Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hello 2012...

...this is my very first post of the new year
I am feeling excited by all the possibilities
and of a lovely, fresh new year stretching out ahead

I am still so confused with what day it is though
anyone else feel like that?

We went for a lovely walk here on Monday
(I think it was Monday?)

It was chilly but so nice to get out in the fresh air

Isn't he just magnificent?

It was getting dark by the time we left
and so beautiful with the sun setting behind the trees
I had almost forgotten what the sun looked like
It has been very grey here lately
Once home there were hot chocolates all round

Now feast your eyes on my new scarf

Isn't it incredible?
My best friend made it for me for Christmas
she is so clever
there is NO way that I could even imagine knitting something
so complicated
It must have taken hours
which makes it even more special to me

I love the little people all holding hands x
thank you so much my sweet friend
I will treasure it always

Just before I say 'toodle pip'...
...a little shop update

I have added two new cake buntings to my repertoire :o)
especially for Valentine's day
both are made with pretty pretty pretty Tilda cardstock
double sided too, so they even look pretty from behind

I hope 2012 is being good to you

more soon
j x


  1. What an amazing scarf! And love the bunting as I'm a sucker for hearts hehe.
    Love Celeste x

  2. Your photos are beautiful Jooles, what a wonderful animal that stag is!
    Lucky you, what a gorgeous scarf, your friend is very clever.
    Happy, creative 2012.
    Vivienne x

  3. Stunning pictures Jooles! I have no idea what day of the week it is.... what a clever friend you have, the scarf is so lovely.

    I love your bunting.

    Lou xxx

  4. I went to Petworth with my Mum last week, but I have no idea what day it was. ;) I just thought you might like to know that. :0)))) x

  5. That scarf is amazing. The amount of time spent on that makes it really special. I can't imagine making that.
    Beautiful pictures......they look like paintings.
    Happy New Year to you.

  6. The stag is magnificent - what a joy to view so close ;0) love the hand knitted scarf - what a wonderful gift, enjoy your posting - happy new year 2012 x

  7. what a lovely walk with great wildlife, and as for your new scarf! gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful photos from your walk, matched only by the amazingness of the scarf! What a work of love! Have fun in all you do in 2012 - wishing you all the best!

  9. I'm sooo out of sorts I can't tell you.......

    THAT is possibly THE best scarf I have ever seen....what a gal, seriously......HOW can someone do that??? My mind is boggled.
    nattie x

  10. Ahh that bunting is sooooo lovely. We don't really do valentines day in my house (sorry but we aren't really scrooges honest) but if we did that bunting would be really nice to use.

    Also love the scarf, your friend is Amazing!

    Helen xx

  11. Hello, hello - happy new year to you! What a lovely post - very comforting on this dreary evening. Like you, I'm a bit muddled about what day it is - a couple more days of the boys being back at school should sort that out though, eh?
    Emily x

  12. Beautiful photos, beautiful scarf and beautiful bunting, so all in all truly beautiful x x x x

  13. I have been confused about every single day this week!!! I am so glad you wrote that, so its not just me going nuts :)
    I LOVE those deer photos, I have a thing about deer, they are so stunning in your pictures. Love the scarf

  14. Amazing photos of the stag. I'm wondering how close you got or do you have a supersonic zoom?
    How special to have a friend who will put in all that time and effort just for you. Hang on to her (or him)!

  15. The bunting is adorable, and that scarf really is a perfect present, lucky you to have such a talented friend!

  16. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments, i know my friend will be thirilled with all the 'scarf love'

    Hey Lou, we may have walked past each other with out even knowing ;o(

    Jelly jam.... we were so lucky and got really close, we crept really sneakily towards them and they just carried on like we weren't there.

    love jooles xxx

  17. If you didn't see any size 6 leggy stunning blondes you didn't see me Jooles! ;) x

  18. those photos are stunning ,I miss that place sooooooo much :(.

    yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee glad everyone likes the scarf ,it was actually not that difficault but did take alot of time and concentration but you know what ???? YOUR WORTH IT ! xxxx

  19. Hello you! I wish you all the peace, joy and creativity a year can bring. I am excited about seeing what this years brings you via your blog.

    Stags are simply amazing, aren't they? Your pictures make them look as if they are touched by magic.

    See you soon. Is your daughter still with you?


  20. Ahh...thanks Stephanie x
    Yes she is, it is so wonderful having her home, we take her back on sunday :o(
    we will all miss each other a lot
    love jooles xxx

  21. Gorgeous scarf and new cake bunting too, Jooles! And your pictures of the deer are so beautiful, what lovely wintry light you captured. Have a happy weekend!
    Helen x

  22. Beautiful photos - I love wintery walks!
    I thought I was the only one who was totally confused about days! It's nice to know that I'm not! I wonder whether that would be a good enough excuse not to turn up to work on Monday.....
    Love the bunting!!! And love the scarf (what a clever lady)!!!

  23. That scarf left me breathless! Gorgeous photos, too. :)

  24. Hello and happy new year to you! Cant believe Ive onlyjustfound your blog, we have much in common and rad the same blogs, do visit me!
    Heather x

  25. I didn’t like to ask!!! thinking of you, stay positive... not long and B will be home again. I would always keep something in my head to look forward to. You could have a little tea party when she comes home. xxx

  26. Oh my your photos are so lovely...that stag is stunning!
    What a wonderful scarf...lucky all the colours in it. Happy day to you..and now you have me so excited about Valentines day. xoxoxox

  27. wow what an amazing scarf! lucky you, i drove past petworth house at the weekend & saw those guys, i was very tempted to pull over to watch them for a bit,


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