x x

  5. Lovely thoughtful gifts from your children.
    I have to say as a knitter I love the knitting needle tin. :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Really cute gifts you received, I love the birdies on the map idea! It looks wonderful with your bunting and lights, who would know it was wrapping paper?? Really thoughtful :) Love the Emma Bridgewater mug too! xxx

  7. What gorgeous gifts you recieved, I love the idea of the map with the birdie stickers. Very sweet.

    Ashley xxx

  8. Such pretty treasures...happy new week to you. xoxox

  9. Now I do love the map on the wall.......great, you have some lovely bits there.
    Nattie x

  10. What fab gifts you received and even more special as they were chosen by your children, what a lucky mum! What a great idea to see where all your little peckers have flown to! xx

  11. What beautiful gifts. That map is just lovely and the colours are perfect. Hope you had a lovely weekend, Katie xx

  12. Lovely pressies!!!
    And thank you for reminding me that I need to blog about my crafty gifts too. How late is too late???

  13. I keep meaning to get a map of the world for quick reference, what a thoughtful gift.
    You sholdn't have let me in on that chocolate site, I WANT

  14. What gorgeous presents Jules, and I love the idea that you can follow the Peckers as they circle the globe, courtesy of your map and stickers. You are a very lucky Mummy :D


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