Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year ✯

Wishing you all a happy and elfy healthy new year

I hope all of your new year wishes come true

Thank you so much for popping by to see me every now and then
I truly love that you do
and thank you for letting me share a little of your lives too
you inspire me in so many ways

 I feel very excited by the thought of a fresh new year 
waiting just ahead
I wonder what it will bring?

Love to you all
See you in 2012!
j x

Friday, 30 December 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

We decided to visit the seaside today to blow away the cobwebs
It was cold, grey and drizzly
We had fun though

All wrapped up in coats, hats, gloves and scarves
mugs of cinnamon hot chocolate 
a jar of quality street
my family all together
it was perfect

Yes it really was that grey!

Later at a different part of the beech 
we stood on the pebbles watching the crazy surfers
whilst eating steaming hot chips with lashings of salt and vinegar
they were the most delicious chips we had ever eaten!

I can't even begin to imagine the number of calories 
that I have consumed this Christmas time
in fact I don't even want to go there
it would be far too shocking to consider
anyway I like calories and plan to eat a LOT more yet

I hope you are having lots of fun too

more soon j x

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas ♔

 I just wanted to pop by to wish you all a beautiful Christmas time
with lots of love, laughter and good times
oh and mulled wine

Do you like my new bauble??
isn't it cute?
my best friend sent it to me all the way from Australia
it is so delicate but amazingly arrived in one piece
it is our little tradition, we send one each year
makes us feel close
thank you Angi

Sweet B and I have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen
this last few days
I'll leave you with a few photos

Hope you have a good one
and I'll see you in 2012!


 j x

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Holiday happiness ❤

Well here we are, just five short days away from the big day!
I can't believe how quickly it has whizzed up

We have had the most wonderful weekend
in my mind it has been the happiest weekend I can remember in a 
very long time
our sweet B returned home from uni last Friday evening
I feel so happy and content knowing she is home
my heart feels complete once again

Saturday was spent putting the decorations up
we had a fab day
lots of laughing at our ginormously fat tree
being heaved in by the men of the house
we have never had a tree this wide...EVER
I asked the man for a 'bushy' tree
it was muddy and rainy so we happily took the one he suggested
it was all netted up and ready to go
but my goodness when that net came off....what a sight
don't get me wrong it is a beautiful tree
it really is
but it takes up the whole of one end of our sitting room.

On Sunday my lovey G 
who started his first ever grown up and proper job a few months ago
treated us to a Christmas Sunday lunch in a gorgeous country pub
it was so sweet of him and I could see how proud he felt
(it melted my heart x)
There were conditions though....
1. we had to have a roast
2. and drink tap water! funny
we decided to pay for our own drinks!

It really was a weekend to treasure

On boxing day we will have lots of family visiting
so in preparation
there has been LOTS of kitchen activity 
It has been a bit of a Delia day today

I made
these are absolutely gorgeous
I make them every year, they are lovely G's all time favourite
and have become a boxing day lunch tradition
I shall pop them in the freezer
I love the feeling of making ahead and stashing away

I also made 
I make this every year too...yummy

Tomorrow sweet B will be my cooking partner
*happy dance*

we will be making
again, these are yummy and freezable too

although I won't fill them until the day

later in the week we will be making a gingerbread house
I will try to post some photos
Oh how I love this time of year

Hope you are having lots of festive fun too

more soon 
j x

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Me...but mini

Monday night was our 'craft guild' meeting
and Oh my lordy what lovely evening we had
all five of us
Not only was it a birthday celebration 
and a little housewarming 
it was also secret santa night


   Did we have fun??? oh yes we did!
aside from wonderful company
we had delicious Japanese dumplings
chocolate birthday cake and gifts galore
what more could anyone possibly ask for?

The secret Santa rule was that it had to be handmade
(of course!)
There was a beautiful knitted scarf
stunning bird decorations
hand embroidered bunting (surprisingly not from me!)
vintage tea cup candle and glasses case

and take a look at my gift

It's me...only mini...a mini me!
remarkably like me too...only kind x
I'm loving my shocking pink jumpsuit
I have always steered away from such outfits
but, seeing how good my mini me looks maybe I should reconsider

She came nestled in a bag full of American peppermint candies
I have been lusting after these having seen them in Martha 
for our gingerbread house this year
they are very moreish though, so may have to hide them from myself

I have been unable to get them anywhere in the UK
and my lovely Santa got her mum, or should I say Mom
to send these all the way from America especially for me
thank you lovely C 
(and lovely C's very kind mom)

I feel like I am making progress on my naughty 'to do' list at long last
yesterday was spent wrapping, cleaning and a little panic internet shopping
more of the same for me again today
 (hopefully with the exception of the panic shopping!)
but I really don't mind
it feels nice to be getting organised

We are not very Christmassy here just yet
just a few odd little festive reminders here and there

This cutie is from Michelle at A pinch of Prim on Etsy

we are waiting until this weekend
our sweet B is coming home from uni for Christmas
she will be back on Friday evening 

This weekend will be FULL ON Christmas for us
we have the Christmas tree waiting patiently outside in a bucket

This divine little angel is from Trish at Sweet Nellie also from Etsy

We are so excited...we have missed our lovely girl so much
me especially
My sweet B

I am feeling all behind on the blogging front
on visiting all of your lovely blogs to read whats happening
or just to say 'Hi'
and on posting on mine
 for some reason that I can't fathom that makes me quite stressed
or maybe it is everything else that is making me stressed??
It feels like life is on fast forward at the moment...don't you think?

Before I go ...
my lovely Christmas decoration swap partner has been blogging
about our swap
 pop over to see my lovely new friend Celeste
at Prettee Craftee
I know she'd love to see you

I will love you and leave you now as I have an Australian phone date
(oooh I say!)
with my best friend in the whole world
"I'm dialing Angi"

Have a great week
more soon
j x 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


 I entered a Christmas decoration swap organised by
the wonderful Laa Laa
It was my first EVER swap
and it seems that I have been missing something special
due to the fact that I am new(ish) to blogland


We were allocated 'swap partners'
I was partnered with Celeste from Prettee Craftee blog
We shared lots of emails and got to know each other
that was just lovely

We sent our parcels to each other
we planned to open them at the same time
 and chat by email
(just look how beautifully they were those little hearts)
It was such fun knowing that we were both unwrapping at the same time

and look what I received...

Lucky me hey?
Thank you Celeste

It felt wonderful to be spoilt
I do feel sometimes that us ladies spend so much time
looking after and spoiling others
that we neglect ourselves
so a swap was just perfect
I shall definitely be joining in next year too
Thank you to Laa Laa for organising it

I was so excited to send my parcel off 
that I completely forgot to take any photo's
(I really have been the biggest scatterbrain lately)
so I am hoping Celeste will do that for me

I have had a busy little spell with my shop
all of the little Peckers flew out
They have all flown the nest
to spend their holidays with lovely new families

They have been so popular that I shall be making some for Easter

Bertie Blue

  Maybe Bertie Blue will have a little family next

I have added some more Christmas buntings too

Liberty Christmas bunting

Christmas tree bunting

Now I need to concentrate on making some Christmas presents
Quick Smart

Hope you are having a good week
more soon 
j x

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Return of the little peckers!

Hello my lovelies

I am just popping by very quickly with a little shop update
Eleven baby robins have flown into my shop
ready and waiting for lovely new homes this Christmas time

There will be a few more little Peckers
making an appearance early next week too

Life is a little crazy at the moment...wouldn't you agree?
It is a truly lovely time of the year but crikey it's hard work
my 'to do' list just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger
and my brain seems to be getting smaller and smaller and smaller

I hope your 'to do' list is behaving!

more soon
j x